Gamers Are Dicks, And So Can You!

The past few weeks, we have discussed how dickishly evil a certain someone can get during a Mario Maker level making sesh. I mean, who would make these hard as shit levels in order to make you guys feel like you accomplished something in a Mario game? Who would stoop so low to make a level that dickish that friendships had to end? Oh wait, that was me!


Trust me, I tried so hard to make easy peezy levels that everyone can enjoy, that people would cherish and enjoy and find time to go “Hey, you know what? That Rizz guy’s level is so good” but then I realized most of my friends are dicks and went with having 50 giant Thwomps in a row and at the end you better have brought that turtle shell you saw in the first part of the game because that Hammer Bro is your only way to the flag and you better hit that hole just right or else “OOOOH NOOOO!” (*play Mario death song*).

If you want to try it for yourself, there’s a list of my levels (and, also, Chachi’s levels on the right hand side).

But then my rocky road took a weird turn as I went to GTA Online and after many failed attempts at being nice and trying to do missions and just a leisurely drive (heck, I even tried to outrun a drive-by on a bicycle…dude was going 5 mph right beside me), there came a point in time I found someone shopping and…well…um…I’ll let you be the judge on my actions.

I believe it was the great Bill Shakespeare who once said, “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”. I sure enough became a villain in the world of GTA Online because right after that, a $5k bounty was placed on my head. Not only that, after a helicopter got sniped out of the air taking out both the pilot and passenger, they hired mercs to take your boy with the fancy suit and bow tie out. Can you believe that?! Jeesh.

So, I got friends mad at me and the open world gang mad at me, what other group of people is there for me to give it to? OH I KNOW! Three words that get the most dicks: First. Person. Shooters.

Now, you know that old adage of being “campers” and “dicks” and “snipers” and all of the other terms that just seemed to be at people that, well, that deserve every minute of it. But…what if the last time you checked the standings and you were the last name on the losing team in Destiny’s Mayhem Clash (a quicker  version of their Clash, where all the cool-downs are sped up and there’s no wait time to come back into battle). I noticed a giant red blip on the map and, like any good gamer, I went over to check it out and just did this for the next minute and a half.


Notice the devious and maniacal laughter in the background.

Notice who lead the team at the end (SPOILER ALERT: It was me!).

It’s not me meaning to be a total dick to everyone I see, it’s more of a bored thing and I get one of those urges where being one to whomever is in my way. I find it comfortable knowing that someone thinks I’m just a total d-bag. It’s also a good way to earn easy XP and easy points and easy whatever the heck you want to get easy.

It’s also spontaneous, too, which is why I love it so. The people who camp out on a daily basis and try for the no-scope 360 headshot, the people who stalk you while trying to play GTA just so they can shoot you up, those guys can go to hell. Being a dick once in a while makes the world go ’round and

I guess I have just been hanging around Chachi way too damn long.


Fun with Snipers

If you follow me on Twitter(@chachisays), Then you know that I play an extremely large amount of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Well, this past weekend was Double XP weekend for online multiplayer mode. So, needless to say, I played some……

Fuzzy and I, along with Missy were playing domination on Slums and were having a bit of trouble with a sniper set up in a prime position to take pretty much everyone out as they ran for b. This continued happening for the majority of the game at which point, Fuzz and I decided to get even. We spent most of the next 2 matches working on getting to where he was and making him pay.

For your viewing pleasure I present: Fun with Snipers 1 and 2. Edited and posted all with Call of Duty. Showing just some of the power the game has at your disposal.

Don’t mess with us. Or you’ll get a sticky grenade to the head…..


As my review of Hitman: Absolution’s trailer said, this game looks AWESOME!

Dude's gunna get it!

So, of course, I HAD to purchase the game in advance of its November release. When I went to my local seller of games (name withholding until we get some royalties), I decided to get myself that copy. To my surprise, there was a DLC game ALREADY READY TO BE DOWNLOADED AND PLAYED AND LOOK AWESOME AS AGENT 47!

I was weary when I saw that I was going to control Agent 47 as a sniper (NOTE: Me and sniper rifles are not quite the best of “game friends”). I mean, when you think of games like Hitman and Assassin’s Creed you think of sneak attacks, using your surroundings and demolish your enemy quickly and quietly…I don’t want to stand far away and do that, because then I have to reload and waste time while the baddies get away.

I popped in the redeem code and started playing. The first and, I believe, only mission in this DLC is to assassinate some guy for some reason, I don’t know…I just wanted to shoot something (NOTE: If sniping is the only thing that you do in a game, or a demo, I will be satisfied with shooting things from the scope).

Background and Story

This game has a sweet idea and you get some sweet collectibles in this game, a sniper rifle with attachments for every achievement earned (I only have one, I suck at being a silent sniper). I do like that you get a gun AS SOON AS YOU BUY THE GAME! However, the sniper rifle is quite useless to me when I want to just sneak up and use my sneaky skills to kill someone…sneakly. But, still, a sniper rifle is a sniper rifle and it gave quite the scenario to use the sniper to scope out your enemies.


Graphics look cool, you shoot someone in the head, leg, or arm, their head, leg or arm are effected. Not to mention that if you play this game you get to kill people who, probably, deserved to get killed.

Some things I don’t get are the bodyguards and why A) there’s so many and 2) why are they shooting like Storm Troopers?! The AI in this game mode is pretty crappy.


Overall…this…was…a cool little tidbit for an already fascinating game. It showed you a tool in the game that, even though 9 out of 10 people won’t use, is actually an essential part in the game. One cool thing about it is that it looks realistic. I mean, you can double-snipe (snipe two people with one bullet) and break glass without any of the guards. I give this 3 Tokens out of 5 (I have a feeling that the full game will get the full 5).





Agree? Disagree? Comment down below. Keep gaming!

Medal of Honor Warfighter Details Released!

Well, I’m guessing to counteract the fact that they had to pull not 1 but 2 games from their mobile division for one reason or another.(see the Battle field: aftershock and Simpsons Tapped Out articles.)

However, EA released major details about the next Medal of Honor game! Warfighter comes out 10/23/12. The information kind of has me hyped. After playing Call of Duty on both the pc and 360 I’m curious to see how the single player mode holds up. I know C.O.D. keeps me entertained.

EA states that the game was written by “Active Tier 1 Operators” while deployed. It features a whole time line with real events interlaced with the game storyline. Also features a new game engine for the game that they are calling Frostbite 2 to increase updated video and audio enhancements. They like everyone else are claiming that this will be the most authentic war experience yet.

Preorder the game and you recieve day 1 early multiplayer U.S. Navy Seal Tier Sniper at no cost which according to the release takes 40 hours of play time to unlock.

So we shall see how it is!