As you know the Smithsonian recently opened an exhibit of Video Games as Art. As you also may know, the manner in which the exhibit was pieced together comprised of two steps. 1 was a panel of industry experts. The next was a narrow down portion of votes by You, the American public!

However, NPR Contributor Harold Goldberg stated that the crowd sourcing model of the Smithsonian resulted in an exhibit that “feels horribly generic.” He also apparently suggested that the museum and the curator screwed it all up. Here is the article here:

Now, here is my take on Goldberg’s thoughts. At the beginning Yes, well thought out valid arguments. However, as the article went on if you looked really closely you could notice that Harry’s fan boy starts to peak out a bit… and by a bit I mean he is having an elementary school yard argument with a building.

Harry, buddy, we get it. You’re not happy. However whether you want to believe it or not you are reacting exactly how the Mass Effect 3 peeps were acting and they possibly ruined the video game industry as we know it. (different post, different time). You are not happy because you weren’t in charge. That’s all it is. You don’t like the fact that the museum put the power into our, the patrons hand, and that we picked games you don’t like. We get it. However, can we just be happy in the fact that hey, one of the coolest museums in the history of ever, has an exhibit on video games?

What’s your opinion on this? Do you agree with Harry, Me, or do you have your own opinion? Let us know what you think should’ve happened in the comments below.