Nintendo’s First Mobile Game Announced

Last night (or early in the morning, in Japan), Nintendo announced their take on mobile games.


They announced their partnership with DeNA earlier this year to help develop their mobile games and help maintain Nintendo’s mobile integrity when they get into this year and next year’s releases.

To start, Nintendo announced their first game: Is it Mario? No. Zelda? No. Metroid? Smash? Mario Kart? Tingle? Doki Doki Panic?  Still interested?

Nintendo announced “Miitomo”, a social experience that even when you’re offline, your Mii character can walk around and communicate with other people and share information with others. It looks like it’s a new FREE version of Tomodachi Life is coming to Android and iPhone.¬†Which is pretty cool, I wanted to play Tomodachi Life to see what all the hubbub was about and I might have my chance. Might.


However, the one that gets me (and puts up a major red flag) is that Miitomo allows for your Mii to communicate with others while you’re offline, which is weird. Are there going to be questions you have to answer before you can play? Is Nintendo in your mind?

So many questions need to be answered before they release this game. Are you going to get it? What other mobile games would you like to see? Leave it in the comments below.