Video game themed things from around the internet…net…net!

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls it’s time for every ones favorite segment of the internet! Video game themed things from around the internet…net…net! I, Chachisays, scoured the internet and bring you video game themed things that I find awesome. So let’s get to it shall we?

First up on our adventure of magic and wonder:

praise_the_helix___by_neorafa-d78i9eu6 months ago the internet began a journey using Twitch. In which The people in the chat would control the way in which a pokemon game would go. Well as of a few days ago the Internet beat the last generation of the Pokemon series as it completed Pokemon X as a cluster of commands were thrown via chat. As I type this the game of Pokemon Stadium 2 that was happened crashed and all you see is the Aw, Snap window from the browser. Praise Helix.

Next up!

A glitch in GTA Online that makes grenade launchers extremely powerful as melee weapons leads to some new creative newmade up games. Including Firetruck roulette. Check it out.

Its not farfetched to know that sometimes you find yourself doing silly things while playing games online with your friends. For example riding shotgun giving the driver the finger. Cough Cough Rizz…

Last but not least this week!

Where did the Dark Link come from? You know whats the origin story behind it? Well Check out this video from The Warp Zone and find out.

Man! That old wizard is racist!

That’s all we have for you this week, tune in next week as Bobby and Rizz mud wrestle for your pleasure!



Runners Up!

A flock of Pickachu’s?

Legend of Zelda: Monopoly!

Pokemon X and Y: Gotta Catch as many as I possibly can…

I recently acquired Pokemon X.  This is the 2nd Pokemon game that I’ve purchased, the first being Pokemon Black on the DS.   The Pokemon games at face value looks like a game for kids, which it is a kid friendly game.  That being said, it’s one of the best RPGs in the last generations of games.   The fun part of Pokemon is catching all the various pokemon, and having them battle each other to see who comes out on top.  The new Pokemon games have even included a Nintendogs inspired way to interact with your pokemon to befriend them easier.  Also you can battle and interact with players all around the globe, you can trade pokemon with them, or just have a friendly hello.  The graphics in this pokemon game are far superior to all previous versions of the game.  I really like the changed battle animations and certain pokemon actually have animated battle sequences.  My favorite might be Snorlax’s Chip away animation, and when Pikachu is taunted he gets angry.


You get to choose between 3 pokemon at the begining of the game as your starter pokemon, I went with Froakie who is the water type pokemon who looks like a frog crossed with Ben Franklin for some reason.  The other two Fennekin the fire type who looks like a fox that has hairy old man ears, and Chespin who is a plant type, that looks like a hamster with a grass hat on itself.


As of right now I have caught ______ pokemon and have Pikachu, Frogadier, Snorlax, Charmeleon, Combusken, and Beedrill, I’ll keep you guys updated on my adventures.  Have you purchased Pokemon?  Who is your team? What version did you get, and what do you think of the new look?  Let us know in the comments and who you’ve caught so far!