Grand Theft Auto Online: An Online Sandbox World to commit GTA Together.

NOTE: This is the first post brought to us by Matt Sorg, new writer for Insert Coin to Begin.

It seems Rockstar isn’t only expanding heavily on the Single Player portion of their new GTA by adding 3 characters to switch from, but also taking a huge leap for their online portion of the game as well.


Announced yesterday over on Gamespot, Grand Theft Auto V’s online portion will be called Grand Theft Auto Online. By the looks of the trailer, GTAO is looking to be very ambitions.

In GTAV you will have a character wheel to switch between the three main protagonist, but there will be a fourth character to choose from. This fourth character will be your very own custom Multiplayer character and will give you access to the GTA Online portion of the game. When you arrive in Los Santos with your character, you will be open to do many activities, from doing jobs for npc’s to make some cash, spending that cash to customize your character, buy a home or garage and buying and upgrading vehicles and weapons, to partaking in many different activities such as golfing, skydiving, and robbing a bank with some buddies. You can pretty much do whatever you want, just like a normal GTA game. But it adds the ability to travel the world inhabited with up to 15 friends or enemies controlled by other players. You can join together and complete missions, have a war between two teams in the streets, or wander the city solo, sometimes spectating the havoc other’s are creating thou the TV or looking down at the streets from an apartment as cops chase a group of friends that just robbed a bank.

Not only can you free roam like a normal GTA game, you can also join in classic game modes such as Deathmatch or some other objective based game-types like Cops n’ Crooks similar from GTAIV’s Multiplayer. Even more interesting, you can customize and make your own races, setup a Deathmatch arena or put together your own missions, similar to the map editing in games like the Halo series.

Another part that seems interesting to me is that there will constantly be new content being added for you to discover, even hinting at raising the boundaries of Los Santos and allowing you to travel further, possible to allow travel to San Fierro or Las Venturas, hopefully even hopping on plan to fly to Vice City or Liberty City(a man can dream).

This actually reminds me of when GTA: San Andreas came out. Some modders released a multiplayer mod for the game to allow you to join a server and play with other people(amazingly, it’s still being updated). It was interesting but San Andreas always felt quite empty with the only life being the other players. In GTA IV they added a free roam mode which I think is very similar to the mod, except not quite as empty with pedestrians wandering the world like normal. There no real objective tho but some people tend to make up their own objectives, like the fine Lets Players over at Rooster Teeth here.


It’s important to note that GTA Online will not be available at the Sept. 17th launch of GTAV. They are currently planning on releasing Online on Oct. 1st with some other features such as the mission creator being released sometime later.

Are you excited to play a true GTA open world multiplayer experience with GTA Online? Have any stories about previous GTA Multiplayer experience? Let us know in the comments.

Bioware announces Star Wars: The Old Republic Free Trial

On Tuesday, July 10th Bioware made the announcement that their online game Star Wars: The Old Republic will begin to offer a 15 level free trial as long as they don’t have a previously active account. So this opens up the game to a whole new audience.

This preview will allow the new player to use all 8 character classes. Explore the origin world and faction capital world for each one. As well as participate in PVP zones and play with friends going through the instances in the game. They did go on to say that people who have tried the game through trials are still allowed to participate in this special offer.

Looking to play? Here are the Minimum Specs they are looking for:

• Minimum Requirements
• Windows XP / Vista / 7 OS
• AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 4000+ or better / Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 2.0GHz or better
• 1.5 GB RAM (2GB RAM for Windows Vista and Windows 7)
• PCs using a built-in graphical chipset, 2GB RAM recommended
• 8x or better DVD-ROM
• ATI X1800 or better / nVidia 7800 or better / Intel 4100 Integrated Graphics or better (Minimum of 256MB of on-board RAM and Shader 3.0 or better support)
• Supported Functions
• Number Of Players: Unlimited
• Online

The game itself looks to be the standard monthly price of 15 dollars a month with a standard edition of the game running you 39.99 and comes with 30 days of game time initially.

Looking to try it? not your thing? let us know in the comments below!

Final Fantasy VII coming soon to pc…. again.

Looks like all your whining paid off gamers.

Final Fantasy VII is officially coming soon on Square’s online store.  Also, it does have some updates.

Listed on the site Achievements, Cloud Saves,  Character Booster, and maybe an in game currency micro-transaction dealio.  Sorry to disappoint you my Apple friends but this game is pc only and only through Squares webstore.

The game however is only listed as coming soon but there are some awesome complete character profiles to check out.  Go browse and get overly excited like I did over on

Excited? no? let us know in the comments below!




Bungie stops recording stats….. and releases them….ALL

Bungie announced that at the end of March they would stop recording Online stats for Halo. Don’t worry my space venturing mass murdering friends! The stats are still being recorded at

However, with Bungie’s exodus from the data biz, they decided to be awesome and release the collected data in a colorful chart full of outrageous numbers from 2004 on. The most impressive by far is the recorded 136 BILLION Kills. Now science has estimated that the total population of the earth has been around 108 Billion. So congrats to the players of the world. You have killed more people than have ever existed.

Heres some other stats i’m going to point out before I point you to the chart:

Play time: Over 2 billion hours
Screen shots taken: Over 68 Million. Which if laid end to end would circle the earth TWICE.

SO what does this tell me? That not only have a lot of player logged a lot of hours playing but damn we are a blood thirsty vain group of gamers!

What are your memories of the online play experience? How many screen shots have you taken? And of those, how many of them are of you tea bagging the noobz? Let us know in the comments below!

Eve Online meet Dust 514

In what I would like to call a brilliant move game developers CCP have made their MMO interact with their upcoming FPS Dust 514 coming soon to the PSN.

The developing company recently did a live stream event to show off Dust 514 this is a clip of the two interacting. Its short so totally worth watching.


To top it off the fps is free play! So look forward to that ps3 fans.

LOTR and D&D Online to become Streaming!

Press Release We recieved from Gaikai Inc. States: That today announced an agreement with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to begin the streaming of The Lord of The Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online to players across North America directly from each game’s own website.

For the first time ever, Gaikai is streaming massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) from the cloud, straight to players without the need for any download or installation. Gamers can try The Lord of the Rings Online now, with Dungeons & Dragons Online to follow soon, developed by Turbine, which is wholly owned by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group, via a simple one-step registration process that will provide them instant access to try the full version of the award-winning, free-to-play massively multiplayer experiences.

“MMOs have always been one of the key genres that we’ve wanted to deliver via the cloud – never before has it been possible to play MMOs in this way,” said Robert Stevenson, EVP at Gaikai. “And we couldn’t be more pleased to showcase Gaikai’s technology by streaming Dungeons & Dragons Online and The Lord of the Rings Online, which are both fantastic multiplayer gaming experiences with legions of loyal fans.”

“Gaikai’s game streaming service will make it easier than ever for new players to start their epic adventures in our immersive online worlds,” said Craig Alexander, Vice President of Product Development, Turbine. “Anyone wishing to try these popular MMOs can now instantly launch the games inside their web browser completely eliminating any download wait times.”

We’ll have to see how these games are. I’ll try them out and let you know for sure! What are your thoughts of the browser MMO?

Game 91: Mr. Driller

Mr. Driller

Some companies release great games that get huge attention. Some companies dont take advantage of this and run those series into the ground with hasty bad sequels. Some do. Some companies wait years before doing this. Namco did.

Mr. Driller is the son of Dig Dug star Taizo Hori named Susumu. His job is to go around the world and drill.

To play the game you pick a country and drill there in hopes of reaching the goal distance set at the begining. The game play is Dig dug meets tetris for lack of a better description. Strategically drilling to reach the goal and avoid being crushed by blocks above.

Bonuses and 1 ups are giving through out the game by things found bhind removed blocks. Watch your air supply though. failure to do so will result in losing a life and restarting the level. This can be avoided by collecting air capsules placed through out the levels. They refill your air supply allowing you to continue in hopes of reaching the goal.

The reason i said they ran the series into the ground is due to the game not being all that much fun and gets boring really quickly. On top of this they changed the theme and name and quickly released 10 games in ten years with the only real improvement being an update to the graphics.

Chachi Says: Not the worse game ever but in my opinion it was a smear on an otherwise fabled history for dig dug.

Game 43: Asteroids


Back in the day, which was a wednesday in case you curious,
space ships were simple triangles. that did simple spins and wrapped around the the screen.

no seriously, this game was so simple yet addictive.

One single black screen.
One triangular space ship.
and endless physics.

that describes this game in a nut shell.

the goal? rack up points destroying free floating asteroids and the random attacking enemy space ship.

Despite the simplicity of this game, it is now and always will be remembered as a classic.

Chachi Says: its really hard to write a blog post about a game so simple yet so awesome.

Game 36: Typing of the Dead

Things i like:

Zombies, Computers, Movies(with or without zombies.) Music, Video Games(with or without zombies)

Today’s game combines Zombies, with video games, annnnnnnd Learing! Wait, did i just say learning??? Why yes i did.

Today’s game is a typing tutor game…

Game 36: Typing of the Dead.

This game is a modified port of the House of the Dead 2.  Replace a light gun with a keyboard and Tada! The game was originally released in 1999 in japan arcades everywhere. A stand up machine with two full sized qwerty keyboards. Which just goes to show that the Japanese god bless their hearts will play anything in the arcade at least once.  A market that needs to make a come back here in the states.

The game has been released for dream cast and ps2, as well as PC. This was an attempt to push the fact that both ps2 and dream cast were keyboard capable.

Now as the guys above show, when the they pop up they have words that if typed correctly they are taken care of. There are challenges in each level that must be conquered to move on and as always a boss. The boss varies typing phrases and answers to questions that effect your game experiences, we will get to that later.    Also because of the difference of the games, Other changes are mostly superficial, including replacing the weapons wielded by zombies with harmless items and equipping the AMS agents with keyboards attached to backpack Dreamcasts with oversized batteries, and one of the bosses, The Tower, has three heads instead of five heads.

As far as the plot goes, identical to House of the Dead 2. Exception(because theres usually one or two) The endings you get a different ending based on the responses to the questions in the boss segments. I’m not going to put them here, dont want to ruin the ending for you.

And finally, this game does have sequels and spin offs! #2 in this series was a port of house of the dead three. they released one that helps people find jobs, and one that teaches kids english. so there you have it!

Chachi Says: if you put zombies in an educational game, teh kids, they will want to play. I know i did. This game a 4, reasons? Zombies. Also the fact that they tried something different. They incorporated different things to teach people while they gamed.

Game 33: GTA

Before we get into today’s game, starting next week i’ll be hiding posts periodically on the blog! That’s right, HIDING blog posts.

These shall be called Bonus Levels. These are games that i’ve played and enjoyed, or games that are being suggested to me through out the journey. Yes, i know it makes the journey longer. As a gamer, i dont care.

Game 33: Grand Theft Auto

*Get to the phone in West Park*

*What the Hell took you so long! Johnny NoNose needs a driver, go get the car in the south port.*

This series came from extremely humble beginnings.  Low graphics, simplistic game play. That would later change but in October of 97 a groundbreaking corruptive game that would later be blamed for video games being bad or influential.

Simplistic graphics

Clear cut missions.

Still, hours of entertainment.

One of the few series that is able to continue in the same location or set of locations such as this. Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas. Yeah, they have been used since the beginning.

This game also took the freedom aspect of a game and changed the genre.  The free roaming ability allows you to explore a bit but some areas were still locked until later in the game as per usual but still reachable after a while.

Chachi Says: IM not a huge fan of this game in the series. i like 2- the rest. They are great games. This game while i respect it for what it is i still think that it just leaves something to be desired.