Rizz Plays Minecraft: Story Mode Ep. 2: Assembly Required! (Part 1)

It took me this darn long to realize most of these Telltale-style games have a thing for weird jokes and puns. For instance, the title that I just said “Assembly Required” and wouldn’t you know? Your objection is to find people that are needed. How convenient!?

In this video, I recap what you all missed in the last episode by going through the entire catalog and show you how unique my game is, as compared to other people that play this game.

Join me next week where I continue my journey and, yes (of course) get lost in the process.

Video game themed things from around the Internet…net…net!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is your favorite post on the Internet today, at this time, on this website, Video game themed things from around the Internet…net…net!

First up!

User CaptainSparklez on youtube teamed with Verizon to create a functioning cell phone in Minecraft.


Next up!

Not sure that anyone would really want to make this transformation but from Woman to Trevor from gta v….

Wow. Just wow. Also not going to lie but I got distracted by her dog.

Last but not least,

Rizz brought this awesome rapper to my attention. None of that statement is sarcasm. I bought the track and you can too. http://yungtown.bandcamp.com/

Ive listened to it too many times to count since I got it.

That’s all the time I have for this week’s edition of Video game themed things from around the Internet…net…net! Tune in next week for another leg of my journey!


Rizz’s Trailer Park: ‘Murica…and Tokyo…

I’m going to do something a little different. Instead of me tell you about video games and how awesome they are, why don’t I just sit here and show you videos of upcoming attractions?

Our first game is an…uh…well…there’s….America. Whatever is coming to Broforce on October 15th, it’s bound to be filled with explosions, bad guys and, well, America. Because what’s more American than blowing shit up? I know! This hit song!

Project X Zone 2 was announced recently at this year’s Tokyo Game Show and, honestly, it looks like an amazing crossover game that features three amazing companies pitting against each other. Capcom v. SEGA v. Bandai Namco. Look at all the guys in this trailer and tell me you are not excited to team Phoenix Wright with MegaMan and Ken and Ryu teaming up for an amazing final move. Here is their trailer they released for this year’s New York Comic Con

Finally Telltale Games looks to take a game where you can do whatever you want and mold it into a game with a story. This will be one of Telltale’s biggest tasks and, by the trailer, it looks pretty interesting. This is Minecraft: Story Mode: The Order of the Stone.

Join me next week where I’ll post three more trailers coming out.

Fav Five Friday: Games To Look For This E3*

*That we already know will be announced.

E3 is inching so close to us we can taste it. In fact, we are three months away from E3 and somewhere Gabe Newell just had a heart attack.

However, let us not waste precious time! June is right around the corner and THIS is your top 5 games to watch forat this year’s E3 event.

Now, the rules are different. Instead of listing 5 things, I am actually going to pick one from each major category (EA, Ubisoft, Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony). Let’s begin,  shall we?


MICROSOFT – Minecraft: Story Mode. For those of you who don’t know, Minecraft is now the property of Microsoft so I would not be surprised if this game gets announced at Microsoft’s E3. Also, it will be interesting to see how this game will look and feel, being it’s a story based game based off of a game that’s a free world based game.


SONY – Uncharted 4. This will be needed for a good E3 for Sony, as it was learned earlier this week that Uncharted’s release date was pushed back to 2016. Which blows. Hard. Maybe show some Beta footage along with a commercial. Get me excited to play this game, as I never had a PlayStation when Uncharted was a thing. It will be interesting to see how they turn this negative into a positive.



NINTENDO – (TIE) Zelda and Star Fox. Nintendo has hyped both of these games to no end ever since they were playing the open world Zelda game. I believe this is the time where Nintendo comes out guns a-blazing and shows us EVERYTHING about these two games. I want more, of course. Instead of watching some guy watch a green screen pretending he’s playing, play the game. DO A BARRELL ROLL! Oh God, I hope I actually get to play as Fox this time from the beginning and not ride a pterodactyl or something.

UBISOFT – Guess. I will give you three easy guesses on what I’m excited to see more information about. Show me something from Assassin’s Creed: Victory and my money will be tossed in your general direction, Ubisoft…it’s…it’s probably west. Do I need to tell you how Assassin’s Creed is going to be once Ubisoft announce it and show things from it? Hopefully no bugs, though. We don’t want that. I mean, look at England. LOOK AT IT!


ELECTRONIC ARTS: Mass. Effect. Four. Mass. Effect. Four. Mass. Effect. Four. Last year all we had was conception art, if this year is gameplay footage I will not be able to control my body. At all. I don’t expect gameplay, as it’s still quite possibly in the early early stages of development but man…I am a big Mass Effect fan and I don’t even know what to expect from this game. Do my choices in the first three games matter? Is Shepard in this? Is he not? Is this a prequel? Sequel? Do I play as a Prothean? Gah! Just tell me already!

maxresdefault (4)

For a complete listing of all games already expected to be shown at E3, click here for IGN’s coverage. Are you interested in anything from E3? Leave it in the comments below.

Boss Battle 115: What Does Bread Live For?

I Am BreadThis week on Boss Battle 115, we have our cast of Bobby (@bobbyfjtown), Chachi (@chachisays), and , DJ Lunchbox (@djlunchbox), Mad Mike (@madmike4883) andMike Sorg (@sorgatron). On this weeks show:

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  • We discuss our gaming achievements from the past week.
  • Mad Mike talks about his experience at ComicCon.
  • In Video Game Themed Things From Around The Internet…net…net: GameTheorists talk about WatchDogs, an iPhone in Minecraft and a deadly Falcon Punch.
  • We talk about some gaming news like a slice of bread simulator, a new Doctor Who game to teach you how to code and Rob Riggle starring in a Dead Rising movie.
  • We discuss the head of UbiSoft leaving.
  • DJ Lunchbox discusses how he is enamored with Shadows of Mordor.
  • We talk about some serious stuff going on at Valve.
  • Lastly In our Final Round discussion, we talk about if Valve did the right thing or overreacted to the situation that happened.

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Video Game Themed things from around the Internet…net…net!

Boy and girls, Children of all ages, welcome to Video Game Themed things from around the Internet…net…net! Come along with me on the journey of things found as i traveled the Internet like a hobo with a bindle on a stick!

first up!

The Game Theorist on youtube finally released the second part to their death by hacking series. In the first one they cover the possibility of Watch Dogs hacking and show that it could happen.(although unlikely) The second part shows the feasibility of a hacker being able to hack your body! Check it out below.

Next up, Someone built a working iPhone in Minecraft. Complete with unlock screen, games, apps the works.

Minecraft players have too much time on their hands. Too much!

Last but not not least! Do you work a desk job? with a lot of free time? Do you wish you could game but the computers are locked down? Well! here is the link for you! 6 popular games recreated and running in Microsoft Excel! Number Cruncher, Monopoly, 2048 and more!


The games require macros to run but you can enable those by going into options and enabling them.

Thats all i have for you this week on Video Game Themed things from around the Internet…net…net! Thanks for tuning in! Be sure to check out the runners up below!
Runners Up!

Vegas Smash Meetup- Guy lands perfect falcon punch, opponent just quits. —

Deviant art Dragolisco has re-imagined Pokemon and they are bad ass. http://dragolisco.deviantart.com/art/Mighty-Charizard-425008435

Boss Battle 110: The Duck Hunter – Starring Christopher Walken

BossBattle110This week on Boss Battle 110, we have our cast of Bobby (@bobbyfjtown), Chachi (@chachisays), The Rizz (@theerizz), and Sorg (@sorgatron) . On this weeks show:

  • We discuss our gaming achievements from the past week.
  • In Video Game Themed Things From Around The Internet…net…net: Archer Sims 4, Gold Console, Destiny Guardians, Printer of Doom and Will Ferrell Gaming – 6:10
  • WWE2K15 delayed for Playstation 4 and XBox One. Word on the street is so they can take CM Punk out of the game. What do you think? 12:30
  • DoubleFine is getting into publishing. They want to be a better publisher for independent gamers.- 14:15
  • Super Smash Bros came out in Japan and people are breaking their 3DS systems because of it. 18:45
  • It’s no longer a rumor. Microsoft purchased Minecraft, BUT Notch was not part of the deal. He wants to go back to doing what he loves. – 22:30
  • Lastly In our Final Round discussion, we talk about Bungie projected to lose $2.5 million due to its meta score based on a 76% review – even though its a MMO. – 26:50

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Microsoft buys Mojang, makers of Minecraft

Microsoft Mojang

This past Monday, Microsoft has officially announced that they have acquired Mojang, the creators of Minecraft. And the amount that it was bought for… $2.5 Billion. That’s a whole lot of money for a small Indie Developer. Rumors of this deal has been circulating for almost a week before the announcement. Everyone, including myself, were curious as to what it meant for the little developer with a global hit, and what could happen in the future. Most interesting is the fact that this deal doesn’t even include any of Mojang’s founders. Jakob, Carl, and the developers iconic developer and main creator of Minecraft, Notch.

Microsoft has bought into several developers over the years, making a lot of their future games exclusive to their platform. Some of the companies have been quite successful such as Bungie with the super popular Halo series and Lionhead with their fun Fable rpgs. Some not going quite as well such as Rare who’s best game since their acquisition was the Conker remake. One of the facts that probably let to the acquisition by Microsoft is how popular the game has gotten. It has sold about 54 million copies across all platforms with 15 million on PC, 21 million on iOS and Android, and 12 million being on Microsoft’s very own Xbox 360.

So, why, after so many other requests to buy the developer, has Notch allow Microsoft to buy his company from him? He doesn’t want the responsibility of owning a company with such global significance anymore. He didn’t expect Minecraft to become so popular around the world like it did, and with all the pressure he got from it, it became rough for him to work on new projects when he stepped down developing Minecraft several years ago. He attempted some small projects but just couldn’t get them off the ground running a much larger company than he ever wanted. He became an Icon and was still tied to something that he doesn’t have anything to do with anymore. Getting a backlash for the change to the EULA he had nothing to do with. He wants to continue making small games and decided he couldn’t do that while running Mojang because at heart, he is just a humble programmer and just loves to make things because it’s fun, as he mentions on his [blog].

What this means for Minecraft’s future then? Mojang already put up a [blog post] explaining the whole thing. They will continue working on Minecraft as they always had. They will continue making their updates that will keep adding content to the game and allowing the community to be as it is with no change. Minecraft will also continue to be developed for all platforms as well, even Sony’s Playstations. Probably the only difference we may notice is more exclusive DLC for the game on Microsoft’s consoles. Microsoft may also push to bring the game to the Windows Store and well as Windows Phones. There has also been speculation on bringing Oculus Rift support to it since Notch was against it after the Facebook buyout.

javaw_2014-09-17_00-46-32Some still fear Microsoft will ruin Minecraft. I honestly think they will do right, keep Mojang just how it is, developing endless updates to the game, and not messing with 4J’s(the console port developer) plans to continue developing for all platforms. I’m sure I’ll continue to enjoy the game just the same as I play it for years to come.

Boss Battle 87: Golden Girls: The Walking Dead Prequel

Golden Girls: The Walking Dead PrequelThis week on Boss Battle, we have our the cast of  Bobby (@bobbyfjtown), Chachi (@chachisays), Rizz (@theerizz) and Mike Sorg (@sorgatron).  On this weeks show:

  • We discuss our gaming achievements from the past week.
  • In Across The Net…net…net…net…net: Chachi talks about what Mario Bros. characters do when we are not around, Tetris on a building and The Simpsons featuring Minecraft.
  • Amazon Fire TV being sort of a system.
  • We discuss news about the Smash Bros. and Mario Kart franchises.
  • We talk about GTA Heists.
  • Sorg talks about his Pokemon experience.
  • We have a Final Round discussion on what game series we have never played but might want to try out.

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Let The Backlash of Oculus Rift Begin!

You knew this was coming, right?

When Mark Zuckerberg bought the Oculus Rift for $2 billion, you knew that the crowd would erupt in hatred and spite for the thing that we were oogling and oggling for the past few months of seeing all of the stuff that we could do with that beautiful piece of equipment.

How do I know? Well, yesterday’s stocks showed that Facebook’s stocks didn’t gain a darn thing. In fact, their stocks dropped 7%! Now, I’m not sure what percentages are or stocks and something but when there’s that substantial of a drop in anything (Note: If you have a 95% and then lose 7%…you just dropped a grade level) it’s not good.

Now, one of the main backers in the Oculus Rift (and one that I know most people would be very interested in playing in the VR world) decided to pull out. Notch, the creator and founder of Minecraft, pulled back his plans of having Minecraft on the Oculus Rift because, and I quote Mr. Notch:


That really does burn, I mean. I understand why Facebook and The Zuck did this…they wanted the money that the OR was projected to get and now that they have the rights to Oculus, everyone who wanted to do things with the Oculus Rift are going to do the same thing like Notch is doing.

Honestly, this is like what Chachi said on Boss Battle last week (CLICK HERE FOR Boss Battle 85: Garbage Food). I’m pretty sure that Mark Zuckerberg bought the Oculus Rift in order for something like this to happen. He knows that people were going to buy the OR, he knew that developers were developing games and technologies for the OR and he knew that when the OR comes out, he won’t get to be one of the richest people in tech. So why not buy out the competition? Why not make those guys, like Notch, cringe knowing the fact that they are now going to help Facebook make this, back out and make the Oculus Rift the shell of its former self?

That’s Mark’s idea and, heh, it’s working.

Whose side are you on? The Notch or The Zuck? Leave it in the comments below.