EA at E3 2015 recap

This is Brother Sorg once again and I’m here to bring you today’s details from EA’s press conference at E3 2015.

Mass Effect Andromeda

EA kicked off with a Teaser trailer for a Next Gen Mass Effect subtitled Andromeda.


Need for Speed

First up was the new Need for Speed, mentioned as a definitive experience that brings together modes and styles from past titles. Five campaigns having different play styles. Speed, Build, Crew, Style and Outlaw. This one comes out 11.3.2015


Star Wars The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire

Next up is an expansion to Biowares next expansion to their Star Wars MMO, The Old Republic, showing off a shiny new trailer.

Release, 10.27.2015



A cute little puzzle platformer following a protagonist made of yarn.


Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

GW2 changes the perspective of the game and takes the fight to  the Zombies home, Zomberbia, as they try and defend their home from the plants. Also, theres a Zombie Super Hero, Super Brains.


EA Sports

As always, EA shows off their sports franchises, NHL, NBA, FIFA and Madden, adding some new features to each of them.


Mobile Games

Ea then moved into mobile games, announcing two new games. The first they announced was Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Second was Minions Paradise, the minions are stuck on an island and its up to you to turn it into the vacation they wanted.


Mirrors Edge: Catalyst

The story follows the origin story of the original game’s protagonist, Faith. This prequel will sport an open world to traverse through the city however you like, unlike the separate levels of the original game. It will release early next year on 2.23.2016


Starwars Battlefront

Battlefront was the final game shown off, and it looks amazing. The developers got access to Lucas Arts vault and have recreated everything faithfully to the origional movies to every little detail. From armor, weapon and vehicle design to the way everything sounded in the demo, it seemed like nothing but a faithful recreation of the Star Wars universe. It will drop on 11.17.2015.


The presentation started strong but did get a little boring towards the middle with Sports and Mobile games, lowest point was when Pele came out for Fifa and they had a 10 minute conversation not even related to video games. But it did end strong with Mirrors Edge, Madden, and the one everyone was waiting for, Battlefront.

Fav Five Friday: Games To Look For This E3*

*That we already know will be announced.

E3 is inching so close to us we can taste it. In fact, we are three months away from E3 and somewhere Gabe Newell just had a heart attack.

However, let us not waste precious time! June is right around the corner and THIS is your top 5 games to watch forat this year’s E3 event.

Now, the rules are different. Instead of listing 5 things, I am actually going to pick one from each major category (EA, Ubisoft, Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony). Let’s begin,  shall we?


MICROSOFT – Minecraft: Story Mode. For those of you who don’t know, Minecraft is now the property of Microsoft so I would not be surprised if this game gets announced at Microsoft’s E3. Also, it will be interesting to see how this game will look and feel, being it’s a story based game based off of a game that’s a free world based game.


SONY – Uncharted 4. This will be needed for a good E3 for Sony, as it was learned earlier this week that Uncharted’s release date was pushed back to 2016. Which blows. Hard. Maybe show some Beta footage along with a commercial. Get me excited to play this game, as I never had a PlayStation when Uncharted was a thing. It will be interesting to see how they turn this negative into a positive.



NINTENDO – (TIE) Zelda and Star Fox. Nintendo has hyped both of these games to no end ever since they were playing the open world Zelda game. I believe this is the time where Nintendo comes out guns a-blazing and shows us EVERYTHING about these two games. I want more, of course. Instead of watching some guy watch a green screen pretending he’s playing, play the game. DO A BARRELL ROLL! Oh God, I hope I actually get to play as Fox this time from the beginning and not ride a pterodactyl or something.

UBISOFT – Guess. I will give you three easy guesses on what I’m excited to see more information about. Show me something from Assassin’s Creed: Victory and my money will be tossed in your general direction, Ubisoft…it’s…it’s probably west. Do I need to tell you how Assassin’s Creed is going to be once Ubisoft announce it and show things from it? Hopefully no bugs, though. We don’t want that. I mean, look at England. LOOK AT IT!


ELECTRONIC ARTS: Mass. Effect. Four. Mass. Effect. Four. Mass. Effect. Four. Last year all we had was conception art, if this year is gameplay footage I will not be able to control my body. At all. I don’t expect gameplay, as it’s still quite possibly in the early early stages of development but man…I am a big Mass Effect fan and I don’t even know what to expect from this game. Do my choices in the first three games matter? Is Shepard in this? Is he not? Is this a prequel? Sequel? Do I play as a Prothean? Gah! Just tell me already!

maxresdefault (4)

For a complete listing of all games already expected to be shown at E3, click here for IGN’s coverage. Are you interested in anything from E3? Leave it in the comments below.

Fav Five Friday: Non-Playable Playable Characters

In the world of Hyrule Warriors, you not only get to play as Hyrule’s favorite warrior, Link, but you also get to play as a plethora of other individual mainstays in the world of Zelda. All of which have different abilities, powers and prowess…also you get to play as Ganondorf. Ganondorf. Which brings me to my Top 5 list of people who I would like to play as in other game series.

Now, the way that I am going to do this is that if there’s a part in the game where you CAN play as that person, you can play as that person. However, party games are not considered games in this. That’s not what I’m going for. I’m talking about awesome characters in video games that you REALLY want to play…but can’t. Let’s begin, shall we?

5. Tingle – Let’s start with the one most people want to see in Hyrule Warriors. Tingle is the chunky guy that you always has to save off of the balloon but also, somehow, has magical powers. I wouldn’t mind playing as him somewhere down the line, even if it is Hyrule Warriors (seeing how you can play as a lot of other characters). It would be an interesting addition to that game.

4. Dr. Wily and crew – Would you like an origin story of the scientist who created the robots? It could be an awesome strategy game where you get control of your creations and try to take out Mega Man and try to, you know, take over the world!

3. Batarians – Batarians hate humans. That’s apparent. However, Commander Shepard has teamed with people who tried to kill him, Cerberus and the Geth, GETH! So why not have one straggler from the race that hates humans join up with Shepard and the rest of the crew? It would only make…sense?

2. Waluigi – Where’s the Waluigi game?! I mean, we have Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Toad and Wario all have variations of their very own video game. All we know about Waluigi is that…well…he likes Tennis….and knows how to ride a Kart pretty damn good, ain’t that right Chachi?

1. BLASTO! – Enkindle This.

Who would you like to play as in any game? Leave it in the comments below.

Enjoy Hyrule Warriors!

Boss Battle 101: Move Over For Smash Bros Crossovers

Smash Bros wii uThis week on Boss Battle 101, we have our cast of Bobby (@bobbyfjtown), Chachi (@chachisays) and Sorg (@sorgatron). On this weeks show

  • We discuss our gaming achievements from the past week. – :30
  • In Video Game Themed Things From Around The Internet…net…net: Pokemon without trainers, Sporanos GTA and Katamari DMX. – 7:15
  • In things you should be made aware of, we talk about Dr. Who and Mass Effect, 2x the Sting in WWE2K15, a new Tekken and Mortal Kombat X news.- 15:40
  • We review mobile games like Angry Birds Epic and Stick Death. – 21:50
  • We discuss the new Smash Brothers characters. – 27:00
  • Lastly In our Final Round discussion, we talk about what we want to see in the new Smash Brothers game. – 27:00

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Meet Tali’Zorah

Reddit, a place where fun things happen, has done it again.

A man and his wife went on Reddit to announce the name of their newborn baby a day before the due date with this post:

“Tomorrow my daughter is scheduled to be born, Since day 1 her first name was always going to be Tali’Zorah. My wife fell in love with the name during our first playthrough of [Mass Effect] many years ago.” (Click quote for Kotaku article)

And HERE is the cute little Tali’Zorah!

Click for Kotaku Story

This is awesome! Now, it’s not the first time that someone has taken a name out of pop culture and made it their own. Cauldon from Catcher in the Rye, Mickey Mantle from the New York Yankees, hell I know a few Tiberiuseses around here. This is one of those things where pop culture trumps everything else and makes things ten times better. I mean, you look at the recent births around the United States and if you’re feeling the Tali’Zorah is a stupid name then what are your thoughts on Krimson Tide? So’Unique? Kash Register? Haha? Jammie Jammie-Jammie? At least when you say “Tali’Zorah” it’s a name that is beautiful itself and it’s spelled correctly.

I’m a single guy and have no intention of having kids just yet (…ladies?). However, there have been moments in my life where I found myself thinking of names for kids. I have to say that if I have a kid I would not hesitate to make an attempt at doing the same thing that the WIFE did and name my kid after a video game character. Also, Tali’Zorah was one of the names that crossed my imagination. Grant it, I would have probably lost that battle but I would make a strong case…my next ones would probably wind up being Aria and if we’re having twins in this made up world of mine, Mario and Luigi, but that’s besides the point.

The names in Mass Effect, as you can tell, tell a story in itself. Liara, Tali and even Jack  all tell beautiful stories in their own sick and twisted way. Plus guys like Garrus, Shepard and Mordin are the same in the male aspects (some baby boys ARE named Garrus due to the game, as well). There’s a story just in the names themselves.

Congrats to the proud mama and papa and baby Tali’Zorah vas (Last name).

Do you like Tali as a baby’s name? What video game character would you name your kids and why? Leave it in the comments below.

Mass Effect Movie is Happening!



Legendary, the same guys who made The Dark Knight trilogy, 300 and Clash of the Titans (as well as in productions on the Warcraft movie), has taken the movie rights to the Mass Effect franchise.

Mass Effect, as stated before, is one of the video games that (hopefully) can relate into a great movie franchise, if done right. Mass Effect: The Movie can make Legendary lots of money, if done right. Mass Effect: The Movie can make a lot of fans of the franchise (Like myself) very happy, if done right. If done wrong, riots may happen. I mean, we are talking about the same Mass Effect fans who pulled together and CHANGED an ending to the franchise a month AFTER releasing Mass Effect 3.

BioWare co-founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk are going to be executive producers to the project so you know the storyline won’t detour from the storyline in the game, which will be a good thing since the story is what made Mass Effect one of the awesome games that I have ever played. The in depth character development made Mass Effect and it, hopefully, will be brought into light in this movie.

But there’s a weird twist.

The Mass Effect script, in a sense, is turning into fan fiction. Morgan Davis Foehl is a fan of the Mass Effect and has yet to see one of his projects go to the movies, however with the backing of BioWare and Legendary it would not surprise me to see his fandom shine through the screen. If that’s a good thing or a bad thing, we’re about to find out.

Now that we know that there is a movie coming out, all that’s left is casting. If I were to cast a Mass Effect movie (possibly, a trilogy) I have some ideas. If I can pick the brain of the Legendary people, I would like to try my hand at this.

Shepard: The story will center on the MALE version of Shepard. When I think of “Commander Shepard” there has to be some features on Shepard that only Shepard can have. Muscular build and have sex appeal, as anyone in the Mass Effect world knows that there will be a sex scene somewhere in there, are a plus. The one name that I like in this role is Sam Worthington. He already was in one blockbuster action flick, Avatar, and I wouldn’t mind seeing him in another. Some people have mentioned Joseph Gorden-Levitt but I don’t see it.

Ashley Williams: If they go by the video games and have the first movie based on the first game, Ashley Williams will be the main female lead. This one’s tough BUT if they are looking for a kickass human female lead. One of the names that has been mentioned around the boards was Eureka star Erica Cerra (who looks an awful lot like Ash. She would be a good fit, honestly.

Kaidan: Channing Tatum. The heart-throb, who I had penciled in as Shep for a while, would make a good supporting actor, me thinks. Having him as Kaidan in this movie would be quite good and give the girls the eye candy that they deserve. Another good one is Colin Farrell, however this is where I would have put Joseph Gorden-Levitt. I don’t think JGL is a good leading actor…yet.

Liara: She’s an Asari, an alien. She is a soft-spoken alien who is very smart and very beautiful at the same time, which poses the problem of who should play her in the movie adaptation. One of the tricky ones to cast, but…sure…why not? You know what? Kaley Cuoco. That’s right, Penny! She has the look to pull Liara off.

Joker: They did announce that Seth Green will not portray his video game counterpart, as ace pilot Joker, in the movie (which is bullshit, by the way). But if there was one guy who can take a role like Joker, I would have to say Simon Pegg would bring the raw comedy that made Joker a loveable character. However, since he already has Star Trek, I don’t think they would go that route.Another name I like in this role is Jim Parsons.

Garrus: This one is tricky. Just like with Liara, he’s an alien and wouldn’t really see the face as much as hear the voice. The voice needs to match his actions, as you’re not really going to see his face all too well. Garrus is a gritty vet and, if money was 0 issue, I could see (or hear) Liam Neeson or Kiefer Sutherland. Kiefer is no stranger to video games, as he is the new voice of Snake in the new Metal Gear game. His gritty voice would really bring out Garrus’s character, as would Liam Neeson (just watch the phone call scene from Taken).

Tali’Zorah vas Normandy: This one’s easy, you don’t REALLY get to see Tali’s face, as all Quarians wear protective masks so they don’t die. Quarians have more of an Arabian dialect, as Tali has, and it’s going to be difficult to pinpoint one particular actress to do Tali justice. Rooney Mara’s a name that’s been thrown around for Tali and for Jack. She would be equally good for both parts, but I can’t think of ANYONE who could portray Tali as much as Rooney could.

There are a lot of options open for Legendary to make this movie, and hopefully not suck. Let’s just hope that…you know…it DOESN’T suck. I want this to be a trilogy because I want Martin Sheen to reprise his role as the Illusive Man.

Who would you like to see in the roles of Mass Effect? What are your thoughts about this movie? Will it be any good?

Please be good.

ICTB Exclusive: Interview with Raphael Sbarge

ICTB Exclusive

Raphael Sbarge is an actor with dynamic range. His acting background includes roles in video games, television, and theater. In video games, he has voiced the roles of Kaidan Alenko of the Mass Effect trilogy and Carth Onasi from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. He currently stars in the ABC television series, Once Upon a Time, as Archie Hopper/Jiminy Cricket.

Not only does Mr. Sbarge have the talent for acting, he is also a bonafide environmentalist. It was his fascination for the environment that lead him to create the non-profit organization, Green Wish.

We had the opportunity to ask Mr. Sbarge some questions about his passion for the environment, voice acting, and his roles in Mass Effect and Once Upon a Time.

Raphael Sbarge (Image credit: IMDB)
Raphael Sbarge (Image credit: IMDB)

Insert Coin to Begin: You have tons of acting experience with different mediums: theater, television, and film. How did you get involved with voice acting?

Raphael Sbarge: My voice acting was an extension of the work I do on stage and on camera. As actors, we are freelancers and always looking for new places to do what we do. I started by working in commercial voiceover, after years of doing on-camera commercials, starting at 13. I did some early video games; that then lead to “Babes in Toyland,” an animated feature for MGM, and ultimately, the Star Wars games, Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect series, etc.

What is interesting or challenging about voice work is that it’s you alone in a room with a microphone and your imagination, and that’s it. I have to say that my time working in the theater is the single most valuable asset to assist in doing this kind of work.

ICTB: Do you have any rituals or routines that help you get into character for the recording booth?

Sbarge: Not really—only that I try not to drink too much coffee (ha!) so I am loose and easy. I also warm up my voice, so that it’s “resonating and ready.” It’s always best if I’m at the recording studio early so I’m not rushing (tension, in my opinion, goes into an actor’s throat).  Loose, easy, voice warm— everything you would do for a night in the theater, as well.

Carth Onasi. (Image credit: GameInformer.com)
Carth Onasi in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Image credit: GameInformer.com)

ICTB: One of your first voice acting roles was for the character of Carth Onasi from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.  How did you learn about the role, and what were your thoughts on his character?

Sbarge: I loved Carth. I loved his sense of humor, his devil-may-care attitude, and the fact that he was kind of a funny guy, who could also be bad-ass when you needed it. I auditioned for this game, as I did for many others, and had a blast recording it.

ICTB: For the Mass Effect trilogy, you had to record thousands of lines. Do you have any favorite lines or funny stories from the recording sessions?

Sbarge: Oh, boy, that’s a tough one. There were indeed thousands of lines over almost 10 years (for parts 1, 2 and 3). I would say that my favorite parts were where they explored the Kaidan/Shepard relationship. The tension between Shepard being the commanding officer and them having feelings for one another was great writing, with lots of levels, subtext and tension underneath simple exchanges. Loved doing those.

In general, what I loved about the writing in the ME series was that it was more like a film. Yeah, we had our share of shooting and shouting, but we had moments of intimacy, and relationship, and personal struggles that got to come through, as well. This really made all the difference; it’s what has defined the ME series, created fans that have such a passionate voice about the characters (because they “felt something” for them), and made it all so much more fun to be a part of.

Kaidan Alenko from Mass Effect (Image credit: PCGamer.com)
Kaidan Alenko from Mass Effect (Image credit: PCGamer.com)

ICTB: During your interview with Kimberly Brooks on your Barking Frogs audioblog (http://www.BarkingFrogs.com), you mentioned that you’re finally going to start playing Mass Effect. Did you ever get to playing it? If so, what is it like for you to play as Shepard and then hear your own voice through conversations with Kaidan?

Sbarge: Ha! Yes. I did. And I can say it’s a rather odd experience to play a game with someone who is not you, with your voice. I spoke to Mark Meer about it, and he told me you get used to it after a while. Let me say that I am not a gamer—I haven’t had the time to commit to it, at the moment. But I can see how thrilling, exciting and addicting it is to step into another dimension and get lost.

ICTB: Along with voice acting, you have quite the background in theater, film and television. Is there a character you’ve played with whom you identify best?

Sbarge: I believe that every character that is working has a piece of you in it. As an actor, you find a place in yourself that you are connected to, and work from there. Because of that, there’s a little bit of you in each character, and it’s hard to pick a favorite.

But let me say that I feel deeply about Archie Hopper— that is, that he traveled down some dark personal roads to get to a place where he is intent on doing the right thing. I do resonate with that, for sure. As well, both Kaidan and Jiminy Cricket seem to have an underlying theme of “conscience.” I aspire to be a man of conscience (sometimes more successfully than others) and do try every day to make a difference, so while I had no control on how people cast me for these roles, I do find it interesting that one’s personal “passionate commitment” in life seems to resonate through the work into characters we do.

ICTB: Let’s talk about your other projects. You are the founder of Green Wish (www.greenwish.com), and you are producing an online series, On Begley Street (www.onbegleystreet.com). Can you tell us about your environmental passions and why you became involved with these projects?

Sbarge: I think I have always just had a natural tendency toward the environment. I have a thing for trees— they kind of speak to me, as it were, and I have felt strongly about doing my part. I compost, recycle, have had a garden (not currently due to my travel schedule, sadly), drive a hybrid, turn off lights, conserve my water usage, etc. I have for a long time.

I have also been alternately shocked and alarmed by the news I read of how humans are overwhelming the planet. Things look a little complicated ecologically (to say the least) if we continue on our current course. So I have tried for many, many years—both by example with my kids, as well as for my own personal sense of “doing the right thing”—to make decisions that consider the environment. Seems to have come quite naturally, as it were.

Simply put, Green Wish is a nonprofit that raises money for other nonprofits that have green/sustainable goals. The idea is to find organizations that are local and doing good work within the community and get them much-needed funds.  What happens is that a new chapter gets formed in an area with a board and a group of concerned individuals. They reach out into their community to identify organizations that are doing important work within their area, and then vet those nonprofits. We ask that the groups range across a spectrum of earth, air, water and sustainable education. They then work with retailers, businesses or individuals who are interested in a “community helping community” message, and raise money and awareness for the work being done right around them. This is, effectively, an “open source” charitable giving concept. New chapters work within our existing nonprofit status but then raise money locally to go into their communities. Ed Begley Jr. is the face of Green Wish, and on the board—which is just wonderful, as he’s arguably (other than Al Gore) the person most associated with environmental activism in the U.S.

Archie Hopper from Once Upon a Time. (Image credit: Once Upon a Time Wikia)
Archie Hopper from Once Upon a Time. (Image credit: Once Upon a Time Wikia)

Out of the inspiration from Green Wish, I have developed and now produced a show about the Begley’s new home— a LEED Platinum-certified home that’s being built in Studio City, California. The series is called “On Begley Street,” and it captures the Begleys’ adventure of building this new home. It also explores the science, technology and innovation associated with building, all of which, frankly, has exploded recently. Make it Happen Productions is the production company with a “conscience” and a commitment to using media to promote this idea, and the producers have all agreed to donate a portion of the proceeds to Green Wish. We have plans to launch the new show both on the Web, as well as PBS. The network has given us strong support, and we feel this is a perfect place for us to do this show.

ICTB: “Once Upon a Time,” is back from its midseason break. What can we expect to see for your characters, Dr. Archie Hopper and Jiminy Cricket?

Sbarge: Well, let me say that that I believe that still waters run deep. That he does his work because he cares and truly wants to do the right thing. He seems to have “done wrong, so he can do right”—and honestly, we are looking at some yet new chapters yet to be explored for Archie, such as his love relationships, some of his personal life. And his decision to stay in Storybrooke to fight, to try to make a difference. Stay tuned!

ICTB: And finally, is there anything that you would like to say to your fans out there?

Sbarge: I want to thank everyone for the incredibly kind expressions of support you have given me over the past year. I invite anyone who is interested in finding me to join me on Twitter @raphaelsbarge, or on Facebook (www.facebook.com/officialraphaelsbarge). I do spend time reading postings, and welcome you to join in. As well, I can let you know about news, updates and developments with everything I am working on. Please also visit GreenWish.com for more info about what we do there. Cheers!

You can watch Raphael Sbarge in his role as Archie Hopper/Jiminy Cricket on ABC’s Once Upon a Time – Sunday nights at 8PM EST.

InsertCointoBegin.com Presents Let’s Play 22

Chachi is joined by Bobby, Rizz, this week, the crew talks about what they played this week, along with what their favorite maps in multiplayer games are, What time period they would set a game in, and What games they were surprised and disappointed in.  So, check it out and Give us some feedback.  And, if you like it, join us live Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. EST on live.sorgatronmedia.com!

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Power Rangers: Normandy

So, I was just searching the YouTubes for my next story, you will see that later, but I came across…um…this awesome mash up.

One childhood favorite combined with the new favorite? Why must you taunt me?! WHY!? Also, that does explain why Lord Zedd looked the way he did…MF’er was indoctrinated and turning into a husk! As you saw, Hackett was Zordon and, I take it, EDI happens to be a waaaaay sexier and waaaaay less annoying version of Alpha 5 (at least she doesn’t say “AYE AYE AYE!” over and over again).

One question: Who are Bulk and Skull in Power Rangers: Normandy? Eh, I’m getting off topic. It’s an awesome video. Kudos.

Anyways, question time! Is there a video game that reminds you of a TV show or movie or a TV show/movie remind you of a video game? Leave it in the comments below.

THQ WWE ’13 Roster Reveal

With WWE Summerslam happening this past weekend THQ took the opportunity to release the rooster and more details about the upcoming WWE Game. Let’s start with the roster. Here is the full list!

Modern Era WWE Superstars & Divas

Alberto Del Rio, Big Show, Booker T, Brock Lesnar, Brodus Clay, Chris Jericho, Christian, Cody Rhodes, Daniel Bryan, David Otunga, Dolph Ziggler, Edge, The Great Khali, Heath Slater, Hunico, Jack Swagger, JBL, John Cena (The Doctor of Thuganomics), John Laurinaitis, Justin Gabriel, Kane, Kevin Nash, Kofi Kingston, Mark Henry, The Miz, Primo, Randy Orton, John Cena, Rey Mysterio, The Rock, R-Truth, Santino Marella, Sheamus,Sin Cara, Epico, Ted DiBiase, Triple H, The Undertaker, Jinder Mahal, Wade Barrett, Zack Ryder, Alicia Fox, Beth Phoenix, Brie Bella, Eve, Kelly Kelly, Kharma, Nikki Bella, Lita, AJ Lee (RAW General Manager), CM Punk

Attitude Era WWE Superstars

Road Warrior Animal, Big Boss Man, Billy Gunn, Bradshaw (APA), Bret Hart, British Bulldog, Cactus Jack, Chris Jericho (Y2J), Christian (Edge & Christian), Dude Love, Eddie Guerrero, Edge (Edge & Christian), Faarooq (APA), The Godfather, Road Warrior Hawk, Hunter Heart Helmsley, Kane, Ken Shamrock, Mankind, Mark Henry (Nation of Domination), Mike Tyson, Mr. McMahon, “The Big Show” Paul Wight, Road Dogg Jesse James, The Rock, Shane McMahon, Shawn Michaels (D-Generation X), Triple H (D-Generation X), The Undertaker (The Lord of Darkness), Vader, X-Pac, Lita (Attitude Era), Stephanie McMahon (The Billion Dollar Princess), Trish Stratus, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

In a 70ish minute Fan Axxess event in L.A. this weekend THQ talked in length about the next entry in the WWE series. They go in depth talking about the more in depth storyline in the game that will follow the Attitude era story. The Monday night wars will be followed as they happened on WWE’s side of things. With more unlockables and a new OMG mode that will allow you to have moments that shocked wrestling fans as it happened on the shows. Examples such as breaking the barricade and they super heavyweights collapsing the ring.
Working closer to WWE to get fan reactions and footage of promos from over time by the wrestlers. These clips, the chants, ring noises and crowd signs all being pulled from footage that WWE has.

So from the sounds of things THQ is putting all their chips in with this edition of the game. Maybe this will save them after all! However if you want to see the full video coverage from this weekend IGN put the full conference video up and you can watch it HERE! Character reveal starts at the 60 minute mark but the entire thing is worth a watch if you have time.