Lego Batman 2 DLC!

Available starting today a heros and villians pack is available as DLC for Lego Batman 2!

The Heroes bundle contains: Nightwing, Katana, Shazam, Zatanna, and an alternate Robin (Bruce Wayne’s son, Damian Wayne).

The Villains bundle contains: Bizzaro, Captain Cold, Black Adam, Black Manta, and Gorilla Grodd.
The cost for this pack is 1.99 and completely worth it!

SHAZAM!(I don’t have any particular preference towards or against shazam I just like saying the word…)

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Chachi Reviews: Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

It’s not often that I feel the need to run out and get a game on release day or even the same week. However, from the moment they released details of this game I have been sold on it. For the first time ever they decided to include real voice dialogue for the characters. Despite the backlash of this from fans who think it takes away from what the Lego games are about, I was still on board.

Throw in the fact that it’s A. Lego, B. Batman, and C. Open world.  Oh, that’s right its open world. More to explore and do in the Lego environment. You can run, walk, drive an arsenal of vehicles or even fly around Gotham. Saving citizens, fighting super villains there is definitely enough to do.

Background and Story

Gotham’s hero(s) are back again. Once again the villains of the dark city have escaped Arkham, But this time they have help! Oh, wait! You do too! That’s right Joker has teamed up with Lex to destroy Gotham and the dynamic duo. Luckily, Super Man, Wonder Woman and friends show up to help you out!


For Batman and Robin the moves are all the same. New suits and vehicles help keep them fresh as always. Throw in the other heroes and you have a winner. The levels are extensive and a bit long but not too long. Be sure to pay attention or you may miss what you need to move on to the next part.

Did I mention this is a Lego game? Somehow they’ve increased the amount of the environment that you can destroy as well! The entertainment value of the cut scenes in some of the boss fights are more than enough to make up for the fact that there are cut scenes in the boss fights. Vehicle control is a bit touchy but that just makes it easier to destroy the landscape and speed around like batman does.

As far as the level structure goes, there are a few levels in the game that feel repetitive to me or go on too long.


When you break it down this is a solid game. High entertainment value both in game play and in the cut scenes. The increase in characters in the story line and the use of more major characters is a huge plus. Adding the voices for the characters and keeping the speechless emotions as well is genius. I’ve decided to give this game a 4.5 out of 5. The replay value of this game is rather high if you plan on doing free play however it’ll be stretches of time in between main story play.

Released by: TT7 and WB Games

Price: $50.00

Available on: PS3, Vita, Xbox 360, Wii, Ds, 3DS, Pc

New Lego Batman 2 trailer!

So there’s this:

Banter: Check! Superman hate: Check! Terrible Riddler Joke: Check!

Well, looks like i’ll be picking up Lego Batman 2 on June 22nd! What about you? still against the talking? Not worth the release date price? what would it take for you to get this? Let us know in the comments below!