Boss Battle 158: Legend of Zelda Black

Legend of Zelda Wii UThis week on Boss Battle 158, we have our cast of Chachi (@chachisays),Rizz (@theerizz)  and Sorg (@Sorgatron). On this weeks show:

  • We discuss our gaming achievements from the past week  including the new Lara Croft Go on mobile!
  • We go around the net with Xbox giving away an island, Princess Peach vs Princess Zelda, and Skyrim Splatoon
  • We cover news including Deadpool coming back for next gen, new Nintendo 3DS themes, King’s Quest reviewed and what is the deal with this pre-order?

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Video game themed things from around the Internet…net…net!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is your favorite post on the Internet today, at this time, on this website, Video game themed things from around the Internet…net…net! Join me as I point out some fun things I came across on my journey of the World Wide Web!

First up!

Just Cause 3 developer Avalanche Studios and Square Enix have announced a contest for Just Cause 3 in which the grand prize is a real-life island. In order to win players must come out on top of the Chaos Points leaderboard 90 days after the release of Just Cause 3 for a chance to win an island valued at $50,000 USD or a cash prize for the same amount.

Next up!

Splatoon meets Skyrim???

Talk about weird mash up!

Last but not least,

AndrewmFilms created a live action fight scene between Zelda and Peach! Check it out.

Shows that in the right hands Nintendo products will be taken care of! So good!

That’s all the time I have for this week’s edition of Video game themed things from around the Internet…net…net! Tune in next week for another leg of my journey!

Video Game Themed things from around the Internet…net…net!

Alright, so we still couldn’t get Sorg to wrestle a bear. However, we have another exciting edition of Video Game Themed things from around the Internet…net…net! Im your host Chachi, lets get on with the show!

First up this week, artist Andrew Ryan from right here on deviant art decided to reimagine the characters from the Final Fantasy series as if they are Pokemon Trainers! Here is the main cast from FFVII.


Amazing work. Go to his page and check out the rest of his art!

Next up: Musician on youtube created an amazing music video and did The History of Video game music metal style!

I love covers of music. All music. The Punk goes series is one of my favorite. i give this guy 10 out of 10. Put it on in the back ground and just listen away!

Last but not least! This is not a new series but i think its one worth pointing out for you all to watch and subscribe too. The Game Theorist proclaims to be “The Smartest Show in Gaming” and i agree. He takes things from gaming and points out things that we normally wouldn’t think about. The one i put in is about Skyrim’s famous quote “I used to be an adventurer and then i took an arrow to the knee” and proves how it is true. Other theories Mario is a commie, The worth of Diamond armor in Minecraft and How deadly is Bullet Bill.

He goes through and uses math and physics to determine whether or not each theory is plausible. Check it out.

That’s all i have for you this week, tune in next week for more gaming themed goodness and Rizz wrestles a trouser snake…. Wait, no he doesn’t. Thanks for reading Video Game Themed things from around the Internet…net…net!

Runners up!

Top league of Legends players suspended for 6 months for being jerks.

Japanese Mario Car commercial.

Weird video game things from around the Internet…net…net!

Here it is folks. Your weekly dose of video game things that are a little from the norm. This week we have some interesting, funny, or just wtf things that i have come across during my journey of the world wide web.

First off in the funny category is a new version of Cops…. Cops Skyrim to be exact. Brought to us by the Nerdist channel is a day in the life of the Cops in Skyrim. Enjoy its quite funny. Be sure to check out the other installments in this funny funny series.

And for all of the Shenmue fans out there the long awaited sequel is here! Just kidding. However on this geocities site…yeah i said geocities. You can play the best part of Shenmue. The Forklift balancer! enjoy.


And last but not least…. A new temple run esqe game has been released in which you as 1 of 90 NBA players slam dunk their way through obstacles of aliens…..yes aliens to collect points for the high score. The game released by Renren Games is an iOS game and is free to play….. Not that you really want too Lebron… This unfortunate game is Called NBA Rush! and you can find here in your local app store!


Well those are just a few of the things ive found from around the internet. See anything weird? Let us know!

Modding from the days of Yore evolving into Indie Games of Today

The PC is my favorite gaming platform for many reasons. With a good enough PC, you can make the games look much better than their Console counterparts. Most notably that I’ve noticed is the Batman: Arkham series with it’s Physx effects. Second reason is most games have some kind of backwards compatibility, whether officially supported by the developer or games fixed up to work on newer systems through mods, sometimes even making them look better like Dark Places for the original Quake. That leads me to the third reason I prefer gaming on a PC. The Mods.

My earliest memories of playing with mods was way back when Quake II was my favorite game almost 2 decades ago. ID was always good on having mod support for their games. I remember having cartman and beavis & butthead model’s with custom sounds. I once found a mod that replaced the weapons in the game and playing Quake with Doom weapons for a long period at one point. It was also nice finding some new maps to play on, and even some custom game modes not originally in the game, like CTF.

Moving on from Quake to the unreal series, Epic really started to support their modding community starting with their Unreal Tournament series. The tools to create levels and mods came with each installment in the Unreal Series. This led to many great mods to be made, which some of the best would be later added to the game of the year editions. After the release of UT 2003, work began on the Community Bonus Packs by the folks at, bringing some of the best talent in the community together in a nice little bundle.  Every time I install one of the UT games, it’s like a ritual for me to install those community packs before i even start the game up. Later once UT2004 released, Epic began the Make Something Unreal Contest, getting mod-developers together to make some of the best content so they can win the grand prize, $50,000 and an Unreal Engine 3 Licence for the Winner.

Garrys_Mod__Background_1_by_EshapOne company that heavily embraced the modding community is Valve, the makers of the Half-Life series. They eventually embraced some notable mods such as Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, and Team Fortress Classic, hiring the mod-developers and buying the rights, making them official mods available through the Initial release of Steam, originally a way to streamline updating Valve’s games and mods. After the release of the first Source engine game, Half-Life 2, Counter-Strike and Day of Defeat got their own Source versions, while Team Fortress got a full sequel that was added to The Orange Box along with the current Half-Life 2 Trilogy. Some other mod developers such as the creator of the sandbox, Garry’s Mod, and the Stealthy Murder Multiplayer game, The Ship would eventually get ‘Full Game’ releases on Valve’s new platform. After discovering Narbacular Drop, Valve hired the developers who would go to create the third piece to The Orange Box, Portal. Steam also picked up the team that created the very popular Warcraft 3 mod, Defense of the Ancients, Dota for short. They worked with them to release a standalone free-to-play version on Steam which has become ever so popular since it started out in beta over a year ago.

Team Fortress 2 eventually improved on their equipment system, adding a multitude of hats that players could collect and trade/buy. Eventually, they added the ability to upload your own creations to the game for others to be able to collect as well, leading to the creation of Steam’s Workshop. It was a place people could upload custom equipment and would be buyable like the rest of the item’s if it was popular enough to be added. After being perfected, Valve opened it up so any developer can add workshop as a central place to upload and download mods for their games, starting with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, adding a special mod of their own to the game, Portal 2’s Space Core.

Not only is Valve supportive of Mod Developers, but have also given a great platform for Indie Developers to put their content on. Steam lowered the requirement for putting a game on steam, creating their Greenlight program back in July 2012 to let the steam community choose what indie games to allow onto Steam by giving something enough votes. A notable one I’ve seen is a mod that is a remake of the original Half-Life in the Source engine called Black Mesa. They already are green lit and have already released a non official steam mod on their website that includes everything up until the very last chapter. The official green lit steam mod will be released when the final chapter is finished and from what I can tell from my previous play through of the first few levels, it’s a wonderful remake of the old classic. The mod will be released only requiring you to need only a game with Source SDK base 2007.

Another notable Greenlit game is the recently released, Stanley Parable. This started as a very interesting mod for the source engine. You play as Stanley, following a story that is told through you by a very good narrator, or you can completely defy the narrator, changing the story completely. This is a game, to grasp what the game really is and means, to be played for yourself and somewhat requires multiple playthroughs, trying different things each time. It’s a very nice example of the untapped potential games as a medium has barely been unable to reach thus far. I highly recommend it to anyone who has a pc to try it out weather it’s the old 2011 mod, or the recent full release on steam(which includes a nice little demo if you want to try it.)


Do you have any mods that you recommend? Have you enjoyed seeing how far some of these mods go? Has your mind been blown by playing through The Stanley Parable? Let us know in the comments below.

Hearth(wind&)fire: Got to get you into my house!


New DLC coming soon from Skyrim will have you playing house with your companion in the game.  Not just any house but a house that you can build! You can use a workbench and raw materials that you can purchase or find and build your Dovakin dream house.  Other things that you can do in this expansion are adopt children that are orphaned in various towns all throughout Skyrim, move your spouse into your new custom built home, hire someone to gather building supplies, you can house trophies, bards, and have your own cart driver.  Priced at 400 MSP will this new DLC be a welcome addition to Skyrim or will it just end up being house armor. (see in Oblivion, Bethesda charged 200 MSP for horse armor)



You can pick up this DLC on Xbox Live on September 4th

Mr. Buttons will save us all…from City Guards…

Conan O’Brien is not a gamer, He probably doesn’t have time for it, really.  But that didn’t stop him from trying out Skyrim in his latest segment, Clueless Gamer.



Conan starts by naming his fierce Khajiit, wait for it…. Mr. Buttons.  He starts off getting frustrated with Skyrim’s giant character creation screen, which for a newer gamer it can be daunting.  He then takes to White Run in a new set of armor and goes on an epic quest to find a Mammoth Tusk for his new love interest.


So anyone just starting in video games, you might not want to follow a lot of Conan’s tactics, but you can have as much fun as we all did watching him try.

Friday Funday! Skycraft? Minerim?

Well…THIS is an awesome thing.

That’s Minecraft’s “Steve Craft” battling a dragon and helping you trek along Skyrim. That’s, also, you and Steve using the Minecraft bow and arrow and pick axe in order to battle your opponents. Also, as you can see in this video, Creepers and Zombies (well, ones from Minecraft) are going to be in this mod.

The cool thing about this is that instead of having these baddies come at you, walk up to you and hit you (like they do in Minecraft) they can now telegraph what they’re going to do. For instance, the only way for you to know that a Creeper was going to blow up is the make a hissing noise and light up. In the Skyrim Mod, they are jump and, then, explode. Zombies are able to use their arms and legs in battle, as well, and the finishing maneuvers are quite a thing of beauty.

Also, if you didn’t know that thing you were riding and thought it was a minecart, you would be wrong. In this mod, you will be able to mount…MINECRAFT PIGS! Whoa! Did I just blow your mind? I think I just did.

It looks quite cool and, if I had Skyrim for my laptop, I would have loved to pick up this mod…along with…Mystical Mounts, which allow you to ride giant trolls, giant chickens, some sort of fish that could walk, scorpions and other cool creatures. It’s quite awesome. To get it, you must be signed up and subscribe for Steam Workshop.

What’s your favorite mod? Leave it in the comments below. It doesn’t even have to be from Skyrim. Here’s mine.

(Source: G4TV)

Chris Walken narrates Batman: Arkham City

In whats probably one of the greatest Youtube channels ever. Christopher Walkenthroughs. Thats right, Walken does commentary while playing certain video games.

Arkham City

Call of duty: Modern Warfare 3

These are not really safe for work, due to language and what not. And Kids, don’t tell your parents you got this from us. I don’t want that lecture. Let us know what you think in the comments below! Presents: Lets Play! Episode 6

Chachi, Bobby, and Rizz discuss who they think should step up and work on video game music, how will you bring up the next generation of gamers in your family, and should or would you be yourself in a video game?

Let’s Play is the writer’s chance to get together and talk games every week. Join us for the live recording and join our chat room at Tuesdays at 8 PM ET.

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