Insert Coin To Begin’s Guide to the Best of 2015 Black Friday Deals!

Ahh, Black Friday, the time of year where after you’ve eaten your fill of turkey and stuffing we proceed to get our fill of commercialism.  The time has come for bargain shoppers to fill the stores and their carts with bargain deals! We here at Insert Coin want you to be happy this Christmas so I’ve assembled a few of the best deals that are going on on Black Friday, so without further ado…


Our first deal comes to us from Best Buy, it’s an 8:00am Door Buster on Friday Morning. You get An Xbox One with The Lego Movie Game, and a 40″ Class  LED 1080p HD TV for $499.98 plus you can check out tons of other deals here


Gamestop has a bunch of games on sale along with a Uncharted Collection Edition PS4 for $299.99 those deals can be found here


Target has also has a bunch of game deals and a 32GB Super Smash Bros/Splatoon edition of WiiU for $249.99 along with tons of deals here


and Finally there are tons of deals at Walmart and Toys R Us along with Amazon which haven’t been revealed yet,  So if you like to shop from the couch/desk those are the deals for you!

It also let’s me post the Attack of The Show Black Friday ad video of Matt Mira and John Barrowman here’s that if you’ve never seen it


Have Fun Shopping, and beware of the crowds!

Rizz Review: Quiplash

We here at Insert Coin to Begin love video games, I personally have a fondness of games that allow me to use the brain up in my brain-holder as much as possible. That’s why when I saw Jackbox Games, the creator of the classic You Don’t Know Jack series, expand their series with their new game on Kickstarter I had to jump in on that.

I’ve already talked about Quiplash whenever Jackbox came out with their intro commercial/YouTube video to backers. A fun little update that showed you what to expect when you popped in that game for the first time.

This past weekend, backers from all three walks of life got their codes to play this game before anyone else could and wouldn’t you know it? I was one of those lucky, lucky people that got my code for Playstation 4.

So, I decided to grab a few friends of mine and played Quiplash for a few minutes. At first, using your phone as a controller seemed a little wonky at times and watching if you were watching the Twitch stream instead of your phone, your chances of answering the question would have dropped.

After a while, though, everyone started to get the hang of it and began having a little bit of fun. Some of it calling this a “cool spin” on the Cards Against Humanity craze. What they meant by that is that it’s pretty much like CAH, but it’s PVP and every card that you pull is a blank card that has to entice the unsuspecting players of the game (as well as the audience).

The players who aren’t playing play as judges for that question and get to pick which one they like the most without knowing whom the cards belong to.

Overall, Quiplash is what I expected Quiplash to be. A fun game that allows you to expand a lot of things. You can do a local game with eight of your friends or you can hook it up to your Twitch account and expand your friendship all over the globe (and then post it online for everybody to see). So it’s money well spent and I will definitely play again.

Quiplash is available on Steam, Playstation Network and the X-Box Marketplace TODAY (Tuesday, June 30th). Pick it up, host a party, be a thing! It’s very fun!

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Last thoughts on E3



I’ve been thinking about what was revealed at E3 last week, the good, the bad, the great, the things that made us go hmm.. (puppets)  and It’s led me to this decision.  Video games are art, they’re entertainment, and they’re here to stay.

Let me start by showcasing my favorite reveals from E3.

Cuphead on Xbox One’s ID@XBOX
When it comes to the argument of video games being art,  There were a few games at E3 we can now point to  and have validation in that argument.  Cuphead is one of the games.  You play as Cuphead a cartoon character who much like Micky Mouse’s Steam Boat Willy is a cartoon come to life,  and it’s one of my favorite games of E3.  
ReCore on Xbox One
ReCore was a breath of fresh air during an E3 that was full of reboots, sequels, and retro games.  It’s actually great to see Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune’s creative influence set free from Capcom,  If you listen to our podcast you know my thought’s on Capcom lately.  But just to see him creating new games and properties is great to see, and this game looks fantastic.  It’ll be neat to see how each robot can be changed with each core, and how the environment changes with each storm.
The Last Guardian on Playstation 4
Another case can be made as a video game as a work of art,  This game was announced at E3 in 2009 for the PS3, it was all but forgotten by Sony.  This was one of the reasons I purchased a PS3, the game never came, however Sony says that the game was so graphically intense that they needed to push it to the PS4, Will I get a PS4 for this game,  I may eventually but with the other line up that Sony had it’s making me want a PS4 
Horizon Zero Dawn
Another strong candidate for Sony,  The only thing with Sony’s press conference was that most of the games that were announced have a release date in 2016, Which is great for people who don’t own a PS4 yet because we get to wait and not miss many new games that are made by Sony.  Horizon is one of the games that has that quality that makes me want a PS4, much like The Last of us was a clincher for me buying a PS3.  Giant robotic dinos and animals being hunted by bow and arrow in a stealth game sounds great and looks amazing by the early look we got at E3.  
Mario Maker on the Wii U
Mario Maker is something I’ve always dreamed of doing since I was a kid,  In fact, I always would draw levels like the creators of Mario used to do when the planned a level out.  I did it with Mario, Mega Man, Donkey Kong you name it.  I don’t own a Wii U, but this game makes me really want one.  I do have a 3ds, so I might just bide my time and see if they announce anything for it instead.  But with no Zelda on Wii U it makes me question if it’s worth buying a Nintendo system.   This game was definitely a bright spot for Nintendo along with Star Fox and Yoshi’s Wooly World.  Since they announced the new system would be coming out, I’m not sure it’s the right time to jump into a Nintendo Console.  
With all the games that were announced at E3 these were my favorites.  There were way too many to mention all of them, but I was slightly disappointed in the lack of Red Dead Redemption.  Maybe Rockstar will see that Red Dead lead the way as far as what gamers wanted to be backwards compatible on Xbox One,  Maybe it’s time for a new Red Dead game.  Maybe next year… Maybe later this year some news will come… Till then I’m going to happily play what games I have and what’s coming down the pike this year.  

Sony E3 Press Conference

There was a lot to cover in Sony’s conference at E3 today. They had to go and follow Microsoft’s damn good presser.

Let’s get started, shall we?


Last year, I was introduced to Japan Studios by their game Bloodborne. A year or two before Bloodborne, they announced a certain game called “The Last Guardian”…then…nothing…until this year and holy shit. Wow. First, nothing beats a game made by Sony. Visually stunning, awesome graphics and by God the first trailer is gameplay footage. Game. Play. Footage. Woo!

Also, after that promo I looked my dog (who may or may not have been staring at a grown man weeping) and asked her “WHY CAN’T YOU HAVE WINGS?! WHY?!” The Last Guardian will be released in “2016”.


If you will picture this. You have a futuristic world, one that had witnessed a major change and everything is turned back into what it used to look like in the past and there are villages out there and societies and everything in between and you play as a member of the first village ever made and, yes, they seem to like and hate each other. It looks like you take control of someone who has a hunter-esque However, there are…robots. Not only are there robots…there are robot dinosaurs.

This new IP looks incredible and I can’t wait to play it.


This is where things get awesome for Playstation owners. The game franchise Hitman has done a whole bunch of awesome, from console games to Hitman Go. Hitman looks like it’s going to be another game in another awesome franchise. That’s all. Right?


With your pre-order of Hitman, Playstation owners will be able to play Hitman Beta. That’s right. Playstation is the only system that will allow you to play Hitman.


They released the trailer, which looks awesome, and the same thing that happened with Street Fighter V as it will be for Hitman. Pre-order Street Fighter V and, yes, you (as Playstation 4 owners) also get the Street Fighter V beta.


No Man’s Sky was announced last year at E3 and this year the guy came out and played it (as he did this with a very monotone voice) and played with, probably, one of the best games I’ve seen in E3. Period. I like that it’s multiplayer. I like the fact that you can explore planets and worlds beyond compare and claim things for peace or blow things up at your fingertips. It’s that freedom of playing this game makes me want to play THIS GAME!


Remember a few years ago we were ripping on that Storybook thing with motion controls and how idiotic that would be and how stupid you would look reading something like that or doing whatever the heck you were suppose to do with that?

Now, take that…and make it better.

Dreams allows you to create dreams. Not only that, your friends dreams. Not only your friends’ dreams, complete strangers’ dreams to make it yours and branch out the dream. This game takes that Storybook failure and makes it even better, as it is made by the same company that brought us LittleBigPlanet.


This game looks interesting. This is one of those indy games that are jumping to consoles and it damn near gorgeous and looks interesting. To me, this looks like something that you would see in The Stanley Parable, where there’s no real action but an amazing story to get you hooked.



The first words out of my mouth were “PLEASE! LET ME FEEL COMFORTABLE IN PLAYING DESTINY AGAIN! PLEEEEEEASE!” and this looks pretty good. The cool thing is that now there’s even more power-ups and a brand new story that will have you playing for even more months.


Other than dogs (and one that could fly) I feel like the MVP for this E3 has to be female protagonists. No matter what game it was, you feel like there was the choice of being a woman as a protagonist. From Dishonored 2 to Fallout 4 to, now, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, the choice is yours.

Having it happen in England makes it soooo good, too. Just as you would expect the ol’ timey Englanders would be with the cockney accents and everything. It’s a great looking game and will probably be my next game I forget what time it is while playing.



Rizz Fact: Never played Final Fantasy.

However, there is a cult following and once they announced World of Final Fantasy (a game that looks like a Funko Pop) and THEN Final Fantasy VII: Remastered! It’s going to be a Playstation 4 exclusive! Honestly, if this is what it looks like remastered, I might play FFVII and give it a go. Whoo-boy.



This broke the internet. No. Seriously. This broke the freaking internet. Sony did an amazing thing when they promoted the Kickstarter that would bring Shenmue 3 into existence and within the hour Kickstarter crashed and when it came back, Shenmue 3 already reached one million dollars.



You knew they had to mention Morpheus, right? I mean, look at Microsoft and see their presentation with Minecraft, how can (if they can) Sony top it? How about a 4-player multiplayer where one wears Morpheus? Oh man, it looked good too.



It was announced that Vue will be the only one of its kind that will allow you to purchase stations without buying other stations or a plan, like your cable service (which is pretty neat).



This is a shocker.


The World premier of Blops 3 was everything that I thought it should be. It’s not the same. It’s different. It’s unique. It’s something people were waiting for in the franchise because, well, when your maps get stale…they get stale.

Anyways, the big thing that was perfect is that now the story mode is now available for co-op multiplayer. That’s right. BLOPS 3 IS GOING TO BE DIFFERENT! DROP THE BALLOONS!

I had zero intent on playing Black Ops 3 when it came out and, now, I have a feeling it will be the next thing I buy.

Did I mention this one also has that Beta testing too?



The biggest dick move happened here where the Infinity guy announced the new line of Star Wars Infinity 3.0 (where the crowd even let out an audible groan because, you know, Battlefront). The line-up was good and, hey, you get Boba Fett (and the crowd did too). Which is…cool…

Then Battlefront showed up and made everyone happy again. It looks really good, guys. Just a jerk move with the tease.

I can’t wait to play Battlefront, it feels like the first ever good Star Wars game of our generation (besides dancing Lando).



Now, this one had a few hiccups. Not only did the game not start right away (I believe I counted a 10-count on the “SONY Entertainment Presents” sign) but after the initial cutscene, Drake just stood there for a few more seconds while his partner is walking through a bunch of people. THEN it restarted into the same cutscene and same area.

After that, it looked like an amazing game (I’ve been saying amazing a lot, I need a new adjective) but it just felt like you would actually be a part of the amazing place while having a giant armored truck try to squish you like a little pancake. It looks cool, can’t wait to see it in action.

Overall, Sony did what they had to do for E3. They had to mention Morpheus, they had to make it more fun, they had to make their games more interesting than the competition. They did that with giving the fans Beta testing for three of their upcoming releases.

The only bad spot for me is that there was nothing from Fallout 4, like there was for X-Box One and Microsoft so I was thinking it was just going to be a Bethesda victory lap.

Oh well.

Bethesda E3 Press Conference

Ladies and gentlemen! We have arrived and just like Christmas eve, E3 allowed us to open one present and one present only. That present was Bethesda.


They start off swinging for the fences and they smacked it out of the park. Finally, it’s a Doom game that looks like a Doom game from old. It looks awesome, it looks gory, it has all the right weapons, it looks and feels like you’re in Hell, it looks like you are actually playing Doom. It looked like they rendered the original game with new graphics, something that if Doom were released now (as in the original that featured John Romero’s head).

They also announced the multiplayer mode, which (if you played Doom or Quake multiplayer) is always going to be an awesome time with the guns, the power ups and the fact that you can turn into a demon.

Another cool feature that was announced at E3 was Doom Snapmap. It’s a level editor for multiplayer usage and you’re allowed to make different games and different modes and it’s something that I am going to be spending a lot of time on playing.

Doom is scheduled for a Spring 2016 release.


Battlecry looks like a very fun multiplayer game similar to the one you’d find over at Valve, with their added twists to it.

The beta signup is online, even though they are still in the alpha stage, it looks like a fun little time-waster to play once it’s done.

And, yes, I have signed up for the beta, already.


I’m a big Mass Effect fan. I’m a big Assassin’s Creed fan. Dishonored and Dishonored 2 reminds me of both of those games and has the good aspects associated with both styles of games, only to be different in the same way.

The trailer they showed made sure you know that you’re going to play as Emily looking for revenge, however you’re allowed to play as either Emily or Corvo, which was pretty cool to have a woman protagonist and make you know THAT’S A FEMALE PROTAGONIST!

The original Dishonored is being redone with the Dishonored: Definitive Edition, which will be released months before Dishonored 2.


Elder Scrolls Online showed us some cool things they are going to release soon (no date was given) but the cooler part about their announcement was that Elder Scrolls is going mobile. How? Just like every other franchise (gaming or entertainment) their own card game.

Elder Scrolls: Legends is just like Hearthstone or any other virtual card game. Looks cool, but is just a cool little card game. Nothing much I can mention here that you probably already know if you’ve played those famous virtual card games.





They did not disappoint with this one, guys.

Just like Dishonored 2, you’re allowed to choose a female and a male character and if you choose a male character, you’re allowed to create your wife and if you’re a female character, you’re allowed to choose what your husband looked like.

Unlike the other Fallout games, you’re allowed to build things. You are allowed to use the things that you find in order to upgrade weapons, upgrade armor and, the best part, allow to build houses and communities, which is awesome.

They then went on and discussed another mobile game, which is just an amazing version of Tiny Tower, called “Fallout Shelter” and it’s out, right now, for your iOS devices.

This next part I want to preface: I’ve never bought a collector’s edition. I never thought I’d say this…I want this collector’s edition. I want to shell out the money in order to get this collector’s edition. Why? BECAUSE YOU GET A PIP BOY! YOUR VERY OWN FUNCTIONAL PIP BOY! It’s a cool gadget that turns your phone into an actual Pip Boy that goes around your wrist.

During the entire time they were showing clips and stuff from Fallout 4, all I could think of is that this game looks amazing and just stunning. The first thought that came to my mind was “This game looks past beta testing, it looks ready” and they announced Fallout 4 will be released in November 10, 2015.

In conclusion, welcome to E3, ladies and gentlemen. It’s going to be an amazing week if THAT’S your initial press conference.

I Feel Quiplash Will Have My Life And Make It Awesome!

I’m a You Don’t Know Jack fan. Played it since I was a kid, a teenager and, now, as an adult. So when Jackbox decided to have a Kickstarter for a new game my initial thought was “OH MY GOD! WHATEVER THIS IS, I AM GOING TO THROW MY MONEY AT IT BECAUSE THEY CAN’T DO ANY WRONG!” and blindly threw money in their direction (not really, I’m not THAT BAD!).

I read the proposal and immediately thought to myself: “Oh my goodness, this is a virtual Cards Against Humanity but all of the white cards are blank! I need this!”

So, yes, I put my money down in hopes to hit a jackpot. I’ve been getting updates from Jackbox for months about how close they were in making Quiplash a thing people can buy and not just see, even using a Twitchcast of the entire Jackbox staff playing Quiplash.

Then today. Today I get an update. One that all of the backers have been waiting for. It reads as follows:

Hello Backers!

We’ve made it through the certification gauntlet and we have confirmation from all of our platform partners that Quiplash will be released publicly Tuesday,June 30th on XBox One, PS3, PS4, and Steam!

It then mentions that it’s trying to get backers codes for Quiplash earlier (SUCK IT, NON-BACKERS!) and it can’t come soon enough. I need my You Don’t Know Jack fix and this You Don’t Know Jack hole can only be fixed by Quiplash.

THEN there’s this:

If interested in enjoying the fun that I am going to probably have (don’t worry, I will have this available for Twitch and/or Ustream streaming), feel free to add me on PSN (TheeRizz)


Rizz Plays Games: Rizz Plays MLB 15 The Show

Yesterday I discussed my thoughts on playing MLB 15: The Show and, now, why not just show you?

In this video I discuss my history with sports games and, yes, sports games while playing a sports game. It’s quite a trip (One that took three tries to get right, as I will mention at the beginning of the show). Like, comment, share and, most of all, enjoy.

Rizz Reviews: Bloodborne (A WINNER IS YOU!)

It’s out.

You’re probably tired of me talking about it. You probably were wondering where I was and when I was going to post this review, that will come a little later.

Bloodborne, nay…the entire Souls series of games are like a bad dream that just keeps on happening. There’s nothing that you can do to stop it. It will eat at you and eat at you and eat at you until you pop in the game. There’s nothing you can do. Nothing. Nothing you want to do, either.

Let me start off by saying, it’s only March 27th but, right now, this is my favorite game of the year.

It challenges you to no end and when you get beat by that boss, you want to continue to push through and make sure that boss recognizes who the hell you are and what the hell you’re up to. Trust me, the bosses are just damn near immortal in this game. Immortal. Numerous Rage Quit videos are probably going up right now and, honestly, those Rage Quitters are probably going to pop in this game and play it some more.

I honestly have no words to describe this game (as I am in the midst of playing this as we speak…I’m in a safe zone and am not moving because, you know, I’m scared to move).

As I was playing this game, one thing crossed my mind and I mentioned it to one of my friends, who also picked up Bloodborne (and is the one that got me hook line and sinkered on the Souls series) and that is this:

These games are what I like to view as an adult Legend of Zelda game series.

Hear me out, Legend of Zelda (when I was a kid) had difficult maps that unlocked hidden rooms and hidden secrets around it, just like Demon/Dark Souls/Bloodborne. Legend of Zelda also had amazing graphics at that time that made you feel like you were right there in that scene, as does the Souls series. Legend of Zelda had difficult bosses that took multiple hits and used multiple moves that could, sometime, ruin your entire day, same with the Souls game. It’s an adult version with very dark undertones to it and, like Zelda as a child, I am completely hooked to Bloodborne.

I, honestly, have a love/hate relationship with this game series, guys. That’s all I got to say. I want to hate this game, but I can’t. At all. AT. ALL.

Like, the bosses are hard (as you would expect), the enemies are hard (as you would expect), there is a dark/gothic feeling to this game (as you would expect), but also you should expect that this game is just amazing at using your brain and know that you need 20 blood vials and 20 shots, and you need to know that once you get in because you’re going to need every single last one of those things to beat the bosses that are coming your way.

The boss battles are what make this game this game. They’re hard. They’re suppose to be hard. They’re bosses. But every time you get beat by the bosses, you’re going to want to play more and improve yourself more, gain attributes, gain strength, endurance and health and kick some ass.

If you have a PS4. Listen to me right now, get up off your butts and go buy Bloodborne. Right now. Don’t be left behind. It’s early on, but this is my Game of the Year and it’s not even close. If there is a game that makes me want to beat it, go to the companies that made it and just yell obscenities while crying, I will reconsider. But, for now, I got a lot of catching up to do (as I started playing this on Wednesday and just beat the first boss on Friday.

And, honestly, if you were one of those people that bought a PS4 JUST SO YOU CAN PLAY Bloodborne (even though it wasn’t JUST this game, that was me), you made a smart choice, my friends. Enjoy this game. Enjoy this franchise. Enjoy waking up in the middle of the night with these nightmares and enjoy once you finish that final boss knowing that you are truly awesome (btw, if I see any of you speed running this while playing DK Bongo Kongos, I will be sure to hate you forever and if I ever see you, will kick you in the balls).

Rizz Rant: Button Customization

I don’t normally gloat about a specific game company or console because both company and console, albeit having good qualities, also are more publicized about the bad when the bad things occur. However, these are one of those occasions where one company is doing the right thing.



When I first saw the story of Sony giving you the ability to change them I was skeptical and unaware of why the change. I’m glad I read into it.

Throughout the years they have been on our controller. XYBA Select Start, AB+-, etc. I never took notice of how easy it is to pick up any controller and play it. I have the ability to use and adapt to the different configurations and button sequences to my liking on my video game console  (with some slight growing pains). So when I heard about personalizing buttons is going to be in the next update, I was not sure why this was a big deal and asked why this was news, for the few people that (in my knowledge of what’s going on) it was for.


I thought it was just for guys, like me, who hit the X button where the X button was on the 360 or being that dick friend who sabotages player 2’s controls in order to win.

However, it’s far from guys like me. It’s for that stroke victim, that war vet amputee, that person who lost feeling in one of their arms, people with brain trauma, people who need an alteration in order to play their favorite games. THAT is who it’s for.

This is a good adaptation to have in your console because it brings back thousands and thousands of gamers that were turned off because of their limits and now Sony is on this way to make it better for the gamer…


And I say this not as a snarky gamer, but wondering did this and will this change the way Nintendo and Microsoft do things? Will you be able to alter and configure buttonson a Xbox One or a Wii U/NX? Sony is before its time and AT LEAST Microsoft should follow suit.

What do you guys think of this? What other alterations can video games make to be more suitable for the impaired  (either physically or mentally)?