The Boss Battle Podcast Stream: Red Switch Redemption

Join us live right here on and discuss with us your feelings on both Red Dead Redemption 2 AND Nintendo Switch.

WWE Immortals First Impressions (Podcast)

WWE Immortals high end characters (Undertaker, John Cena, Trish Stratus, Big Show)

Once again, I touched on video games with the recent launch of WWE Immortals.  Check out this, and other quick Podcasts on

WWE Immortals has been unleashed on iPhone/iPad users! We take a look at first impressions, the comparisons to it’s obvious predecessor in Injustice for mobile from Netherrealm Studios (the Mortal Kombat people!), why isn’t this a 2K Game, and this latest trend of WWE characterizations.

What are you playing on mobile?  Higher end action games like this, or the simpler kind?

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Rizz Rant: Mobile Gaming on Twitch?

Today Twitch announced that they are producing a new app that will allow streaming mobile video games on their giant gaming streaming website.

In a statement, Twitch’s marketing executive Matthew DiPietro said that the “trifecta will soon be complete complete with our deep and concerted foray into mobile broadcasting”.

I don’t get it.

Would you watch someone play this on Twitch?

What will the point be for doing this? Does the “trifecta” really need to be met? Does the last peace of the streaming triforce need to be met? Should it?

I doubt that there’s a niche out there for people watching other people play other people while playing Words With Friends or I highly doubt that many grandmothers or mothers are online looking for people playing Candy Crush Saga.

Is there really a thing out there on Twitch that people want to see mobile gaming on their site? If there was, I would be really shocked. Twitch is a place where people watch things like League of Legends, World of Warcraft and other games of those genres. To have those games compare time and server space with seeing if someone is playing Words With Friends or any other Player v. Player game.

Also, that brings up another good point. the “With Friends” series is a turn based game and other people, like myself, are very slow in responding (those who I have games with, I will get to you in a bit…don’t hate) but the series has to have some problem with this, right? I mean, if we live in the world where we get all up in arms about privacy and the NSA wouldn’t Zynga and pretty much EVERYONE be up in arms about their names and pictures being plastered on a video website? For most of these people, they have no gamertags or nicknames and it’s their likenesses, their pictures, right there in front of millions of Twitch viewers for them to see.

Also, what the hell are you going to play on mobile Twitch? With Friends games, as earlier mentioned? FarmVille? Old GTA games? It’s pretty pointless to have mobile gaming be a part of a giant conglomerate, like what Twitch has become.

However, I would like to see how “Twitch Plays FarmVille” could work out…and then bang my head on my keyboard over and over again.


Dexter is back…..

Everyones favorite killer is back in game form once again. Dexter makes his return to the small screen. iOS, Android and pc will see the return of video game Dexter.

IGN debuted the Preview Trailer of the next Dexter game which is apparently open world! Check it out.

So, go forth and murder the world! Just be sure to clean up after yourself. Dont want the fuzz catching on now do we?

Zynga biting off more than they can chew?

Zynga states that they hope their next game will “replace consoles” (their words). Getting away from the farms, cities, the drawings, the words, the hangings. In fact they are stepping away from their norm it seems. No more buying companies when the iron is hot. In fact they are pulling a u turn and heading into serious town from the looks of it.

Introducing Horn, an action adventure game for the go. Slated as the first console style game from Zynga with help from developer Phosphor Games. Even in the trailer there isn’t many details but there is some stuff.

So, think it has what it takes to push Zynga into serious gaming? or maybe they should just stick with friends? what do you think? I personally will reserve judgement until i can get my greasy grubby little paws on it. Zynga isn’t bad at the other games so maybe this will be the same!

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Mobile gaming ring controller?

So bumming around the net and i come across this device on that connects to your phone and allows you to have a new aspect in mobile gaming. im still unsure of my thoughts on it but here is the device explanation video. Its called the Ringbow!

Umm, wow. I guess it truly comes down to if it is actually useful in the aspect they say it is. An FPS would be the true test. The promotional video makes it look kind of cool but i’m not sure its 35-55 dollars cool. However each one will come with a pack of games so that you have something to play in case other developers decide its not worth the hassle.

They have a goal of 100,000 dollars to make this happen. You can check it out on their kickstart page