Playing off screen: Hillary Rodham Clinton Presidential Playset!

Welcome to a segment we are going to call Playing off screen. Sometimes your favorite console stops working, your power goes out, your parents or significant other takes your console away because you forgot to take the trash out while playing your current favorite game and need to show some responsibility and for those moments you need to take it off screen. we’ll have just the thing for you!

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It’s election day so you need to Get out and vote! Done? Good! Now that you’ve done your patriotic duty you deserve to play and what a better thing to play with then the Hillary Rodham Clinton Presidential Play set (Available November 17th) from Quirk books. The amazingly fun yet simplistic paper doll play set is fun for all ages, sexes, and political affiliation….okay maybe not republicans but who knows!

From the get go you are met by HRC in her trademark pantsuit all ready to go. Don’t worry, she doesn’t always have to be in that pantsuit. You can put the presidential hopeful in 2 other pantsuits, presidential pj’s, ball gown not mention an expression for every situation. Don’t worry though she’s not alone on her quest to the White House. Retired husband Bill is back in the oval wearing his pj’s. He can spend his downtime playing the sax or mowing the lawn.

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The book comes with 3 different backdrops for the Former First Lady to spend her time in, The oval, front lawn or situation room await her. She doesnt have to go alone either. There are two different Supreme court justices, 2 celebs, 5 ghosts, or half of the republican party because even paper play sets need enemies. However, you dont need to worry about her safety, there is a secret service agent or the Freedom Eagle are there to protect her.


While fun there are some things that could be improved on or that just don’t make sense. One of the “white house ghosts” is Famous pilot Amelia Earhart. Take your time when popping the pieces out because while they are sturdy there are not cardboard more a heavy paper, Which makes the bases not as strong as they should be. Some of the outfits don’t work with the bases but that can fixed with a quick snip of the scissors. They are constantly releasing more characters, outfits, and backgrounds to increase your replay value.

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Overall, not a bad idea with a pretty good execution. The book is out November 17th and you can pick yours up over at!

And if Quirk books would release a version with Donald Trump we wouldn’t mind too much. wink wink nudge nudge.

Thanks for tuning in!

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Disclaimer: this was provided by Quirk Books in exchange for my online review.

All photos credited to: Christina U.

Video Game themed things from around the Internet…net…net!

Welcome to yet another exciting entry in the weekly saga known as Video Game themed things from around the Internet…net…net! We have an exciting edition for you this week and we will kick it off with a little bit of WTF!

For a short amount of time recently there was a petition on the US governments Click here site that was asking people to sign so that the national anthem could be changed from The Star Spangled Banner to…..Guiles Theme. Now, while im sure it would’ve gotten the nessacery votes, the problem with it is that we the people have the right to flag something if they believe it violates the terms of service. So that’s most likely why it was there. Trust me though it was there. Man, I should’ve grabbed a screen shot while I could…. Not cool America, Not cool.  Oh well. Enjoy the theme anyhow….. Dubstep REMMIIIIIXXXX!

CCP Games creator of online game EVE has decided that it will honor the past decade of regular EVE players by erecting a monument in real life to the current and deceased players of the game. The press released stated:

“The monument will stand atop a half a meter tall metal-plated concrete platform that will have the names of all the main characters of all active EVE Online players (as captured on March 1st, 2014) etched upon it. CCP will be honoring EVE players who have passed away by adding their names to the monument as well. A web-based application will assist in finding specific names on the monument’s surface.”

The monument shown below is meant to be a connector linking fantasy to reality. It is due to unveiled April 30th and will be located in downtown Reykjavik, Iceland.


Last but not least! Im sure that if you are reading this, you are aware of the rise and fall of Flappy Birds. You may have even played it, got frustrated and tossed your phone a few times Well, be frustrated no more fellow gamers! Hop over to your computer and click this link Then squish to you have your fill! So much more fun and entertaining. DIE YOU FLAPPING LITTLE BIRDS DIE!


Ahem… Sorry about that. As usual below is this weeks honorable mentions! Enjoy and we shall see you next week!


Honorable Mention:

LARPs: The series. This is only an honorable mention because technically it doesn’t fit the video game theme of the post article. Hilarious.

Always Sunny Gang makes into a Beat em up video game themed Art work. Click here!