Rizz Plays Games: Rizz Plays MLB 15 The Show

Yesterday I discussed my thoughts on playing MLB 15: The Show and, now, why not just show you?

In this video I discuss my history with sports games and, yes, sports games while playing a sports game. It’s quite a trip (One that took three tries to get right, as I will mention at the beginning of the show). Like, comment, share and, most of all, enjoy.

Rizz Reviews: MLB 15 The Show


For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you know I’m a huge sports nut. Football, hockey, soccer, basketball and baseball. All of those sports that I have mentioned has multiple ports for sporting gamers to play their video games except for one sport: MLB 15 The Show. MLB 15 The Show is strictly a Sony Entertainment endeavor and only comes out on the Playstation 4. It’s nice!

If you recall, my last sports game I reviewed here I rightfully ripped apart a “revamped” RBI Baseball that made me want to play a better game before I burned my corneas. However, MLB 15 The Show makes it feel better. The feel of the game makes me like the game, the fact that I can play as ME makes me feel better, when I play this game, it makes me feel better about sports games in general.

The graphics are what you would expect a solely Sony based game to be. Beautiful. The atmosphere makes it look like I’m actually at the ballpark or watching an actual game on my TV and not being involved in the game. It really amplifies the sights and sounds of the game.

The gameplay itself is what you would expect from a baseball game. There are various modes to chose from to adjust your gameplay on this game. You can have strictly button pressing, analog (where swinging is pushing the analog stick in a direction), or a combination of both that involves seeing a reticle so you know where your eyes are looking and where, hopefully, that ball lands in the sweet spot for a game winning home run.

The “story” in this game is, of course, “The Show” mode. Where you take hold of a customized player that you create and start from getting drafted to starting off in the minors to, hopefully, fulfilling your dreams (virtual, of course) of becoming a Major League Baseball player. Whether it’s a position player, a starting pitcher or reliever (possibly a closer, so you can come out jamming to your own warm-up music), you’re in control of everything in your career. It’s better than the one found in Madden, that’s for sure. The Show, actually, makes you work for your spot.That’s what I like, the challenge.

Overall, it’s a sports game. A sports game is suppose to be entertaining, a time-waster and fun all at the same time. The way this is set up, it’s making those three concepts in a good game worth it. If I get frustrated with a certain game (cough*Bloodborne*cough) I just pop in this game and play it.

It won’t wow you if you expected a perfect game, but you will have fun playing it.