Rizz’s Most Anticipated: PS4 Exclusives

Now, I could easily sit here and go “HERE ARE MY TOP GAMES I’M MOST ANTICIPATING” and you guys all probably know Mass Effect: Andromeda would be on that list. However, since I am the one here to have bought a Playstation 4, I guess you can say I’m Insert Coin’s exclusive on counting down the PS4’s exclusives coming down the aisle in 2016.


5. Street Fighter V – Come on, you were shocked in 2015 when you heard that Playstation 4 got the rights to be the exclusive home to one of the biggest fighting franchises in history. Don’t lie. Hell, when I heard about it I had to double check the source. But for Sony to get the rights to Street Fighter V and make it their own little baby is a cool thing for people, like me, who own a PS4. Now, I’m not really a fighting game fan but it will be interesting to see if I pick this up or not.


4. The Last Guardian – FINALLY! For the past few years, Sony has had hell to pay talking about and pushing back the development of The Last Guardian, from the same guys who made my Game of the Year (and PS4 exclusive) last year, Bloodborne (Japan Studio). What isSony’s E3 going to be like this year when there’s no Last Guardian rumors or setbacks?

maxresdefault (3)

3. Uncharted 4 – I’m interested in this game for one reason, E3. Uncharted 3 is much like the Sony E3’s video of Uncharted 4. Before it even started, the video had some major setbacks and faults and glitches and everything. However, once the video started, you can see the giant landscape that awaits you when the game comes out in April.


2. No Man’s Sky – Seriously? You thought I was going to forget about this gem? Honestly, if I saw more of this game my head would explode. Everyone watched it. E3, Stephen Colbert, a whole bunch of other people saw what No Man’s Sky has to offer. An open massive open-world sandbox that lets you control anything and everything that you find and doesn’t have a story to tie you down? That’s an amazing thing to have and will be an amazing time-waster once it is released.

1. Horizon: Zero Dawn – You want one picture to show you my excitement for this video game?


It’s one thing if it’s you fighting regular dinosaurs…but…you play as a lady after the world as we know it got destroyed and have to fight…..robot. dinosaurs. ROBOT. DINOSAURS. DINOSAURS THAT JUST SO HAPPENED TO BE ROBOTS. And you’re only weapon (or the only one I can see here) is your trusty bow and arrow.

For both PS4 and X-box One, the name of the game in 2016 is “EXCLUSIVES” and from PS4’s lineup, it sure looks good.

Rizz Plays King’s Quest (Part 2)

In this part, Rizz decides to kill a giant mythical creature, feed a mythical creature or free a mythical creature. Which one did he choose? Why am I saying “he” when I’m really just talking about myself?

You guys find out first, right here, which path I choose! Enjoy!

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How To Record Let’s Play From Your Gaming Console: Twitch v. UStream

Welcome back, class!

As a PS4 owner, I have dabbled in both the Twtich and Ustream streaming services for streaming Let’s Plays and other cool things (like online party games and such). They both have the streaming capabilities, they both allow you to highlight different portions of your videos, so which one should you choose?

There really isn’t a solid answer, here. Some people like Twitch, some people like Ustream. So I just want to give you guys my experiences with both places and which way I, now, go.


Ustream is where I started, it is kind of clunky but, also, the right one to use for a single player type stream that’s only purpose is to play video games, without getting eyes on your playthru and whatnot, which is cool. The only thing that I will say is that unless you have something in the game to time your playthru, make sure you get something. Both Twitch and Ustream both have this problem, but what I found troublesome is that once I got the highlights I wanted from the recording, it only downloaded the entire stream. It could be me or it could just be Ustream, either way it was really frustrating.

Overall, I liked the feel to it but wish they do something more with it.


I just recently discovered my like for Twitch. Before, I was just a Ustream guy and, well, it has changed over the past few times. Twitch is the mainstream streaming site for a reason, like-minded people who watch similar video Twitch streams are able to connect with how good or how bad you’re doing. I mean there’s a stream of Twitch Plays Dark Souls, so there’s a source out there to get your name out there in the public. It allows you to directly upload your Twitch highlights directly to YouTube, which is really good when you have a long video to upload.

The downside is you never know if your game is going to be viewed, due to the amount of people that are playing the same game at the same time and gaining the audience that you want to get, if that’s what you want.

You get more eyes on your Twitch page, you get more eyes on your YouTube page (if you are good enough).

My homework assignment for you: What are your pros and cons for using Ustream and/or Twtich?

I’ll see you guys next week. Class dismissed.

How To Record Let’s Plays From Your Gaming Console: AUDIO

Well, welcome back everybody! Glad to see you guys back in class, hope you did your homework (Okay, there wasn’t any homework…this time, but click here for my first class in “TIMING”).


Speaking of things that happen “this time,” let us delve into our next subject, a subject that I found out is one of the most important thing to have in any Let’s Play: Your voice.

Your voice is key to get your voice out there because your voice is the voice that the people want to hear most of the time. That’s why all of those jump scare videos to videos of angry Call of Duty/Counter Strike/GTA Online/Destiny/any other multiplayer gamer that induces people screaming their heads off in disdain of those sniper/shotgun users and everything in between.

So how does one get their voice out there, you may ask? (That’s assuming you asked that question). For me, I technically have two choices to choose from, hardware wise.

1. Playstation Eye (or Microsoft Kinect)


2. Headsets


I, myself, think that having a headset helps extract some of the outside noises that the microphone on the camera would pick up. Also, if you have a coughing fit, you have the ability to turn off and on the mic feature. It would make it a better setup and, if you have a cam you look better with the headset on.

Now comes the “fun” part. Here’s the first video I ever did.

Notice a few things? The initial thing you probably figured out is that I have an AMAZING voice. The other thing you probably realized is that no matter what I said, you barely heard me. That’s because, you know, THE SOUNDS ALL DROWNED ME OUT THAT DROWNED OUT MY VOICE!

So find the settings or wherever you can adjust the audio to a level that A) you can hear and B) they can hear you.

Also, if you’re from Bahrain, Cambodia, Jordan, Laos, Lebanon, Macao, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, or Yemen, I’m sorry. You can’t see the video. You know why? Because that video has been banned in your country because of the songs that were used in the game, that’s right, my LET’S PLAY FIRST VIDEO has been banned from other countries because my reckless use of copyrighted songs.

So even if you THINK something is copyrighted, my third and final lesson for you is don’t have that copyrighted music on your Let’s Play. Your batter/wrestler/team doesn’t need music to be bad ass in, you’re doing this to show the world how much fun you are having at playing these games and the people in 14 countries aren’t going to see it.


Today, I want to do something with you guys. If you are trying to do a Let’s Play on your console, like I am doing, and you’re having troubles with the audio, just go to your gameplay settings, take the sounds down to about half, all of it. If there’s a “Master Control” on there, that’s perfectly fine to use, as well. See how different that sounds. If it’s too high, move it down. If it’s too low, move it up. Also, not every volume sounds the same. So if you are playing a game that revolves itself around authentic gameplay sounds, go ahead and make it higher than your other sounds (just make sure you don’t overpower the sound of you talking).



How To Record Let’s Plays From Your Gaming Console: TIME


Well, good evening everybody and welcome to a new venture that I want to focus my attention here on Insert Coin to Begin, home to all things games by gamers.

You heard us all talk about watching Let’s Plays, I even mentioned who are my favorite YouTubers when it comes to Let’s Plays. Now, I’m no Peanut Butter Gamer or AVGN but I find myself liking the stuff that I do on my PS4, that I want to bring something to the table because I like video games, you like video games so why not do a Let’s Play about playing video games?

As mentioned on the title screen, all I have is a Playstation 4 and most of these come from my experience with my console being the only thing that records other things.

Both Xbox One and PS4 give you opportunities to record your videos on either UStream or Twitch, I utilize both for different things (which I will get into in future How To’s) but today, I will discuss with you about timing and how to utilize that time to make sure more eyes are watching.

When I first started recording my videos (and you will see this in my early works down below after this paragraph), I was that guy that kept on rambling on and on and on about nothing, and it showed in my play thru. I was doing it on, possibly, the worst game to have my attention on something else. However, I spent 20+ minutes discussing a topic and after a while, I needed to just cut it loose.

So my first tip to you is make sure you cut down you game in meaty morsels.

The best way to do this is once you hit that record button on your PS4 or Xbox One, get a timer ready and find a solid timeframe to play. Normally, the average Let’s Play video goes for about 10-15 minutes plus some spillage, so using a timer on a watch or even the app on your phone will do.

10-15 minutes is the average length because it’s enough time for someone to watch you play the game without getting bored, and I’m a culprit that thought a 20+ minute video of me failing at playing Bloodborne while talking to you guys about video games is a boring 20 minute video.

Using Ustream, although cumbersome by starting and stopping and starting and stopping, is a good clean way to start and stop and control your time. Once you stop recording the video, you’re allowed to do whatever you want to set up for the next video.Not only that, you can spend your entire week within those few minutes. Personally, I normally knock out four videos in a mere hour, hour and a half.

It’s all on timing and how your use it, make it small and make it meaty.

Join me next week where I discuss another topic in making a Let’s Play on your home console.

Sony E3 Press Conference

There was a lot to cover in Sony’s conference at E3 today. They had to go and follow Microsoft’s damn good presser.

Let’s get started, shall we?


Last year, I was introduced to Japan Studios by their game Bloodborne. A year or two before Bloodborne, they announced a certain game called “The Last Guardian”…then…nothing…until this year and holy shit. Wow. First, nothing beats a game made by Sony. Visually stunning, awesome graphics and by God the first trailer is gameplay footage. Game. Play. Footage. Woo!

Also, after that promo I looked my dog (who may or may not have been staring at a grown man weeping) and asked her “WHY CAN’T YOU HAVE WINGS?! WHY?!” The Last Guardian will be released in “2016”.


If you will picture this. You have a futuristic world, one that had witnessed a major change and everything is turned back into what it used to look like in the past and there are villages out there and societies and everything in between and you play as a member of the first village ever made and, yes, they seem to like and hate each other. It looks like you take control of someone who has a hunter-esque However, there are…robots. Not only are there robots…there are robot dinosaurs.

This new IP looks incredible and I can’t wait to play it.


This is where things get awesome for Playstation owners. The game franchise Hitman has done a whole bunch of awesome, from console games to Hitman Go. Hitman looks like it’s going to be another game in another awesome franchise. That’s all. Right?


With your pre-order of Hitman, Playstation owners will be able to play Hitman Beta. That’s right. Playstation is the only system that will allow you to play Hitman.


They released the trailer, which looks awesome, and the same thing that happened with Street Fighter V as it will be for Hitman. Pre-order Street Fighter V and, yes, you (as Playstation 4 owners) also get the Street Fighter V beta.


No Man’s Sky was announced last year at E3 and this year the guy came out and played it (as he did this with a very monotone voice) and played with, probably, one of the best games I’ve seen in E3. Period. I like that it’s multiplayer. I like the fact that you can explore planets and worlds beyond compare and claim things for peace or blow things up at your fingertips. It’s that freedom of playing this game makes me want to play THIS GAME!


Remember a few years ago we were ripping on that Storybook thing with motion controls and how idiotic that would be and how stupid you would look reading something like that or doing whatever the heck you were suppose to do with that?

Now, take that…and make it better.

Dreams allows you to create dreams. Not only that, your friends dreams. Not only your friends’ dreams, complete strangers’ dreams to make it yours and branch out the dream. This game takes that Storybook failure and makes it even better, as it is made by the same company that brought us LittleBigPlanet.


This game looks interesting. This is one of those indy games that are jumping to consoles and it damn near gorgeous and looks interesting. To me, this looks like something that you would see in The Stanley Parable, where there’s no real action but an amazing story to get you hooked.



The first words out of my mouth were “PLEASE! LET ME FEEL COMFORTABLE IN PLAYING DESTINY AGAIN! PLEEEEEEASE!” and this looks pretty good. The cool thing is that now there’s even more power-ups and a brand new story that will have you playing for even more months.


Other than dogs (and one that could fly) I feel like the MVP for this E3 has to be female protagonists. No matter what game it was, you feel like there was the choice of being a woman as a protagonist. From Dishonored 2 to Fallout 4 to, now, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, the choice is yours.

Having it happen in England makes it soooo good, too. Just as you would expect the ol’ timey Englanders would be with the cockney accents and everything. It’s a great looking game and will probably be my next game I forget what time it is while playing.



Rizz Fact: Never played Final Fantasy.

However, there is a cult following and once they announced World of Final Fantasy (a game that looks like a Funko Pop) and THEN Final Fantasy VII: Remastered! It’s going to be a Playstation 4 exclusive! Honestly, if this is what it looks like remastered, I might play FFVII and give it a go. Whoo-boy.



This broke the internet. No. Seriously. This broke the freaking internet. Sony did an amazing thing when they promoted the Kickstarter that would bring Shenmue 3 into existence and within the hour Kickstarter crashed and when it came back, Shenmue 3 already reached one million dollars.



You knew they had to mention Morpheus, right? I mean, look at Microsoft and see their presentation with Minecraft, how can (if they can) Sony top it? How about a 4-player multiplayer where one wears Morpheus? Oh man, it looked good too.



It was announced that Vue will be the only one of its kind that will allow you to purchase stations without buying other stations or a plan, like your cable service (which is pretty neat).



This is a shocker.


The World premier of Blops 3 was everything that I thought it should be. It’s not the same. It’s different. It’s unique. It’s something people were waiting for in the franchise because, well, when your maps get stale…they get stale.

Anyways, the big thing that was perfect is that now the story mode is now available for co-op multiplayer. That’s right. BLOPS 3 IS GOING TO BE DIFFERENT! DROP THE BALLOONS!

I had zero intent on playing Black Ops 3 when it came out and, now, I have a feeling it will be the next thing I buy.

Did I mention this one also has that Beta testing too?



The biggest dick move happened here where the Infinity guy announced the new line of Star Wars Infinity 3.0 (where the crowd even let out an audible groan because, you know, Battlefront). The line-up was good and, hey, you get Boba Fett (and the crowd did too). Which is…cool…

Then Battlefront showed up and made everyone happy again. It looks really good, guys. Just a jerk move with the tease.

I can’t wait to play Battlefront, it feels like the first ever good Star Wars game of our generation (besides dancing Lando).



Now, this one had a few hiccups. Not only did the game not start right away (I believe I counted a 10-count on the “SONY Entertainment Presents” sign) but after the initial cutscene, Drake just stood there for a few more seconds while his partner is walking through a bunch of people. THEN it restarted into the same cutscene and same area.

After that, it looked like an amazing game (I’ve been saying amazing a lot, I need a new adjective) but it just felt like you would actually be a part of the amazing place while having a giant armored truck try to squish you like a little pancake. It looks cool, can’t wait to see it in action.

Overall, Sony did what they had to do for E3. They had to mention Morpheus, they had to make it more fun, they had to make their games more interesting than the competition. They did that with giving the fans Beta testing for three of their upcoming releases.

The only bad spot for me is that there was nothing from Fallout 4, like there was for X-Box One and Microsoft so I was thinking it was just going to be a Bethesda victory lap.

Oh well.

I Feel Quiplash Will Have My Life And Make It Awesome!

I’m a You Don’t Know Jack fan. Played it since I was a kid, a teenager and, now, as an adult. So when Jackbox decided to have a Kickstarter for a new game my initial thought was “OH MY GOD! WHATEVER THIS IS, I AM GOING TO THROW MY MONEY AT IT BECAUSE THEY CAN’T DO ANY WRONG!” and blindly threw money in their direction (not really, I’m not THAT BAD!).

I read the proposal and immediately thought to myself: “Oh my goodness, this is a virtual Cards Against Humanity but all of the white cards are blank! I need this!”

So, yes, I put my money down in hopes to hit a jackpot. I’ve been getting updates from Jackbox for months about how close they were in making Quiplash a thing people can buy and not just see, even using a Twitchcast of the entire Jackbox staff playing Quiplash.

Then today. Today I get an update. One that all of the backers have been waiting for. It reads as follows:

Hello Backers!

We’ve made it through the certification gauntlet and we have confirmation from all of our platform partners that Quiplash will be released publicly Tuesday,June 30th on XBox One, PS3, PS4, and Steam!

It then mentions that it’s trying to get backers codes for Quiplash earlier (SUCK IT, NON-BACKERS!) and it can’t come soon enough. I need my You Don’t Know Jack fix and this You Don’t Know Jack hole can only be fixed by Quiplash.

THEN there’s this:

If interested in enjoying the fun that I am going to probably have (don’t worry, I will have this available for Twitch and/or Ustream streaming), feel free to add me on PSN (TheeRizz)


Rizz Plays Games: Rizz Plays MLB 15 The Show

Yesterday I discussed my thoughts on playing MLB 15: The Show and, now, why not just show you?

In this video I discuss my history with sports games and, yes, sports games while playing a sports game. It’s quite a trip (One that took three tries to get right, as I will mention at the beginning of the show). Like, comment, share and, most of all, enjoy.


You have heard me over the years, right?

Whether it’s been on Boss Battle or on here or on Twitter or on Facebook or on Tinder, I have praised the sun that is From Software for some time, now.


Next week, Bloodborne comes to stores and, like the previous Souls games that came before it, I will try my damnest to beat. It’s not going to be easy (Yeah, I know. Eating a spoonful of wasabi is as easy as playing a Souls game).

I have sung the praises of From Software and Dark Souls, to the shegrin of Sorg, Bobby and Chachi (who can’t even get by the intro boss in Dark Souls 1) And I plan on singing their praises even more as my journey continues through Bloodborne.

There are certainly concerns for this game, especially for the people  (like myself) who are getting it day one. For instance, it is more than likely that we will, quite possibly, encounter those dreadful bugs and glitches that we all encounter in the newer releases of games (see: Assassin’s Creed: Unity). If there are, I am sure a few patches here or there will allow that to just go off into the distance.


Another point of concern is this: the Souls gaming franchises all had the same style, same moves and the similar story behind it. Bloodborne must make me think this game is different from the Souls timeline But with guns (which I know I will most likely be using as my weapon of choice because…who wouldn’t want to take down a boss as hig as the ones in Demon/Dark Souls with a blunderbuss?

I can’t wait for thks game. I know there are people who are on the fence about this game and people who think it’s a ridiculously stupidly hard game that only hardcore gamers pick up.


I’ll be the first one to tell you that. However,  everyone that I have talked to over the past few days, weeks, months all said the same exact thing that I did: “The reason I bought a PS4 is because of Bloodborne.”

In one week, I will join them in my quest.


If you are reading this one week later: CLICK HERE FOR MY BLOODBORNE REVIEW!