Console gaming needs to adapt to the MMO

With all the influx of MMO’s on the world recently with the announcement of the new Elder Scrolls MMO, Star Wars The Old Republic, and of course World of Warcraft it’s become apparent that MMOs are very popular among the kids today.

A lot of us would love to play MMOs however it’s very difficult when you don’t have the PC power to keep up. You need a pretty decent computer to play most MMOs on the market today, which comes at a financial hardship for many gamers.

The only MMO I’m aware of being on a console right now is DC Universe on the PS3. A lot of indie games on Xbox live Arcade have MMO qualities but I have yet to try any of them out. I think If MMO’s want to reach the casual gamer it’s time for Console companies to evolve.

Companies such as Microsoft and Sony have to evolve the next gen console into support for MMO gaming, Maybe even Nintendo which doesn’t really have a strong online market could make the Wii U into an MMO machine, MMO gaming is the next frontier for Console games, however, it may be a difficult transition. Most MMOs use a keyboard and mouse to input commands, if Microsoft could use the Kinect to input voice commands it may lessen the need for keyboard and mouse peripherals.
Console gaming has to adapt to allow more players to reach each other online.

Imagine if Skyrim would have had multiplayer elements, it would have been amazing but near impossible on this generations gaming consoles, So in the future MMOs may be more accessible to casual gamers by way of the next generations of consoles if the companies are ready to make the needed changes to make MMO gaming accessible.