Rizz Plays King’s Quest (Part 2)

In this part, Rizz decides to kill a giant mythical creature, feed a mythical creature or free a mythical creature. Which one did he choose? Why am I saying “he” when I’m really just talking about myself?

You guys find out first, right here, which path I choose! Enjoy!

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Rizz Plays King’s Quest Part 1

Guys, this is a beginning of a series that I am uber excited for doing (just look at my face! LOOK AT MY FACE!) It’s part one of Rizz Plays King’s Quest!

I get taken aback very rarely by video game graphics because in a day where we live in where graphics in video games should be good or else it’s not a very good game. However, King’s Quest takes it to a whole different level than I thought it would be.

Hand drawn backgrounds in video game are a rarity and I want you to look at these videos and SEE WITH YOUR EYES ON HOW AWESOME THESE GRAPHICS ARE!

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