It’s Almost Like They’re Listening!

As you know from my rant last week, Nintendo has some explaining to do.

They have a lot of leftover damage control left to, well, control. They have begun doing so this week.

Last week we said that one of the things that Nintendo should do is go mobile with their games. (click sentence for KOTAKU story)

It was reported later that week that Nintendo was thinking about having free apps and “mini games” available for the iPhone and Google Play stores in the future. Now, they have my slight interest. I don’t know if it’s going to be “mini games” as like the ones you see in Mario Party? If so I’d be interested in that. I would also be interested in something like Dr. Mario, seeing how big of a deal things like Bejeweled and Candy Crush Saga (Don’t sue me). This is what one of the things we were talking about, Nintendo needed to get with the times, as you see with other companies. You need to go mobile and having the 3DS as popular as it is, they probably finally realized that people are more willing to play these games on the go instead of shelling out for the WiiU or whatever they have in the future, and rightfully so. Oh! How about a Chicken Dash for Zelda?

Point for Nintendo!

That’s not all.

One of the other ideas that came through in our Nintendo brainstorm two weeks ago was that Nintendo also needed to find a way to license their games to other developers. (Click for story)

Well…Nintendo will now be licensing their video games to new partners. Now, that may sounds like a good thing and, to me, it’s 80% a good thing to me. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see a Mario RPG game by Square? Metroid by BioWare? Zelda by someone other than CDi (MY BOY!)?

Click for a very super secret story

But what about just dropping the WiiU all together? We discussed this in length on how a new/better system should be helpful for Nintendo. Well… (Click for story)

Nintendo is looking to bring out a new system next year. Next. Year. 2015. What? That’s interesting. What makes it even more interesting is that they are making this all about…your health, which is quite…peculiar but not out of the realm of outlandish things that the Nintendo company has done over the past few years.

For your health.

Studies showed that the Wii console and playing games, like WiiSports, that not only did hand-eye coordination improve but people who have had serious injuries and who were limited in what they were able to do AFTER injury or surgery saw major improvements.

So why not make a game based off your health and the health of gamers? It’s not like most of us need it, or anything. We are in peak physical condition, right?

Nintendo is in control of their sinking ship, they are doing whatever it takes to keep this bad boy afloat. Let’s see what happens. We’ll be expecting our checks shortly, I take it.

Reggie is still waiting, by the way.

What else should Nintendo do? What Mini Games are you interested to see? What Nintendo/Company pairings are you hoping for? Leave it in the comments below.

Rizz Rant: Nintendo, The First Step is Admittance

You know how we are always hard on Nintendo and keep telling you that the end is neigh for hardware making for the massive company? Nintendo has FINALLY become self aware.

GG Nintendo.

In a press release of its sale forecast, Nintendo brought up some interesting numbers. NOBODY IS REALLY BUYING THE WIIU!

Before, the big whigs over there at Nintendo projected that there will be 9 MILLION sales of the WiiU. Now, a more realistic number has emerged and Nintendo has, now, a lot of explaining to do. In the report, they claim that they are projecting to sell under 3 million units. THREE MILLION!

Let me put that in comparison, shall we?

The X-Box One sold 2 million units…in the first two weeks. The WiiU is projected to pass that mark. How is that possible? How? Is it because there’s not enough good games on launch for the WiiU? Is it because games like Zelda (rehashing not included), Metroid, Smash Bros. or any other good games weren’t out on launch? The short answer to every one of those questions is a resounding “YES!”

I hate to sound like a broken record, but if you’re Nintendo and you have all of these great franchises at your expense why aren’t you using these? There are other games besides Mario. Hell, the game console itself looks pretty good and the game pad is a useful piece of equipment. However, if you’re going to have that system look that good, make the software look good too. Rayman is good. Mario is better. ZELDA WOULD SELL MORE! METROID WOULD SELL MORE! Right now, everyone at Steam is just salivating at the fact that, now, they have a chance to go out there and become the third best selling game console this year, with the Steam Box/Machine. It’s a mockery to even call Nintendo a player in this game, not to mention their games that are coming out shortly look even crappier (and that includes whatever the hell “Hyrule Warriors” is supposed to be).

I’m proud that Nintendo has finally found out that they aren’t doing too good with the WiiU…something the people have already determined at launch and something that will always be remembered until SOMEBODY changes their mind. The Console Wars are consisted of Sony and Microsoft kicking the shit out of each other and Nintendo’s that little kid who skips down to the fight and says “Can I join?” but only after one Indian Burn is Nintendo running away crying.

If Nintendo stuck with the classics, the stuff that got Nintendo where it was with the N64 (neck and neck and neck with the big boys PS2 and Xbox), as well as building their brand and utilizing their technology better, they wouldn’t be in this mess and their in. Hell, you know what? If you want positive Nintendo news, Nintendo told Kotaku that the 3DS was the biggest selling gaming console of 2013. In fact, Nintendo has  nearly quintupled their sales of the Wii U with their sales of the 3DS.

Maybe you don’t have to sell the boat, here. Maybe selling the franchise’s top characters and games to Sony and Microsoft aren’t needed. Wanted, but not needed. Give Reggie more responsibilities, that man can produce diamonds out of dog poop.

All I’m saying is that Nintendo dug a hole that they can’t get out of. Now they need to look at each other and ask: “Now what?”

Nintendholm Syndrome: Why do we buy games over and over?


The other day I was looking through the Nintendo 3DS e-shop and noticed they were having a sale on Legend of Zelda Games.  I then proceeded to purchase 2 out of the 3 games that were available, even though I had both games for the NES, The next week I went back to the e-shop and there was a sale on my favorite franchise, Mega Man,  I had already purchased Mega Man 2. but Mega Man 1-4 were on sale, so I decided to purchase Mega Man 3 and 4, Even though I already had those games in NES cartridge form, and Mega Man Anniversary Collection.  What is it about classic games that we need to purchase and re-purchase?


I think it has a lot to do with how nostalgic it makes us feel, it feels great to play these old games, even though some may not be as great as we remember but the classics sure do hold up,  That’s why Nintendo puts these older games up for sale, playstation does the same thing with their classics on PSN, I purchased Destruction Derby from there and I know many people that have purchased and re-purchased final fantasy games,  Another reason the re-purchasing of games occurs is because they’re so easy to play now a days,  Nintendo cartridges were so tough to get to work at times, you’d have to blow in them, shake them, sometimes force them into the system, but with the e-shop they’re ready to play at the touch of a button,  Recently before out 25 hour game-a-thon, I decided to go to my local game shop and get some older NES games, I found Punchout and purchased it for $15, and just last week I found punchout in the e-shop for $5.00 so I basically paid $15 for a game from the 80’s  which is fine because it’s fun to play, and now I can take that game anywhere I want.

It’s not just re-released games as well, It’s whole franchises,  Nintendo has rehashed so many of their franchises and we keep coming back for more, The new releases of Super Mario 3d Land, and World on 3DS and WiiU recently and the newest game to be reborn a sequel to the SNES classic, Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, (which I purchased)  How many times have you said that you wouldn’t buy a Nintendo console only until the next Zelda game or Smash Brothers, or Mario Kart games were released, not to mention the new pokemon games that come out regularly.  There are even 2 slightly different versions of the same game with different pokemon on the box that a lot of us purchases both copies of.

That said, Nintendo knows what it’s doing, They have us with their characters, and the nostalgia, it’s like we’re familiar with them and trust them even though they have possession over our hard earned cash, this is an effect I’m calling the Nintendholm syndrome,  Have you fallen victim to them, How many games have you re-purchased in your gaming lifetime? Let us know in the comments?

Nintendo Direct August 7th, 2013 recap.

Earlier today there was a Nintendo Direct broadcast giving the gamers updates on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games that were touched upon at E3.

Not coming to us from a conference room on a random floor at Nintendo’s headquarters instead, a studio, or at least an all white background. It wasn’t E3 or they figured we didn’t care so it wasn’t touched on this time. Instead Iwata got straight to business!

This is just some of the highlights i was excited by the highlights, to watch the full 28 min presentation(despite the opening screen saying 27) Its added to the end of this.


They showed gameplay footage of the newest installment in the Legend of Zelda series A Link between Worlds. Of course this caught my attention as its a sequel to one of my favorite LOZ games of all time, A Link to the Past. Iwata pointed out that its a sequel in that it happens after the first, so Ganon is locked away. The landscape of the game is similar but looks like what would happen of a few decades of time. The Link in the game is most likely an ancestor to the other but not the same. He also pointed out straight from the beginning that the game features not one but two Triforces, one of the light and one of the dark, so im excited to check it out. Following this they previewed graphics from Wind Waker HD. It looks crisper but since the broadcast was not in HD and i wasn’t watching in HD its hard to tell. Iwata also pointed out that they cleaned and sped up the wind actions from the game and finished this section with explaining that Wind Waker takes place before Phantom Hourglass. (which you would know if you bought the Hyrule Historia)

Later in the presentation they touched on the fact that it’s the Year of Luigi. Announcing that for the first time ever Luigi himself would be a playable character in Smash Brothers. No video just a screen shot of the green brother in battle. He then moved on to touch on Mario and Luigi Dream Team pointing out the various dream worlds and features that are in the game.


So while they showed a lot of cool stuff, still nothing other than the price that makes me really want to pick up a Wii U. Maybe when they finally show gameplay footage or announce the Zelda game in production for it, will i be tempted.

Note: the US version would not let me embed it. so this is the uk version for the gist of it all.

Video streaming by Ustream

What are your thoughts? Excited for the Nintendo yet? Still on the fence? Let us know in the comments below!

Let’s Play 52: Hello Princess Peach

LetsPlay52This week on Let’s Play 52, we have Bobby (@bobbyfjtown) Chachi (@chachisays) Mad Mike and Mike Sorg (@sorgatron) talking gaming!

  • The cast talks about what games they played this week.
  • A Boy and His Blob what di everyone think after they replayed it.
  • Mad Mike said it was a new experience for him; a very interesting game.
  • Sorg said the game was impressive in all that it could do for an NES game.
  • Bobby did not think the game held up, and Chachi forgot to play it!
  • American Idol winner Taylor Hicks was in the Super Smash Brothers tournament, did he win like he did in American Idol?
  • SkyRim mods are out there! Yes there is a PokeMon related one!
  • Ultimate Warrior is in WWE 2K14! The current graphics might be the games ultimate challenge.
  • Chachi got to test out some new Wii U games at a local Best Buy, find out his thoughts on these games.
  • How does Wii U compare with other systems? More Chachi insight! Is his loyalty to Nintendo getting the best of him?
  • A new Street Fighter tournament was held and guess what?; a new game and new characters are coming!
  • What has Jon Stewart been doing? How does it relate to gaming?
  • The Steam summer sale is going on. Why is Sorg avoiding it? The cast talks some Steam.
  • GameFly is it effective? Mad Mike enjoys it, but there is some leeriness to using it.
  • Wii U is it just a party console? The cast discusses this issue!
  • Boss Battle: What character do you trust to safe your life?
  • Bobby says it would be Drake from Uncharted, Sorg said Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, Mad Mike says Mario (played by Anthony Hopkins?!?) and Chachi hates on Link for a minute, then goes with Samus from Metroid as his savior.
  • The challenge for this week is Silver Surfer. The hardest game of all time!

Make sure to check us out live at 8 PM on and follow us on Twitter @insertcoingtb !


Miss a link?  Check out the Show Notes!

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Let’s Play 47: Reggie’s Body isn’t Ready

LetsPlay47BobbyfjtownSorgatronChachi, and Rizz talk about the Delta Six Controller, Fable Anniversary, and E3 memories

Boss Battle Question: What was your pick for best game at E3?

This week’s challenge: Mario is Missing 

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Kinect Adventures: Gaming with Big Brother


The Future is here,  Well, not yet, but sometime around Holiday 2013 it will be upon us,  Are you ready?  We talked about  the Xbox One reveal on our podcast last week, the majority of us said they would purchase the console, public opinion, now that’s a different story.  Many thought the event was targeted more towards Mom’s and Dad’s who didn’t know what a video game was, and would rather have an all in one entertainment center instead of the next big high definition graphics powerhouse that this gen consoles should be.  (I am looking toward E3 because that is where all the games will be announced) I don’t think this event was targeted toward the hardcore gamers.  It was to show the possibilities of the new X-box to consumers they are trying to corner the market on.  Microsoft already have the gamer market with this gen’s console, however don’t think they have forgotten about us.  I think more will be revealed at E3. That being said, I want to take the time to talk about one of the possible downsides of the Xbox One, Privacy.

With the Kinect sensor being on all the time, or the possibility of it being on all the time, (Microsoft said that it can be turned off but it will always be listening) Does this affect your purchase of the console, to be spied on all the time by a robot that monitors your every move, feeling, how many people are in a room?  The possibilities are endless with this technology but what are the costs,  Say for instance you like to game in your underwear, (I know there are some of you) Will the Kinect be monitoring your every move in your skivies, or if you are in your birthday suit, will the kinect allow someone to possibly hack into your system to see your naughty bits.  Who knows, I’ve heard stories of laptops with cameras being hacked to reveal the most intimate of people’s personal lives.   It’s scary, that’s what the future is becoming though,  It could also be used as a great tool for advertisers.  The company could monitor your feeling when an advertisement is displayed on the xbox and could send feedback on what you were aware of when you were viewing it, how you felt when viewing it etc.  Will they start to advertise directly to you like your e-mail and facebook have started to do?  Will companies put up big bucks to purchase your information that you send through that little camera sensor?  Should they have to pay for it and should you have to pay for it?

Another possibility is that, for example, say you order the latest Pay Per View and have a party with some friends over,  Will the Kinect notice that you have more people than are licensed to watch the event, (Microsoft has patented something similar to this) Would you pony up more money to have your friends over to watch the big game or PPV when you would have to buy more licenses to watch it? The Kinect may make you do that.

It also could be a good thing that will allow us to have more interactive television shows, imagine skyping in to a 1 vs 100 style game show, or voting for contestants in a reality show, or taking part in a nationwide game of charades, you never know the Kinect can do, so you take the good with the bad.

The possibilities with the new system are great, I think I’m going to buy one myself but I’m going to be careful what I present to the Kinect sensor in the future.  The future is a scary place, but it could also be wonderful, we just have to wait a few more months.  What are your thoughts on The Privacy concerns with the system?  Do you think the PS4 will have a similar problem with the Move?  Or Nintendo with the WiiU? Let us know in the comments!

Itsa Me! Luigi!


Nintendo has announced that 2013 will be the “Year of Luigi” in the land of Mario.


Nintendo announced that along with two Mario games for the 3DS, a new installment of Mario Golf (Mario Golf: World Tour) and a new RPG called Mario  and Luigi: Dream Team, they are releasing Luigi based games and DLCs that will make the youngest child in you jump for joy.

The Year of Luigi will come to the Wii U as Nintendo will release a plethora of levels that will feature the tall lanky brother of Mario. How much is a plethora, you may ask? Well, how does EIGHTY LEVELS OF THE GREEN SUIT?! HM?! Iwata announced that this DLC of “Super Luigi U” will be a “”large-scale downloadable content which is similar to the development of full software.”

Let’s go down the list of successful games that came out after they were touched my Mario’s magic wand, shall we? Donkey Kong, Yoshi and Wario all had their faces featured on more than one game in their line of games. Diddy Kong, son of Donkey Kong, also had a very successful run of video and racing games.

Luigi, though, has gone through the ringer. Luigi’s Mansion was the closest Luigi has got to make a splash in the gaming atmosphere. Eesh. Also, let’s not forget…even though I’m trying to not vomit when I type this…Mario is Missing. Maybe this is the time that Luigi Mario gets his come-uppings.

Here is hoping that this doesn’t suck. Also, let’s hope WaluigiWare is not far behind. Presents: Lets Play! Episode 16

Chachi is joined by Bobby and Rizz  this week, the crew talks about what they played this week, Bad guys and creatures we love and hate, what our gaming habits are, and whether we want a Wii U or not!.   This week’s challenge is Major Mayhem. So, Check it out and Give us some feedback.

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Dragon Age 3 Announced: No One Expects the Dragon Age Inquisition!

 Today it was announced that Dragon Age 3 will finally be hitting consoles sometime in the near future,  The game was in question because some thought that 2 wasn’t a great follow up to the popular Dragon Age: Origins.  I for one really enjoyed Dragon Age 2 and am looking forward to getting my hands on The Inquisition,  Not much is know about the game at this time but it will take place in Orlais.  Which if you studied up on your Dragon Age lore is where Dragon Age: Origin party member Leliana is from.


The game will also feature a new group that your character will be a part of called the Inquisition.  Of course you’ll select from different classes like Rouge, Mage, and Warrior among others, but little is known about character customization or story yet.  Will Sandal finally be a party member?

The game will also boast a new RPG engine called Frost bite 2 from the kind people at DICE.  The game promises to offer both tactical and intense RPG action, with new and exciting locals.  Could there finally be an open world Dragon Age game?   Time will tell and we’ll update you when more information is available.