How To Record Let’s Plays From Your Gaming Console: TIME


Well, good evening everybody and welcome to a new venture that I want to focus my attention here on Insert Coin to Begin, home to all things games by gamers.

You heard us all talk about watching Let’s Plays, I even mentioned who are my favorite YouTubers when it comes to Let’s Plays. Now, I’m no Peanut Butter Gamer or AVGN but I find myself liking the stuff that I do on my PS4, that I want to bring something to the table because I like video games, you like video games so why not do a Let’s Play about playing video games?

As mentioned on the title screen, all I have is a Playstation 4 and most of these come from my experience with my console being the only thing that records other things.

Both Xbox One and PS4 give you opportunities to record your videos on either UStream or Twitch, I utilize both for different things (which I will get into in future How To’s) but today, I will discuss with you about timing and how to utilize that time to make sure more eyes are watching.

When I first started recording my videos (and you will see this in my early works down below after this paragraph), I was that guy that kept on rambling on and on and on about nothing, and it showed in my play thru. I was doing it on, possibly, the worst game to have my attention on something else. However, I spent 20+ minutes discussing a topic and after a while, I needed to just cut it loose.

So my first tip to you is make sure you cut down you game in meaty morsels.

The best way to do this is once you hit that record button on your PS4 or Xbox One, get a timer ready and find a solid timeframe to play. Normally, the average Let’s Play video goes for about 10-15 minutes plus some spillage, so using a timer on a watch or even the app on your phone will do.

10-15 minutes is the average length because it’s enough time for someone to watch you play the game without getting bored, and I’m a culprit that thought a 20+ minute video of me failing at playing Bloodborne while talking to you guys about video games is a boring 20 minute video.

Using Ustream, although cumbersome by starting and stopping and starting and stopping, is a good clean way to start and stop and control your time. Once you stop recording the video, you’re allowed to do whatever you want to set up for the next video.Not only that, you can spend your entire week within those few minutes. Personally, I normally knock out four videos in a mere hour, hour and a half.

It’s all on timing and how your use it, make it small and make it meaty.

Join me next week where I discuss another topic in making a Let’s Play on your home console.

Rizz Review: Quiplash

We here at Insert Coin to Begin love video games, I personally have a fondness of games that allow me to use the brain up in my brain-holder as much as possible. That’s why when I saw Jackbox Games, the creator of the classic You Don’t Know Jack series, expand their series with their new game on Kickstarter I had to jump in on that.

I’ve already talked about Quiplash whenever Jackbox came out with their intro commercial/YouTube video to backers. A fun little update that showed you what to expect when you popped in that game for the first time.

This past weekend, backers from all three walks of life got their codes to play this game before anyone else could and wouldn’t you know it? I was one of those lucky, lucky people that got my code for Playstation 4.

So, I decided to grab a few friends of mine and played Quiplash for a few minutes. At first, using your phone as a controller seemed a little wonky at times and watching if you were watching the Twitch stream instead of your phone, your chances of answering the question would have dropped.

After a while, though, everyone started to get the hang of it and began having a little bit of fun. Some of it calling this a “cool spin” on the Cards Against Humanity craze. What they meant by that is that it’s pretty much like CAH, but it’s PVP and every card that you pull is a blank card that has to entice the unsuspecting players of the game (as well as the audience).

The players who aren’t playing play as judges for that question and get to pick which one they like the most without knowing whom the cards belong to.

Overall, Quiplash is what I expected Quiplash to be. A fun game that allows you to expand a lot of things. You can do a local game with eight of your friends or you can hook it up to your Twitch account and expand your friendship all over the globe (and then post it online for everybody to see). So it’s money well spent and I will definitely play again.

Quiplash is available on Steam, Playstation Network and the X-Box Marketplace TODAY (Tuesday, June 30th). Pick it up, host a party, be a thing! It’s very fun!

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Boss Battle 107: That Fish Just Did a Hadoukena

twitch fish play street fighter This week on Boss Battle 107, we have our cast of Bobby (@bobbyfjtown), Chachi (@chachisays), and Sorg (@sorgatron) and Will Rutherford (@djlunchbox) from PanelRiot (@panelriot. On this weeks show:


  • We discuss our gaming achievements from the past week. – :30
  • The crew talks about Avengers Alliance and other Freemium games. – 7:00
  • In Video Game Themed Things From Around The Internet…net…net: GTA RPG, Time Traveler Boyfriend Sim and a Kickstarter for a video game sound documentary. – 10:15
  • In things you should be made aware of we talk about EA wanting 1 BILLION dollars in ad on sales and the high percentage of digital sells for PC games. – 19:25
  • Chachi tells us his thoughts on Llamas with Hats. – 26:50
  • We discuss some Nintendo news: Mario Kart DLC, Smash Bros, characters and Pokemon fighting games. – 29:00
  • We talk about the news of Amazon being Twitch for a significant amount of change. – 35:00
  • Lastly In our Final Round discussion, we talk about the Amazon/Twitch situation.

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Rizz Rant: Mobile Gaming on Twitch?

Today Twitch announced that they are producing a new app that will allow streaming mobile video games on their giant gaming streaming website.

In a statement, Twitch’s marketing executive Matthew DiPietro said that the “trifecta will soon be complete complete with our deep and concerted foray into mobile broadcasting”.

I don’t get it.

Would you watch someone play this on Twitch?

What will the point be for doing this? Does the “trifecta” really need to be met? Does the last peace of the streaming triforce need to be met? Should it?

I doubt that there’s a niche out there for people watching other people play other people while playing Words With Friends or I highly doubt that many grandmothers or mothers are online looking for people playing Candy Crush Saga.

Is there really a thing out there on Twitch that people want to see mobile gaming on their site? If there was, I would be really shocked. Twitch is a place where people watch things like League of Legends, World of Warcraft and other games of those genres. To have those games compare time and server space with seeing if someone is playing Words With Friends or any other Player v. Player game.

Also, that brings up another good point. the “With Friends” series is a turn based game and other people, like myself, are very slow in responding (those who I have games with, I will get to you in a bit…don’t hate) but the series has to have some problem with this, right? I mean, if we live in the world where we get all up in arms about privacy and the NSA wouldn’t Zynga and pretty much EVERYONE be up in arms about their names and pictures being plastered on a video website? For most of these people, they have no gamertags or nicknames and it’s their likenesses, their pictures, right there in front of millions of Twitch viewers for them to see.

Also, what the hell are you going to play on mobile Twitch? With Friends games, as earlier mentioned? FarmVille? Old GTA games? It’s pretty pointless to have mobile gaming be a part of a giant conglomerate, like what Twitch has become.

However, I would like to see how “Twitch Plays FarmVille” could work out…and then bang my head on my keyboard over and over again.


Boss Battle 81: Follow The Dong to Video Game Prison

Boss Battle 81: Follow The Dong to Video Game PrisonThis week on Boss Battle, we have our the cast of  Bobby (@bobbyfjtown), Chachi (@chachisays), and Mike Sorg (@sorgatron

). On this week’s show:

  • We discuss our gaming achievements of the week.
  • In Across The Net…net…net…net…net: Chachi talks about XBox One and marriage, Mario Seinfeld and Twitch/Pokemon/Tetris
  • Rizz gives his opinion on World of Tanks.
  • Buy a 3DS, a game and register and you will get a Pokemon X or Y!
  • We discuss how King has abandoned its attempt to trademark the word candy.
  • We discuss a mass murderer’s request.
  • In the Final Round, we discuss which three games we would select if we could only select three to play!

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Boss Battle 80: That’s a damn fine rock.

That's a damn fine rock.This week on Boss Battle, we have our the cast of  Bobby (@bobbyfjtown), Chachi (@chachisayspgh), and Mike Sorg (@sorgatron). On this week’s show:

  • We discuss our gaming achievements of the week.
  • In Across The Net…net…net…net…net: Chachi talks about Flappy Bert, NBA 2K14’s Space Jam Mode and Twitch playing Pokemon.
  • We talk about a Transformers game! Rise of the Dark Spark.
  • Sorg talks about how to play Nintendo games on your iPhone.
  • We talk how Ken Levin talks about moving toward smaller games.
  • In the Final Round, we discuss everybody’s choice for the best video game couple.

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Video Game things from across the Internet…net…net!

Ladies and Germs! Welcome to another exciting edition of Video Game things from across the Internet…net…net! We have a jam packed edition for you this week so….Lets get started!

There are so many awesome things this week and I don’t have space for them all so we keep the same format a few awesome things and some runners up!

The Flappy bird Phenomenon has yet to end. However, it did however get awesome and land on one of the most famous streets in the world. Sesame Street has gone Flappy! Flappy Bert is available! Even harder than the original but more fun! Heres the link!


Next up, Space Jam has finally taken the court in next gen basketball game! Pc game modder MGX has created what could be called the greatest mod in the history of modding. He created a mod for the PC version of NBA2K14 which allows both the Monstars and the Toon Squad….Complete…. with Bill Murray! Look at the Video Below.

You can check out his facebook page and see the other mods he has done by clicking right…

Last but not least!

Over at a social experiment is being done. Programming together an irc client and an emulator loaded with Pokemon thousands of people are currently plaing Pokemon on (Exact count at time of writing 70,450 people are playing. With 6.2 million people who have watched. ) The irc recognizes the default command of Up, Down, Left, Right, B, A, Start, and Select. It puts that command into the emulator so after a few seconds of processing the entire thing. BAM! Chatter controls the game. For one move. Honestly, its quite incredible. Check it out here


That’s all I have for you this week in Video Game themed things from across the Internet…net…net! If you find something video game themed that is weird or cool and want it featured here hit me up!

Check out this weeks Runners up below!

Tattoo Artist does sweet Street Fighter Dhalsim work.

Artist Re imagines classic video games as romance novels.