Mobile Monday: Jack N’ Jill Review.

Lets start with a poem.

Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water then they said screw it ordered a case of water on Amazon, pulled out their phones to check what Chachi reviewed this week! – Chachi Says

Welcome to this weeks Mobile Monday review, this week’s game is Jack N’ Jill! This game was recommended to friend of the site and the Sorgatronmedia network, our friend in the mainstream media, Matt C.

Game: Jack N’ Jill

Developer: The_R

Platforms: iOS and Android

jacktitleJack N’Jill is a simple black and white retro style plat former by The_R. Jack is separated from Jill and has to run and jump his way through each level to be reunited with her. The black and white with chip tune music makes the 120 levels over 6 backgrounds an adventure to be had.


The object of the game is to help Jack reach Jill by jumping over holes, avoiding baddies and painful deadly spikes. Reaching the end until you get to Jill and move on to the next level. There is help along the way by means of wall jumping, speed shoes and potions that kill baddies.


The game play in this game is simple and to the point. Just touch the screen to jump and time the jump correctly and make it to the end. There are some levels that you can wander a bit from the main path for a few more points but that’s pretty much it. Normally, you’d be worried about the repetition and the game getting boring but with the levels as short as they are and it being a mobile game this isn’t a concern. Play a level, walk away come back play another. Short and sweet.

JNJlevelGraphics and Sound:

This retro platformer-esqe game sticks to the retro point. Simple monochrome graphics backed with a chip tune theme make this game great for what it is. A simple take you back to the old days platformer.


Probably one of the best games to be recommended for me on the Mobile platform. There are ads in the game in the form of a little bar at the top that you can pay and get rid of but it doesn’t really bother game play. I’ve spent more time trying to find some reason not to give this game a perfect score and found myself coming up with bs reasons. For all intents and purposes this game is a great mobile game. The perfect pick for a go to game to pass a few moments while you wait in line. You should play this game.

Chachi says a Perfect 5 out of 5


3 systems, 1 console

No. This is not some kind of messed up youtube video that’ll get millions of views because you can’t look away.

3rd party hardware maker Innex has announced that at E3 they will be releasing what i will now be referring to as the Super Gensis System, but is actually called the Super Retro 3.

Super Retro 3

The console as you can see will allow you to use one console at the 70 dollar price tag will allow you to play Sega, NES, and SNES all in one convienant location. and for an extra 20 spot you can add the adapter cart that will allow you to play Gameboy games on the Super Retro 3.


Now, im aware of the nintendo dual systems and hand held 3rd party hardware but a system that allows you to play the 3 on 1 system is rather cool. Being debuted at this years E3 and will be available for sale shortly after that on their website.

is this something that you’d invest in to save precious hook up space or is it not worth it? Let us know in the comments below!