Rizz Review: Quiplash

We here at Insert Coin to Begin love video games, I personally have a fondness of games that allow me to use the brain up in my brain-holder as much as possible. That’s why when I saw Jackbox Games, the creator of the classic You Don’t Know Jack series, expand their series with their new game on Kickstarter I had to jump in on that.

I’ve already talked about Quiplash whenever Jackbox came out with their intro commercial/YouTube video to backers. A fun little update that showed you what to expect when you popped in that game for the first time.

This past weekend, backers from all three walks of life got their codes to play this game before anyone else could and wouldn’t you know it? I was one of those lucky, lucky people that got my code for Playstation 4.

So, I decided to grab a few friends of mine and played Quiplash for a few minutes. At first, using your phone as a controller seemed a little wonky at times and watching if you were watching the Twitch stream instead of your phone, your chances of answering the question would have dropped.

After a while, though, everyone started to get the hang of it and began having a little bit of fun. Some of it calling this a “cool spin” on the Cards Against Humanity craze. What they meant by that is that it’s pretty much like CAH, but it’s PVP and every card that you pull is a blank card that has to entice the unsuspecting players of the game (as well as the audience).

The players who aren’t playing play as judges for that question and get to pick which one they like the most without knowing whom the cards belong to.

Overall, Quiplash is what I expected Quiplash to be. A fun game that allows you to expand a lot of things. You can do a local game with eight of your friends or you can hook it up to your Twitch account and expand your friendship all over the globe (and then post it online for everybody to see). So it’s money well spent and I will definitely play again.

Quiplash is available on Steam, Playstation Network and the X-Box Marketplace TODAY (Tuesday, June 30th). Pick it up, host a party, be a thing! It’s very fun!

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Last thoughts on E3



I’ve been thinking about what was revealed at E3 last week, the good, the bad, the great, the things that made us go hmm.. (puppets)  and It’s led me to this decision.  Video games are art, they’re entertainment, and they’re here to stay.

Let me start by showcasing my favorite reveals from E3.

Cuphead on Xbox One’s ID@XBOX
When it comes to the argument of video games being art,  There were a few games at E3 we can now point to  and have validation in that argument.  Cuphead is one of the games.  You play as Cuphead a cartoon character who much like Micky Mouse’s Steam Boat Willy is a cartoon come to life,  and it’s one of my favorite games of E3.  
ReCore on Xbox One
ReCore was a breath of fresh air during an E3 that was full of reboots, sequels, and retro games.  It’s actually great to see Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune’s creative influence set free from Capcom,  If you listen to our podcast you know my thought’s on Capcom lately.  But just to see him creating new games and properties is great to see, and this game looks fantastic.  It’ll be neat to see how each robot can be changed with each core, and how the environment changes with each storm.
The Last Guardian on Playstation 4
Another case can be made as a video game as a work of art,  This game was announced at E3 in 2009 for the PS3, it was all but forgotten by Sony.  This was one of the reasons I purchased a PS3, the game never came, however Sony says that the game was so graphically intense that they needed to push it to the PS4, Will I get a PS4 for this game,  I may eventually but with the other line up that Sony had it’s making me want a PS4 
Horizon Zero Dawn
Another strong candidate for Sony,  The only thing with Sony’s press conference was that most of the games that were announced have a release date in 2016, Which is great for people who don’t own a PS4 yet because we get to wait and not miss many new games that are made by Sony.  Horizon is one of the games that has that quality that makes me want a PS4, much like The Last of us was a clincher for me buying a PS3.  Giant robotic dinos and animals being hunted by bow and arrow in a stealth game sounds great and looks amazing by the early look we got at E3.  
Mario Maker on the Wii U
Mario Maker is something I’ve always dreamed of doing since I was a kid,  In fact, I always would draw levels like the creators of Mario used to do when the planned a level out.  I did it with Mario, Mega Man, Donkey Kong you name it.  I don’t own a Wii U, but this game makes me really want one.  I do have a 3ds, so I might just bide my time and see if they announce anything for it instead.  But with no Zelda on Wii U it makes me question if it’s worth buying a Nintendo system.   This game was definitely a bright spot for Nintendo along with Star Fox and Yoshi’s Wooly World.  Since they announced the new system would be coming out, I’m not sure it’s the right time to jump into a Nintendo Console.  
With all the games that were announced at E3 these were my favorites.  There were way too many to mention all of them, but I was slightly disappointed in the lack of Red Dead Redemption.  Maybe Rockstar will see that Red Dead lead the way as far as what gamers wanted to be backwards compatible on Xbox One,  Maybe it’s time for a new Red Dead game.  Maybe next year… Maybe later this year some news will come… Till then I’m going to happily play what games I have and what’s coming down the pike this year.  

Destiny Review: FINALLY!


You know, before the BETA came out a month or two ago, I didn’t have any inkling on playing this game. I sat here and thought to myself that this was going to be a waste of money and that Peter Dinklage was the only redeeming quality to playing this “very expensive piece of garbage”.

The beta was free for the public at that time and, you know me, I sure do enjoy a free game once in a while, and that test changed the way that I thought about this game. It had all the things that I wanted in a video game and more. So much so I went out and downloaded the game DAY ONE in order to play this game that I was totally proven wrong on, after having ZERO interest in the game from the beginning.

However, going into this game with the knowledge of playing the first few sections in the beta I had to make sure that all of my thoughts and hopes and dreams and reviews on the beta were going to be in this game and, yes, the story itself is generic but if we’re going by story, here, LA Noire should have won all of the awards (Academy Awards) but it didn’t, because that game had a great story but it fell short in the gameplay.

Destiny is a piece of visual nirvana, no matter what console you are using. That’s the only way I can put it. It’s beautiful. There are times where my character just sits down on the edge of the Tower and look out into the skyline. I didn’t really play anything for the first…hour after doing the first mission. Call it ADD but I like the shiny colors of Destiny.

As stated in my beta, the only downside that I had about this game is that every time I go to a different side of the map (no matter what planet I am on) they always, ALWAYS, start you off right in the same spot each time. That’s the only thing. I didn’t care for the comments on being “the same missions over and over again” because, honestly, that’s a stupid term to use. MMO’s have the same missions over and over again. Video games overlap multiple times during the game. Saying that you don’t like Destiny because they do the same missions is just being stupid because EVERY GAME YOU HAVE EVER PLAYED OVERLAPS! GTA? Assassin’s Creed? All have similar missions.

Overall, there’s still a few kinks left in the land of Destiny to be pounded out before I give this a 5 out of 5. There are some bugs that are still present but the good outweigh the bad and I can not wait to see how far Bungie goes with their new IP.

I’d give it a solid 4, with the opportunity to gain that extra point for the different stuff that we have left to prove to The Darkness.

Give Destiny a try? What are your thoughts on the game? Leave it in the comments below.

Mobile Monday Review: Thomas Was Alone!

Welcome to this week’s edition of Mobile Monday Review! This week I bought a game to play based on an article I read listing a bunch of mobile games you should play. I can say that of the ones on the list, I had either played them and moved on or had no interest in playing them until I reached this one. So I give to you Mobile Monday Review: Thomas Was Alone.


Game: Thomas Was Alone

Developer: Mike Bithell Games

Platform: Android, iOS, PC, MAC, PS3, Vita

A glitch in a computer mainframe has caused a group of artificial intelligences to become self-aware. Join them on the journey they take solving puzzles and discovering themselves in a whole new light. Using the abilities within the group, help all of the shapes reach the portals and exit the area.


Game play:

The general game play of Thomas Was Alone is quite easy to pick up. Three controls. Left, right and jump are all you need to navigate the puzzles and obstacles of the computer mainframe. Teaming up with other square and rectangle shapes to get past high jumps, areas of the deadly water, and tight spaces to hit buttons will help get all of the shapes to the exit.

The game starts with just Thomas, however Thomas isn’t alone for very long, as he soon runs into other shapes that are also on a mission to figure out life, their purpose and survive the mainframe. The cast of characters is entertaining from top to bottom, with each bringing a much-needed outlook on things at exactly the right time.


To start with, you have Thomas, a rectangle merely trying to figure out his purpose. However, you are quickly joined by Chris, the extremely jealous square who is envious of Thomas’ jumping ability and feels like Thomas is showing off. You are soon joined by John, a yellow vertical rectangle who jumps high, and Claire the big blue square who can float and believes she is a super hero there to save the others. This, combined with the story in general, is just the start of a complex game with simple graphics.

Graphics and Sound:


The graphics are pretty simplistic in nature. Quite frankly, there is no need for complex animations or drawings in this game. The story is told through words; the graphics in this game are merely a simple vessel to use for puzzle solving and to give a face to each of the characters being discussed by the wonderful British narrator. Each level adds a new dimension to the characters in play and hooks you from the beginning.

The background music and sound effects are pleasant and fill the time between the story nicely. You will need the sound on this game while playing it if you don’t want to read the tale as you progress. Trust me, though, it’s worth it.


Overall, Thomas Was Alone is probably the best mobile game I’ve played all year and maybe longer than that. It’s the type of game that you keep playing to find out what happens next in the story. The easy graphics and simple music, while they may come off as just lazy or a lack of ability, are quite the opposite. They don’t take away from the story, which is the important part. I haven’t played a game that I continued to play to find out what happens next in the story since Assassins Creed or the Portal series.

If you are looking for an entertaining game to play, this would be the one. Grab your headphones and your phone or tablet charger because you will want to hear the narration and will probably play until your battery dies. (Trust me, I did it.)

The combination of everything in the game and the compelling nature to continue added up to me giving this game a full 5 out of 5. If you haven’t picked up this game yet, do so. Worth the $5.49 ($5.99 on iOS, 9.99 on computer).


Thanks for tuning in to this week’s Mobile Monday Review: Thomas Was Alone! Have a game you think I should review? Email me at chachisays@gmail.com, hit me up on twitter @chachisays, or leave a comment below! Tune in again next week for another Mobile Monday Review!


Games you may have missed: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning


Many of us gamers play a lot of games, I was looking through how many games I played in 2013 thanks to raptr and played 60 games, that’s a lot.  In 2012 I played 69 games which is insane, but there were a few I missed over the years in the X-box 360/PS3 Generation of consoles, and I’m sure there are a few that you missed.  That’s where this little series of articles comes in, Every now and again I’m going to spotlight a game that might have been missed and why you should give it a chance, and we’re going to start with a very underrated action RPG called….



Kingdoms of Amalur was released on February 7, 2012.  It was released for the Xbox 360, The PS3 and PC.  The game was created by 38 Studios which was a company that was owned by former MLB star pitcher Curt Schilling and released by EA and Big Huge Games, It’s an action RPG that’s full of gameplay and huge moments, with a story written by Fantasy Author R.A. Salvator.  You are a character that has no destiny, you must travel through Amalur and forge a destiny for yourself against the forces of evil.

Why you should play it: It’s a great RPG for those that like games like Fable, or The Legend of Zelda series of games, yet different enough to stand on it’s own as a great game.  The sad thing is that the franchise will probably not come back due to the financial  and legal troubles of 38 Studios, a promising franchise that will probably never continue on, unless someone buys the IP from the state of Rhode Island, which owns it currently.  That being said, there’s more than enough gameplay to stretch the game out past it’s sell by date.  I recently purchased this game and wished I had done so sooner.  The graphics are kind of like World of Warcraft with a cartoonish feel to them, but you won’t have to put up with anyone if you don’t really like to play MMO’s.  That in a nutshell is a great reason to pick up this game, it’s an MMO that’s not an MMO, and the closest thing to World of Warcraft for us console gamers.

So if you pick up the game, let me know what you think, or if you’ve played it, why not recommend it to another gamer if you like the game.  What are some games you think people missed out on playing in this console cycle, let us know in the comments!

Happy Valentines Day! Now Get Left Behind!



Sony announced that the much anticipated DLC to one of the best games of 2013, The Last of Us will be released on Valentines Day, so anyone with a PS3 tell your significant other (if applicable) that you’ll spend February 15th with them instead, you have a prior engagement on Valentines Day this year.


The DLC which is a prequel stars Ellie and a friend she meets before she meets Joel called Left Behind.  Will you be picking up the DLC? Are you excited?  Let us know in the comments!

Call of Duty Ghosts: An Onslaught of Ghostly DLC



It’s that time again,  It’s time for Activision to receive more money from it’s Call of Duty Players.  That’s right, a new DLC map pack will be available on 1/28/2014,.  The Map pack which is called Onslaught, includes 3 and a half new maps. (one is a reissue) a new extinction map, and a few new weapons.  This is the first map pack for Ghosts, which in my opinion is a bit underwhelming.  The maps are ok, nothing really special, I will probably hold my judgment until I actually play the map but so far it’s just the same old same old.  A lot of sniper spots on too huge of maps.  What happened to the small maps, did they forget about us gamers that enjoy the fast paced action of  Rust, or Dome, or even a Treyarch style Nuketown map.  The addition of Michael Meyers in Fog is just a weird touch.  I guess it’s kinda neat but feels kind of out of place.  The map they chose to remake this time around was Scrapyard, which in the below video they say fans were clamoring for,  I don’t remember a lot of people saying there favorite map was Scrapyard from MW2, but to each there own I guess, I guess we won’t get to see a re-made rust after all.  There’s still a chance though, with another 6 map packs more than likely on the way.


What are your thoughts on the new map packs?  Will you be getting them?  are you excited about them?  Let us know in the comments!

* 6 map packs are just a guess. but probably accurate. (this is a joke)

Now that’s what I call Playstation: Sony’s Doing it big in 2k14!



This week at CES and mentioned on our very own debut episode of the rebranded Insert Coin to Begin presents Boss Battle, Sony has started it’s very own streaming game service, The service, called Playstation Now! is set to begin beta testing in January and will launch in this summer will offer Playstation gamers a chance to play games on the go, the subscription service will offer a way to stream games to your consoles.   On the graphic for the press conference it mentioned Tablets and Smart Phones, (most likely Sony branded) will be able to play games such as The Last of Us and Beyond Two Souls, (Both games starring and almost starring Ellen Page)and eventually Sony said that it would expand to most devices that support internet connectivity.  Sony, However, didn’t announce it’s Vita TV which is a console like version of the Playstation Vita for the US, This is not so great news for those that don’t want to invest in a Playstation 3 or 4 but want to game with some of Sony’s games on the cheap. When will they announce the Vita TV? And will this new cloud gaming service work with the Vita TV, One can hope, but time will tell. What are your thoughts on Sony’s new plan for 2014, will you be investing in Sony’s Products? What do you think Microsoft and Valve can do to counter this online attack? Let us know in the comments!

Sorg Brother Cast: New Consoles, Steam Machines, and Computer Gaming

A Podcast where the Sorg Brothers, Sorgatron and Brother Sorg, hangout and talk about the things they love such as Technology and Video Games.

In their second episode, The Sorg Brothers talk about what they think of the new console generation with the XBox One and PS4, how well they speculate Valve’s Steam Machines will do, and think back about all their experiences with building computers and PC gaming.


And if you missed it, Sorg Brother Cast: Episode 1, The Sorg Brothers Reminisce about their history playing video games. They touch on their beginnings with the NES and DOS Games, Renting Games, Their love of PC gaming over the years, and some problems with Classic game availability and ending on Pokemon

Call of Duty Experiences

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re all quite big Call of Duty fans. I, personally, can’t think of any other generation of game that has produced so many memories just by picking up a controller. To just sit down with your friends (or by yourself), pick up a controller and just start playing Call of Duty from sunrise to sunset.

I remember the first time that I can recall playing was right around the time of Call of Duty 3. This was way before the awesomeness that was the massive multiplayer realm that was going to come in the later stages. I picked it up for the PS2 and once I beat it, I didn’t really have MUCH use for it and tossed it aside, as it was pretty much a copy of what Medal of Honor, which was a better WWII gaming franchise back then. When Modern Warfare came out, I was skeptical because all I could think of was that this was just going to be so I skipped MW1 and when I found out other people were playing MW2 for their extensive multiplayer purposes, I had to pick it up (Back then, I was more of a follower than a leader) and I can honestly tell you I don’t know any of the single player, even though I beat it, because I was too enthralled in everything going around me in multiplayer.

I’m not the only one who had fond experiences of my first times playing Call of Duty, here’s what some of my cohorts had to say about it:

Bobby F. JTown:

“My first experience with COD was with Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare, All of my friends were telling me I needed to play this game, I was new to my xbox at the time and didn’t quite grasp the concept of multiplayer so I just played the single player part of the game.  It was great, and it lead me to get Modern Warfare 2 as the next COD Game I would play, I actually played Multiplayer and can still remember going to bed after playing and hearing Predator missiles in my dreams. Fun times on some of my favorite maps like Rust and so many others.  Great times with friends, and I can’t wait to play Ghosts and get destroyed by them all over again.”


“My first taste was with the Black Ops demo.  I was shocked at how cinematic the gameplay was and I got curious.  When Modern Warfare 3 was imminent a year later, my friends from the Podcasts were all talking about it and the crazy multiplayer.   I hadn’t had a regular multiplayer with friends experience for years (Quake, man…) and was itching to get in on it along with everyone.   I was a huge noob, but it was a blast to get together on the headsets with 3-8 people from all over laughing our asses off playing.  I was hooked.”


“I haven’t been a new gen console player for long. i was a Nintendo guy growing up and stopped at ps 2 and started pc gaming. Until i noticed that a lot of my friends were on xbox playing Call of duty.

So when Modern warfare 3 came out, i bought a 360 and COD and it was on. Since then i have stopped pc gaming and drop pretty much everything when a new Call of Duty game comes out. In Modern Warfare 3 i played mainly multiplayer. In Black ops 2 i did it all, beat campaign and master prestiged in mulitiplayer. It will be the same for Ghosts. BOOM! HEADSHOT!”

So tell us folks. What are your first experiences of Call of Duty? Leave it in the comments down below.