Impa and Her Giant Sword Wins

Hyrule Warriors, the cross of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors, have been getting a ton of buzz around the Nintendo world, as it is Nintendo’s first Zelda game for the Wii U. It’s an interesting concept on paper and one that will be interesting to see how well it turns out. However, Nintendo is doing a damn good job promoting Hyrule Warriors by releasing character video after character video.

Here’s Link’s:

Here’s Zelda’s (by the way, in Hyrule Warriors she is now QUEEN ZELDA):

But the one person who, honestly, will get more playing time just based off of her trailer isn’t Link and it isn’t Zelda. IT’S THE BAD ASS THAT IS IMPA AND HER GIANT SWORD!

If anything, this may be my favorite character in the game and tremendously improved Impa’s image in Zelda lure. In both Skyward Sword and OoT you got the sense that she was a bad ass, but you barely see her in action…I don’t know about you but I want to get more background on Zelda’s protector. NOW I want an Impa only game! Nintendo can make this happen, for sure.

We know some of the playable characters in this, there are more playable characters to be announced. A name that is getting thrown around like Blasto being a playable character in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer is the one and only Tingle.