Video game themed things from around the Internet…net…net!

Ladies and Gentleman welcome to your favorite post on all of the internet… Video game themed things from around the Internet…net…net! I have ventured across parts of the Internet to bring entertainment right to your internet browser.

First up!

If you find yourself with 3 hours to spare then watch this entire video of every Game boy start(give or take) NicksplosionFx gathered them all and compiled them into the video you see below!

I made it 2 minutes before I moved on.

Next up!

Karl Jobst beat 3 iconic games at the same time in less than an hour… Yeah, you read that right. Mario 64, Ocarina of time, and Golden eye 64.

3 speed runs at once is quite impressive. Regardless of my thoughts on speed runs.

One of the largest video game ever is available to purchase on ebay for $164,000. 5700+ 50 systems including Complete Nintendo and sega minus 1 or 2 impossible to get games. At 1,443 views an hour, the seller has 366 offers. Every single one of them declined. You can check out the auction

And see the video of the collection below.

I am looking for his house as we speak.

That’s all I have for you this week tune in next week as we sell Rizz on Ebay! Thanks for tuning into Video game themed things from around the Internet…net…net!


Runners Up!

Man smuggles Cocaine in Xbox’s –

The Pikachu bed of Bobby’s dreams –

Portal 1 speed run. 8 Min completion

The video is called Portal done Pro-er….

Now there are some things in the video that make me doubt the validity of the video but i shall give them the benefit of the doubt.

They give this disclaimer on the youtube video.

“There were no cheats, hacks, or modifications made to the game while the speedrunning took place. Everything you see in this video can be done on a current Steam version of Portal without using any console commands. Any part where the video “stutters” or when a “console box pops up” signifies a segment. The console box is a demo artifact, and we couldn’t fix it from popping up. If you don’t believe us, download the demos below, and check them out for yourself.”

Watch and Enjoy. Or not. Up to you!

Speed Run my Arse. Ocarina of Time 25 min Speed run.

First off, This is what a true speed run looks like:

This is not. A speed run requires quick reflexes, a memory of the game and an ability to quickly recall that memory. What you will see below is someone taking advantage of a glitch and not play the game at all. Yet do everything in their power to exploit the fact that the software makes a mistake. I do not count this as a speed run. Nor should this game ever be subjected to such treatment.

Here is the video:

Heres the trick:

“The warp glitch reportedly allows the player to teleport from “Deku to Ganon’s Castle escape”, which means bypassing “adult, light medallion, magic, lullaby, and pretty much everything else”. The result is a child version of Link running around with an adult Zelda.”

This is a horrible way to treat a game that has great adventure and gameplay mixed with a decent difficulty level.

What do you guys think? Think this should count as a speed run? or is this just a gamer being lazy? Let us know in the comments below!