Rizz Plays Minecraft: Story Mode Ep. 2: Assembly Required! (Part 1)

It took me this darn long to realize most of these Telltale-style games have a thing for weird jokes and puns. For instance, the title that I just said “Assembly Required” and wouldn’t you know? Your objection is to find people that are needed. How convenient!?

In this video, I recap what you all missed in the last episode by going through the entire catalog and show you how unique my game is, as compared to other people that play this game.

Join me next week where I continue my journey and, yes (of course) get lost in the process.

Rizz Plays Unmechanical Part 1 (and BONUS part 2)

In this episode, Rizz starts his journey to get out of the underground (while pressing random buttons, he causes the backstory to suddenly stop…because he’s so smart…)

ALSO, due to internet problems, here’s a special treat! PART 2 OF UNMECHANICAL (for, like, a minute).