Rizz Rant: Zelda. Not on the Wii U. Rawr.

By now you have heard the news that Iwata and the lovely people over at Nintendo announced that The Legend of Zelda game that they said was coming out in 2015 during their video last year at E3, showed off the glorious open world that would have been in the game, the guys sitting in front of the television and their Wii U testing out the game, gawking over the fact that there was a dungeon in the near distance and explaining what the touchscreen gaming pad would do as a companion in the game…will NOT be coming out in 2015.

I’m kind of angry about this.

I’m not totally angry, though. I’m more disappointed than angry. Disappointed that I didn’t see this coming from Nintendo sooner. Disappointed that I didn’t see the warning signs and question them sooner, before the news about their push back was released.

When they released the video of the guys playing this, I sat there and gawked over the graphics, just like you guys. I started to take my money out of my wallet and before I started making it rain all over my laptop, I had a thought. That thought was this: “What if this is just a green screen?”


I mean, it looked cool to see people actually “playing” Zelda U on the Wii U and seeing how it looks. However (as we figured out this week) that’s the only thing playable or near playable done that these guys have. Just that little patch of the LARGE map that they told us was going to be available in 2015.

Still excited, though. I didn’t say anything because I thought that Nintendo would, you know, be a company of their word and put out a Zelda game for the Wii U (something that they haven’t done, unless you count Hyrule Warriors…which I don’t…as it’s more of a fantasy than an actual Zelda game).


After that video, nothing was said or done to make me happy about this game or show that this game was close to being finished. NOW I realize why. This game isn’t finished. This game won’t be finished until some time in 2016 and will PROBABLY be on the way out from the Wii U and into the new system code named “NX”.

It sucks. It sucks for people, like myself, who bought the Wii U in hopes of playing a new Zelda game, an open world Zelda game, sometime this year. It sucks that now we have to wait to play it. It sucks that the people who bought the Wii U will probably have to get the NX in order to play the new Zelda game. It just sucks.

Just to be clear, I love Nintendo and am having a lot of enjoyment playing Mario Kart and Smash on it. The reason I got a Wii U isn’t solely based on playing those two games. I want to be amerced in the world of Hyrule or Skyloft. Where’s me fighting Ganondorf?


To Nintendo’s credit, they did take baby steps earlier this week with the announcement of the Wii U Virtual Console getting a major update later on by getting N64 games galore, which will include Mario 64 and (just a consolation prize) Legend of Zelda: OoT.

They also did announce a cool thing for Mario Kart 8, where they are going to release the Animal Crossing DLC in May AND add a 200cc track for free. Only if there was some way for me to explain how excited how this news…oh, I know: “WHERE THE HELL IS MY ZELDA U!?”


Also, announced at their Nintendo Direct, the next set of Amiibos will be released in May, which will include the likes of Robin, Lucina, Wario, Pac-Man, Ness and Charizard…which is cool…but where’s the new Zelda game?

Baby steps to patch my heart, guys. Baby steps.

Fave Five Friday: Why I Have a Wii U: My Rebuttal

This week on Boss Battle, the guys discussed why they don’t have a Wii U and, honestly, it got me thinking as to why I, myself, have a Wii U. This system has brought some ridicule over the years by some (and that does include me) but time heals all wounds and a Wii U is sitting in my gaming area.

But why?

5. Because – Honestly, I went in one day and said these words: “I should get one of those” and maybe a month later I own one because, well, I just wanted one. So….I got one and I don’t have any qualms about buying one.

4. Games – It’s a little cop out but over the past year the Wii U has some amazing games out and coming out. Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors, Smash Bros., Toad, Bayonetta 2, the new Zelda game, I can list other games on this list that is going to come out and save Nintendo from the abyss they dug early on in the Wii U generation.

3. PLAYING Their Games – Not only are the games a big one, here, but their replayability (I am sure that’s a real word) factor is off the charts. I can pop in my copy of Mario Kart and play like I am playing it at the beginning. I can pop in Hyrule Warriors and relive my childhood in playing a whole new different version of Zelda (which, in the beginning, I was calling it the new gen version of CD-i).

2. $$$ – Come on. When the new systems are still in the 300-500 range, it’s refreshing to know that this system is one that is one the lowest of the low of the newer systems. Hovering around $300, you can just get this system and save up for another system.

1. Want to play online? – GOOD. BECAUSE IT’S FREE! I can play you online if you’re online and I don’t have to worry about paying so much money.99 a month to do so. Play locally? Cool. Here’s a controller. Have eight friends? Cool. You all can play! Want to play globally/online? TAH DAH! FREE! FREE FREE FREE! There’s no paying Nintendo in order to play the game you want to play online!

So thank you, Boss Battle (I miss you guys from the grave) for making me think about why I actually OWN a Wii U.


Rizz Reviews: Hyrule Warriors

When they showed this game at E3, I saw it and there was no interest in getting this game. It was one of those niche games that just didn’t phase me. I mean, I was and am a Legend of Zelda fan but the thought of another type of a Zelda game just kind of turned me off from that idea. I played Dynasty Warriors one other time, I think, and didn’t think of anything beyond that.

When I first saw the gameplay trailers, though, things started to shift a bit. You will notice a little excitement in my words when I was talking about playing as Impa, it wasn’t manufactured. I was damn excited that I get to play as that lovely excuse of a lady carrying a big sword and messing baddies up with it. But in that excitement, I still wasn’t excited to play this game.

That changed when I saw I got to play as Ganondorf.


When I saw Ganondorf as a playable character, I wanted this game in my collection. So…

…it is.

The game is what an HD Zelda game should look like. It just looks pretty. One hundred and ten percent more than what I thought this game was going to look like at E3. The Wii U makes Hyrule Warriors look really good and, well, it’s one of best visually game I’ve seen for the Wii U.

Play-wise, it is different.


When I say this game plays differently than any other Zelda game, it’s not CD-i different…it’s a different that rejuvenates a gaming franchise. However, when your rejuvenated game franchise is THE LEGEND OF ZELDA, Hyrule Warriors has made the Zelda franchise look good and is one big pile of awesome. It is also a great filler for Zelda U, which is scheduled to come out sometime next year.

The only weird thing I don’t like is that there are multiple stories that are going on at one time during the scene. You could be fighting one group of people and then it randomly goes over and tells you that you have to go to the entire side of the map and save an area that you saved before. However, if you don’t get there and defend the base (while you’re also facing the main boss) the game is over and you have to start it over.

If you have a Wii U, pick this game up. You won’t regret it.

Rizz Rant: Super Smash Karts 8!

Being the only one of the writers to have obtained both a Wii U AND a copy of Mario Kart 8, when the new DLC packs were “leaked” earlier in the week, there was a part of me that was excited and then there was a part of me that was even more excited than I should be.

Knowing the awesomeness that comes in random DLCs like this, I started to think back and then I came up with the same answer that Guest Rizz DJ Lunchbox had on Boss Battle this past Tuesday: Why did it take so long?

Why are we just now getting the Super Smash/Mario Kart cross overs now? The two games have been mainstays for Nintendo since the glory days of the Nintendo 64 and each one got better and better and better, yet no one over in Nintendo thought of this? No one? Not even you, Reggie?!

For shame!

To gain business, one must do crossovers like this (see: Scorpion in Injustice) to get people’s attention. THAT’S WHY SUPER SMASH BROS. WORKS, PEOPLE! In this current game, you’re going to have Mega Man v. Pac Man v. Sonic v. Little Mac. That’s Capcom v. Namco v. SEGA v. Nintendo. Four of the biggest companies are NOW in YOUR GAME! Cross branding helps people buy your game.

FINALLY, though, Mario Kart and Nintendo is seeing their ways and know that Pink Metal Peach or driving a Mercedes through Rainbow Road. NOW YOU CAN PLAY AS LINK AND GET MORE EXCITED FOR THAT HYRULE WARRIORS GAME THAT’S GOING TO BE PRETTY DAMN GOOD TOO! MORE MONEY FOR NINTENDO!

However, it begs the question why did they stop it at Link and the Villagers (which sounds like an awesome Doo Wop band)? Kirby unavailable? Little Mac? You could throw him on an actual speedy bike that you don’t have to constantly press a button to move. Falcon? Star Fox? Pikachu? Get the whole gang out there! GO CRAZY!


Also if the rumors were true, I would have rather seen Dr. Mario and Nurse Peach in this game instead of Tanooki Mario and Peach in a kitty costume, I have just spoiled someone’s weird Dr. Mario fetish so I am going to stop right there before I have to look up Dr. Mario fan fiction. OR throw a curve and give us Metal Wario or Metal Waluigi.

So…what kept Nintendo this long to cross-promote on another game, like they did with Smash Brothers? Who would you like to see in the game? Leave it in the comments below.



Sonic Boom is Coming – Don’t F With Knuckles!

You guys remember Sonic, right? Blue hedgehog? Red shoes? Fights Dr. Robotnik? Friends with a yellow fox who, somehow, has three tails and flies around? Yeah, you know Sonic the Hedgehog! Well, they just released a brand new version of Sonic in Sonic Boom (and yeah, as I typed that I did it in a very bad impression of Guile’s voice). Anyways, here’s the new game that comes out for the Nintendo systems.

Overall, this game looks like a slight winner in the early stages, which is quite a step up (Who could forget the “fun” of Sonic Adventures and the “revolutionary” video game Sonic 3D?). The graphics look amazing and everything looks right in the time for making a good version of a Sonic game.

However, I’m pretty sure the first thing you noticed isn’t the graphics or how the game looks but you were focused on one character. Right? WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO KNUCKLES?! I mean, I know he uses his upper body but this is ridiculous! He just looks like a giant awkward red triangle! All I can think of is Knuckles took some major steroids since the last time we met the poor guy. That or he is closely morphing into a Battletoad. Knuckles is the Barry Bonds of the video game world. The dude is dwarfing EVERYONE in the game! EVERYONE!


Also, notice one thing missing? One person? Like, someone who made the first Sonic game (and subsequently every single Sonic game out)? I mean you have Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and even Amy! However, um…where the hell is Robotnik?! If anything, it made me think that the single Twinmold at the end is controlled by Robotnik. I call it “Eggsnake”.

(Mini Rizz Rant) Can we PLEASE stop calling Doctor Robotnik “Dr. Eggman”? That’s not his name. Stop it. You’re making him feel bad. It’s not his fault! He probably has a glandular problem, you jerks.

Along with the new video game, Sonic Boom will run cartoons in the near future.

What video game transformations did you like? Dislike?