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Ladies and Gentlemen, it is your favorite post on the Internet today, at this time, on this website, Video game themed things from around the Internet…net…net! Join me as I point out some fun things I came across on my journey of the World Wide Web!

First up!

Just Cause 3 developer Avalanche Studios and Square Enix have announced a contest for Just Cause 3 in which the grand prize is a real-life island. In order to win players must come out on top of the Chaos Points leaderboard 90 days after the release of Just Cause 3 for a chance to win an island valued at $50,000 USD or a cash prize for the same amount.

Next up!

Splatoon meets Skyrim???

Talk about weird mash up!

Last but not least,

AndrewmFilms created a live action fight scene between Zelda and Peach! Check it out.

Shows that in the right hands Nintendo products will be taken care of! So good!

That’s all the time I have for this week’s edition of Video game themed things from around the Internet…net…net! Tune in next week for another leg of my journey!

Square Enix E3 Press Conference

SquareEnix returns to prominence, or at least the E3 big events.  The maker of RPGs and Lara Croft presented all their wares.  Here’s what stuck out:

Just Cause 3 

Rise of the Tomb Raider 

I’m an old school Tomb Raider fan, and this has been an amazing resurgance of Tomb Raider in the last gen consoles.  IGN’s commentary team called it “My favorite Uncharted game” coming up.  Worth looking for!

Lara Croft Go 

This looks like they played a TON of Monument Valley and Hitman Go and translated it to the Tomb Raider universe.  I am all in on this game.  I’ve played both of the aforementioned titles to death and I imagine I will do the same here!

Final Fantasy VII Remake 

It’s not new.  The trailer revealed at the Sony Press Conference, but it still impresses.  Aside from this, we did get news about FF7 coming to mobile by end of summer, and PC version to consoles by holiday!


It’s going to be a giant sandbox where if you lose your target, they’re not coming back.  The word is Square Enix is going to be adding content and community created contracts for a long time after release.  Very promising!

Kingdom Hearts 3 

It’s Disney and Square.  You’ve loved these ones.  It looks amazing, open, and you’re going to play it.  Let’s be honest.  BIG bad guys in this one too.  It’s come a long way from the boxy levels of the Playstation 2!

Kingdom Hearts Unchained 

This is a mobile version.  I’m all for that, and love the style, but it looks like Donald and Goofy are some sort of cards instead of actually in game?  I’ll be looking at this with a weary eye when it comes to iOS.


Square Enix managed to get me more excited than Nintendo in a longer presentation, and with only mildly weirder Japanese influence.

What did you think of Square Enix’s announcements?

Games for Gold kicking the year off big! And a helpful tip.

After ending on a slow note last month with Shoot Many Robots as the last free game for gold members of 2013, Xbox comes up strong in January with the next batch of free games.


Starting yesterday and through the 14th the free game for gold members is Sleeping Dogs. Sleeping dogs is an open world, action adventure game in which you try to infiltrate the Triad gang. The game did mediocre sales wise when released but was a popular new IP. The other game being given away this month starting on the 15th is Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light the download only title that was released on Xbox live, Steam and PSN.


So it seems as if they are off to a great start for the year. Also, as a reminder if you want these games and dont have time to play them if you confirm the purchase and cancel the download you will have these games available to you even after they are not available for free.

FINAL FANTASY III to join OUYA’s launch lineup in 2013

Square announced that FINAL FANTASY® III will debut with the new OUYA game console at its launch, which is currently expected for March 2013. Square Enix is also considering other titles for OUYA.

The OUYA game console is Android-based hardware intended to be played on televisions with game controllers. The OUYA version of FINAL FANTASY III will have, for the first time, a free-to-try demo version of the game, as well as renewed controller support.

First released in 1990, FINAL FANTASY III was the first title in the FINAL FANTASY series to become one million-seller, establishing once and for all that Square Enix’s classic RPG saga was here to stay. The full 3D remake released 2006 duplicated the original’s success, selling over a million copies worldwide, this version will be fully optimized for release on the OUYA console.

FINAL FANTASY III was a hallmark of innovation for the entire series, from the job system that lets characters change classes at any time to the ability to summon powerful creatures such as Shiva and Bahamut. When darkness falls and the land is robbed of light, four youths are chosen by the crystals to set forth on a journey to save the world.

Final Fantasy VII coming soon to pc…. again.

Looks like all your whining paid off gamers.

Final Fantasy VII is officially coming soon on Square’s online store.  Also, it does have some updates.

Listed on the site Achievements, Cloud Saves,  Character Booster, and maybe an in game currency micro-transaction dealio.  Sorry to disappoint you my Apple friends but this game is pc only and only through Squares webstore.

The game however is only listed as coming soon but there are some awesome complete character profiles to check out.  Go browse and get overly excited like I did over on

Excited? no? let us know in the comments below!




Stop asking for a Final Fantasy 7 remake already.

Every day Square Enix has to deal with countless upon countless requests for them to do a remake for its most popular game to date: Final Fantasy VII. These requests have been successfully shot down.

Well, not shot down per say. However at a press conference at Square Enix in Japan Yoichi Wada addressed these requests. He stated that they are ecstatic that VII remains so popular even 15 years later but that the goal is to create a game to surpass that mark. He went on to state that they have had discussions within Square regarding the remake and the goal is not to repeat themselves.

Wada stated in short that if they did a Final Fantasy VII remake that it would mean that the brand is finished. Therefore pushing themselves to do even better.

Listen Nerds, I want a Final Fantasy game that is better than VII. So stop freaking asking for a remake and let the company make not so good remakes.( That statement isn’t very fair considering that I havent spent quality time with a Final Fantasy game since sitting down with X)

What are your thoughts? Want them to keep trying or should they just cash in their chips? Let us know in the comments!


Welcome back Agent 47. Hitman Absolution.

Welcome back Agent 47.

As you may or may not know sometime this year(slated as a 2012 release) Agent 47 makes his return in Absolution. In January they held a special press event in the UK showing exclusive footage of the game and telling us about the game play. Well finally after 2 months the video is available for us to pass on to you!

Here it is exclusive behind the scenes footage and commentary from the creators.

If this video is any indication of how the game is going to be color me excited(whatever color that may be.)