Speed Run my Arse. Ocarina of Time 25 min Speed run.

First off, This is what a true speed run looks like:

This is not. A speed run requires quick reflexes, a memory of the game and an ability to quickly recall that memory. What you will see below is someone taking advantage of a glitch and not play the game at all. Yet do everything in their power to exploit the fact that the software makes a mistake. I do not count this as a speed run. Nor should this game ever be subjected to such treatment.

Here is the video:

Heres the trick:

“The warp glitch reportedly allows the player to teleport from “Deku to Ganon’s Castle escape”, which means bypassing “adult, light medallion, magic, lullaby, and pretty much everything else”. The result is a child version of Link running around with an adult Zelda.”

This is a horrible way to treat a game that has great adventure and gameplay mixed with a decent difficulty level.

What do you guys think? Think this should count as a speed run? or is this just a gamer being lazy? Let us know in the comments below!

Grab your sword, Its time for an adventure.

So, if you’re reading this and you’re gamer, you recognize the image at the top of the screen. You should  be able to figure out what my favorite game is. In fact, if you know anything about me, have seen me in person or chatted at length with me you should know what my favorite game. OF ALL TIME.

I’ve saved many versions of princess zelda over the years. More than any other princess in my time of playing video games. It has helped me increase the power of mind helping me to easily solve problems at work and school.

Here are some other things i’ve learned about life from the games.

All I know I learned from Zelda
Listen to wise old wizards.
Princesses are worth saving.
Pick up coins whenever you can.
Stay out of dungeons.
Avoid the undead.
Find the magic sword.
Everybody needs jewels.
Wisdom Power and Courage are the Triforce.
I’m the chosen one

Now dont get me wrong. There are some games in the series that i’m not particularly fond of. Whether it be the art, the story, the story and the art….

These two would be Majora’s Mask and Windwaker.  These games rubbed me the wrong way. did not  care for them. the art in windwaker was too cartoonie for me and i didnt like the story and game play of Majora’s mask.

Now, im currently working The Phantom Hourglass for the DS. and the only thing saving this game is the innovation of the ds. This game incorporates all that is the nintendo ds.  hell, theres a part where you have to close the ds to transfer an image on to your map.  You have to yell through the microphone at points.(this made me seem like a crazy guy to the passerbys as i was playing the ds outside at the time.)

These games just didnt go well with the series in my mind. im sure im wrong or people disagree.

Oh, my dream girl. *sigh*

Chachi Says: Saving princesses is all the rage. Treat the women in your life like you would these princesses and all will be good. Also, Take this its dangerous to go Alone.