Boss Battle 102: Everything is Destructable

Broforce - all the destructableThis week on Boss Battle 102, we have our cast of Bobby (@bobbyfjtown), Chachi (@chachisays) and Sorg (@sorgatron). On this weeks show


  • We discuss our gaming achievements from the past week. – :30
  • In Video Game Themed Things From Around The Internet…net…net: We look at Tatio Pixel Art, The Last of Us Live, a realistic Mortal Kombat and live video game wrestling. – 5:30
  • In things you should be made aware of, we talk about how Dragon Age Inquisition and Battlefield Hardline have been delayed and the Assassin’s Creed experience at Comicon. – 10:40
  • We discuss if Lorde is right; is Oculus Witchcraft? – 14:00
  • We review Dino Hunter and BroForce. – 18:00

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Video game themed things from around the Internet…net…net!

Ladies and Gents, welcome to another fantastic edition of Video game themed things from around the Internet…net…net! Sorg vs Bear update! Sorg wrestled a bear in Assassins Creed 3 and lost! No one wanted to see Rizz wrestle a trouser snake.(understandably)

Lets get to it! Some great stuff as always that I, Chachi, have come across on my journeys through the World Wide Web.

Starting things off this week with a father to end all fathers! A Hollywood special effects editor had decided to show how awesome his kid is and created a youtube account entitled Action Movie Kid. He uses special effects and makes short videos putting his kid in awesome situations. The newest entry is the portal gun discovery. Check it out below and be sure to check out the channel for more video game goodness!

Simply amazing. Dad of the year right there!

Next up, the Guinness World Record largest video game collection is up for sale! In other news does anyone have like 500K i can borrow? The auction sitting at 91,000 dollar bidding point with 6 days left verified by The Guinness book at 10,647 games and the owner stating he has added 400+ since then.

Here is a video from the Guinness Records event.

To see the full list of games go over to Follow this link!

Like i said, Half a mil should cover it for me……..

Last but not least Adrian Jensen over on youtube created a video putting Pokemon in Mortal Kombat to reimagine the fatalities… Yeah, you read it right! Check it out right here!


Thats all i have for you in this edition of Video game themed things from around the Internet…net…net!  On its new day Tuesday! it will be here each and every tuesday so be sure to tune in! Until next week! Surf the World Wide Web!



Runners up!

On the pokemon theme still: Snorlax makes a great bed!

Gizmodo speaks with the great and powerful Woz who tells the tale of being banned from Nintendo Power. Presents: Lets Play! Episode 2

Join Chachi, Frank and Bobby as we tackle What’s the best and worst weapons in a game, Best game ending, What game would make a better novel than a movie, What are you playing/challenge and also be sure to try this weeks challenge Dope Wars!

Rizz’s Trailer Park Reviews Ep. 4: DC’s Response to Marvel

Remember my last week’s review? No? Click HERE and check it out. In it I did a Free to Play MMO featuring the Marvel superheroes. This week, how do you think I felt when I saw THIS?!

…Sorry I passed out. Had a dream that Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn were fighting and Wonder Woman smashed a car on Harley’s head.

What was I talking about? OH YEAH!

“Injustice: Gods Among Us” is a brand new fighting game from those fine individuals at DC Comics and will come out some time next year. From the stills and the gameplay action shots, this game looks AWESOME! The fact that they, actually, made this game will make every comic book geek’s dream.

I mean, the first shot of the trailer itself is Flash getting absolutely DESTROYED by Superman’s freeze breath (or either Captain Cold or Mr. Freeze, not quite sure). ACTION SHOT! Batman v. Solomon Grundy. ACTION SHOT! Harley Quinn v. Wonder Woman. ACTION SHOT! DC and the creators of this trailer wants you to know that, “Hey, you know all of those dream matches you’ve wanted to see? Well, here they are! ENJOY! You’re welcome!”

The scenery in the gameplay looks like one of the more realistic backgrounds in any game since Street Fighter. From the darkened city streets of, I believe, Gotham to the inside of a warehouse or something and, from the looks of it, EVERYTHING IS USEABLE! EVERYTHING! Cars? Smash it against your opponent’s head. Walls? Who needs boundaries anyways? Blast them through there. Space? SPACE?! That’s right, one of Superman’s special moves is to take his opponent to outer space and slam them back down to Earth.

Oh God I want this game.

However, I do have one qualm with this one. This game looks too much like Mortal Kombat and their gaming style. I, also, compare this to Mortal Kombat because of the debacle that was “Mortal Kombat v. DC” (Whenever “Marvel v. Capcom” was starting their run of dominance and started running new ones every year). I don’t want this game to turn into a carbon copy Mortal Kombat game. I want to have fun with this. I mean, you have Batman, Superman, Flash, as well as others…it will be extra difficult to not suck but, still, PLEASE don’t suck.

Finally, some names I want to see in this game.


1. Joker – DUH! Come on! Any game which features Batman NEEDS Joker. However, with the recent departure of THE VOICE (Mr. Mark Hammel) it is starting to look unlikely that the Joker would be in this game. Really hope it’s not the end of seeing the Joker in any shape or form, but I would really like to see all the gadgets Joker would use in this game and how he would find a way to sneak in a victory over someone like his arch nemesis, Batman, or the other super heroes (as well as outsmart his villain comrades).

2. Doomsday – Picture this fighting scenario. The brute of Solomon Grundy going one-on-one with the brute, WHO KILLED SUPERMAN, Doomsday going one on one. Picture the devastation that would go on between those two beasts. Cars flying back and forth, bodies breaking, women and children crying hysterically…ok maybe not that much, but you get the point. Doomsday gets a bad rap. I don’t even think this guy’s in ANY games that matter in the superhero realm (Unless he’s in Superman 64…but I take it nobody played up to the first level before throwing it out the window).

3. Bizarro Superman – This can be cool on two counts. You can either have him as a playable character totally different from his heroic counterpart OR you can have something that most games seem to forget now and again, and have Superman have an alternate attire, which changes him completely into Bizarro Superman. Either way, there should be a way you can play as this guy in the game.

4. Poison Ivy – Oh look, another Batman villain. There’s a reason I chose Ivy over the others. Injustice: Gods Among Us can use Poison Ivy as a Shang Tsung type character. Instead of stealing his opponent’s souls and having them fight, I can see Poison Ivy kissing/breathing (that mind control thing she does) on another character and fighting for her. That and have killer plants rise up and destroy your opponents would be kind of cool, don’t you think?

5. Aquam… Nope. No way. Nope. Let him throw some fish somewhere else. Nope. No.

5b. Green Lantern – That’s better. With the release of the Lantern (and, besides the Avengers, one of the better superhero movies that came out in the past year), it would be suitable that they would add the Lantern in this game. They can, also, have cameos from all the Lanterns to help him out during battle for a special move or two. You see? I’m here to help you make your game awesome.ot going to say it.

Who would you like to see in this game? Also, does this game trailer tickle your fancy, or what? Let me hear it in the comments down below. Also, what trailers would you like to see me review next? I’m open for suggestions. Stay tuned Monday and Tuesday for our extensive E3 coverage.


Cinema to Cell Processors

With the announcement of a Shadow of the Colossus movie this past week, It’s lead me to start thinking of what games would be awesome movies, and what movies would be awesome games. So today I’ve picked out 3 of each. 3 Games that I think would be great movies even though they may not have a fleshed out story much like Shadow of the Colossus really didn’t have a fleshed out story. I really wonder how they’re going to bring the game to the screen since there isn’t much dialogue, but it will make a pretty interesting and emotional story much like the game did, if done right. So here are the 3 games I would love to see become movies.


I know what you’re thinking, There are a ton of Vampire movies out there, why do we need another one, The story of the Belmont’s is an amazing story in video games, I think that Simon Belmont the star of Castlevania 2 Simon’s quest would be a great story to tell as it was one of my favorite games growing up playing the NES. I can still feel the chills I got when the game turned from day to night and Simon became cursed. The game was very hard but the action was intense and I think if handled right it would become an amazing movie.

Soul Calibur

Historicallly in video game to movie conversion Fighting games have not been the best source material. Mortal Kombat was a decent enough movie, however the 2nd Mortal Kombat movie wasn’t as well received. Street Fighter had many attempts but all failed and Tekken tried as well without success. I think Soul Calibur could do well with the right director and writers. The story of Soul Calbur is a bit tangled as a video game even, but with the amazing characters the game features I think a movie could work.

Metal Gear Solid

All of the Metal Gear games are basically movies that you can play as a game from time to time, but I’d still love to see a live action version of Snake taking on the unique boss characters that he’s fought over the years. Imagine a scene with The End, or The Fear in a movie. I think that would be amazing, not to mention the crazy fights and settings the game has.

Now I want to take some time to pick 3 movies that I’d like to see be made into a video game.


Imagine going through someone’s mind, each level of the dream is a new level of the game, I’m not sure why Inception hasn’t become a game already. The giant folding city, the gun battle in the hotel and the final level would all be great levels of a game, and the bullet time like action sequences would play out well on consoles.


Grindhouse was an amazing theatrical experience when it came out in theaters, one of the best movie experiences I’ve had watching a movie actually. I Think that would translate well to a video game. Planet Terror was a great game and had a strong cast of characters like Cherry and El Ray. Imagine fighting the zombies from that movie. Also DeathProof would be a great racing/ car chase game. The trailers could also serve as mini games, also Machete could be thrown in as well since it’s technically a part of the Grindhouse world.

Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch was pretty much a video game on screen. Each dream sequence that babydoll had was a huge boss fight or just fight in general. Whether it was fighting a giant dragon, samurai warriors, or undead steampunk zombies, the movie had enough action to translate well into the world of video games.

Now that I’ve said my piece it’s your turn, What are some games or movies you’d like to see make the leap to the other medium. Let us know in the comments!

Game 65: Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat


ahem, im sorry, what i meant was hey, could you please come here. I dont know what came over me… Oh, right violent video games make you violent….. Pfft yeah, right…

Welcome to Mortal Kombat!

Lets start with the history. Im going to spend a little bit more time on this game then i do some of the others for one simple reason. This book gives you all 3 sims games, and 3 different sim cities. Yet, you should only play Mortal Kombat 1? My ass. If there is a studio in the book that deserves a bit more attention it would be This one.

In 1991 4 guys worked their asses off to release what would be an arcade and home console hit series. 1 programmer, 2 graphics, and 1 sound guy started this whole series off. Originally the idea was too create a game based upon Jean-Claude Van Damme(thank god that didnt work) and instead they ended with this.

Using motion capture They created the basic set of moves with the characters all have, then they kicked it up a notch so to speak and gave them special moves that seem almost magic based in concept. Fireballs, freezing them, super long flying kicks etc, etc, etc. it was not these moves that cause all of the attention however. It was the Falaties. Defeat your opponent and you are awarded to brief oppurtunity to utterly destroy them. This lead in part to the creation of the ESRB Entertainment Software Rating Board. Violence had to be stopped! As the series progressed so did the finishers, leading to such things as Animality, Brutality(both of the violence side of things) even Non violent, babality(turn your opponent in a baby) or Friendship where you dont kill them at all, Which was added as a joke to counter the violence.

This series has changed alot over the years, and has kept up well with technology. Changing from one fighting style, 2d graphics and minimum characters to 3d graphics, Multiple fighting styles per character, and 30 different characters. This game has done well to stay fresh. 9 fighting games, 3 adventure type games complete with fighting telling different stories for a few characters they have done alot. Lets not forget the movies, tv shows, card games, cartoons, and soundtracks created based on the games.

Mortal Kombat takes place in a fictional universe with 6 different realms all created by the Elder gods. In order for realms to conquer one another, The conquering realm must defeat the defending realms greatest warriors in 10 consectutive Mrtal Kombats. With the help of Thunder God Raiden the Humans always manage to pull it out in the end. The stories in the game progress from there introducing new evil forces threatening to conquer the earthrealm.

The first game allows you to choose between 7 characters to take through the tournment in attempt to beat the other competitors and save the realm.

This game paved the way for so many others and showed the gaming community that there was more than one way to make a fighting game.

Chachi Says: This game brought more entertainment to walking into an arcade to play random people in a fighting game and utterly destroying or getting destroyed. All in  hopes you’ll see something you havent seen before or revisit something else.