Chachi Says Console Review: Super Mario Maker!

Welcome to a very special edition of the Chachi Says review series in which i sit down to review my first Wii U game, Super Mario Maker! We pre ordered and received this game on release day because well it’s an intriguing game from Nintendo. I haven’t been this excited about a new release since the last Call of Duty game. Let’s get to it! Welcome to Chachi Says Console Review: Super Mario Maker!

You start with unboxing the game. The game comes in a full cardboard box not just the plastic case because Nintendo included what they are calling a Mario coffee table book. It includes drawings and diagrams of creator possibilities that are good enough to be ripped out and framed. You can get the book here. It was uploaded by Nintendo for fans to download.

Game: Super Mario Maker

Developer: Nintendo

Platform: Wii U


Create or play others custom Mario Levels.

toolsGame Play:

The game starts with teaching you how to play the game. I don’t mean You press start game and read a tutorial, i mean you turn on the game and it puts you in an incomplete Mario level and walks you through finishing the level, while showing you the tools and then makes you complete the level.  From this point on you are free to do what you like. Now you don’t start with all of the usable content as is normal in a dyi type game. The longer you play the more you unlock. You start with Super Mario Brothers and Super Mario Bros U. level 1-1 styles and backgrounds. As you play you unlock more backgrounds and items for both styles. You can also unlock more styles as you play to include Super Mario World and Super Mario Brothers 3. Using what you unlock not only gives you more to add to the levels but also helps you unlock more items then next day.

creatorThere is also play mode in which you play the other player creations. This is where the game truly comes alive. Never have i heard someone say man, i have played way too much Mario because that is not a possible statement to be made. You have the ability to play, rank and comment on the levels you play but most people don’t bother.  Along with the normal search and play ability there is also the 10 and 100 Mario challenge. This challenges you to play and beat 8(for easy) or 16(for hard) player created Mario Levels with 10, or 100 Mario lives. Doing so will earn you mystery mushroom unlocks. Mystery mushrooms are a power shroom that you can assign silly costumes to. Dr. Mario, Link, Sonic, Kirby, Yoshi, Goombas…just to name a few. You can add these to your level and have Mario Transform into one of these special unlocks. they don’t provide any special ability but are cool nonetheless.

Sound and Graphics:

Its a Mario game that allows you to control the levels in a Mario game. The music and graphics are that of whichever game style you are creating with. There is also unlockables as you play the game allowing you to add special sound effects both already created and custom recordings for the sounds that you set for select actions. You can also unlock graphic effects such as fireworks and overall effects like haunted house scenes to scare your players into a panic.


This is everything you want in a DYI game. The ability to control the content in a Mario game, or playing what other people have created in a Mario game is something that should’ve happened a long time ago, however im glad they waited until technology was awesome to do it. As usual the graphics and sound come together but that goes without saying. I could do the overall like normal and say that everything meshes but its a Mario game so we know it meshes. I reached out to people that i know have played the game to get what they think about the game.

Rizz:  It’s a refreshing look at one of Nintendo’s oldest franchises and puts a spin on the fan created content that’s been out for years. 5 out of 5

Chick_Chris: Very Fun. Highly recommend. Good for all ages. 4.8 because i want all of the things now.

I give this game a 5 out of 5. A great new idea on one of Gaming’s mainstay. A great spin on the DYI game style and tons of fun.

5outof5Thanks for tuning into Chachi Says Console Review: Super Mario Maker! Ive got to get back to making Mario!