Rizz Review (+ RANT): WWE 2k15 for the X-Box 360

When I first saw that THQ was going under and 2K, the makers of some serious video games that are in my arsenal right now, is going to take over the production of WWE’s video game series, I was excited. EVERYONE was excited! When the new guys got in it, video game wrestling fans were about to rejuvenate the WWE brand in the video game market!

When we saw the graphics, we saw some amazing graphics. We saw awesome gameplay graphics…from the actual game, not even cutscene graphics. We saw EVERYTHING WE NEEDED TO SEE IN THIS GAME!

Then we saw that they were going to revamp the career mode and make it better than it was ever before, putting your guy in the middle of everything and making it harder to get to the top of the WWE, making it challenging, making it more fun, making it one of the best wrestling games of the year! I WAS EXCITED! SO EXCITED I BOUGHT THE GAME STRAIGHT UP DAYS BEFORE THE GAME CAME OUT!


The roster came out and is the smallest roster out of any recent WWE video game.


Then the CAW Mode was rumored to only going to be available in the newer versions.


It came out for the older systems and…well…it’s out!

I am not going to lie to you guys. I claim that you are all my friends and it pains me to say this: it’s worse than WWE 2k14. There. I said it. This game is bad. Really bad. Remember those cool graphics in all of those commercials? Yeah, not in this game. Remember the CAW mode? Yeah, not in this game. Remember how they said that this was going to be the best game in the series? Yeah, must be talking about the game that’s coming out for the Xbox One or PS4.

I get that the Xbox One and PS4 are the new kids in town and I get Microsoft and Sony want more people to buy their newer stuff and forget about the older systems. I get that. Hell, if I get a PS4, there are going to be some games that I transfer over from 360 to One or PS4. You want to know why? Because I was entertained by that game. Playing WWE 2k15 wasn’t good, it wasn’t even like I was playing a demo for the newer systems.

Playing WWE 2k15 doesn’t make me want to play it on a newer system, something that WWE, Sony and Microsoft should have mentioned in their little pitch. In fact, it makes me want to pop in a game of WWE 2k14, same graphics and no NXT mode…but more in depth and a lot more replay value than 2k15. I liked the fact that they withheld SOME things but to only have a shell of a game with shit graphics when there are full games coming out for both generations and they both look marvelous for BOTH SYSTEMS.

Hell, WWE 2k15 doesn’t even make me want to BUY a newer console. Sony and Microsoft had a chance to show off their game to the people that are still on the fence on getting a newer system and what did they do? They dropped the ball. You know, I would of loved to hear the conversation between 2K guys whilst on a conference call with the big whigs:

“Hey boss.”
“Hey, how is that WWE 2k15 coming? Big day is right around the corner!”
“It…it’s going great! But, hey, I got an idea.”
“Let’s hear it.”
“Well, why don’t we make the old generation video game look like total garbage so that people would HAVE to get the newer generation console in order to get the better game. We take out all the cool stuff that we said we were going to have. No CAW story, crappier graphics and just a shell of what we have for this game.”
“But what if they don’t like it?”
“They’re wrestling fans. They will just start chanting ‘CM PUNK’ repeatedly and still buy a Xbox One/PS4 anyway.”

I don’t know if this is WWE’s fault, 2k’s fault, or Microsoft and Sony’s fault for making this game as bad as it is for the older systems. It’s just bad and makes me regret getting this game and getting hyped for it. I may take the same route as I take with the Call of Duty games and just wait for a later date to see if the game is actually playable and appealing,

I am especially upset about Microsoft on this one because they were the ones who was pushing hard at E3 about having new content come out for the Xbox 360 for five years after the Xbox One. FIVE! WWE 2k15 is a new game….but it’s the same graphics and with a smaller roster to, you know, work on those graphics (?).

I’m just very upset and disappointed in 2K, WWE AND even myself on being sucked in on the hopes of “Hey, maybe this game could be good” because, since we’re talking about the older systems, it’s not. It’s really, really, really not. *sigh*


Mobile Monday Review: WWE Supercard!

Making his way to the ring, from parts unknown, weighing in at 200 lbs……The game review champion of ICTB ChachiiiiiiiSayyyyyyyyyyssssss! *pyro booms, music hits* Ladies and gentlemen Welcome to this weeks Mobile Monday Review! This week I take a look at, play and report back to you my review of WWE Supercard!

titleGame: Wwe Supercard
Developer: 2k Games Inc
Platforms: Android, iOS

Collect, train and combine your cards in order to get the three count on your opponents cards to prove your dominance.

As far as card games go its rather simplistic gameplay. Pick the card that you have in your line up that has the highest in the category for the round. The game starts with you receiving your starting pack that is common and uncommon cards. From that you can set the line up consisting of 5 wrestlers, 4 male, 1 female.

modes1In exhibition mode you have a line up of the main line up of wrestlers that you set with a champ that represents your group. You have your choice of 4 opponents to face in a match. Which will allow you to get the hang of the game. Win? get two picks of cards to add to your deck, lose? get one. You can use these cards to replace your line up or train your line up and make them stronger.

match1In King of the Ring mode you have two line ups of 5 cards the starters and the back up. In this auto run tournament of 45 initials matches you log in and switch out the lines in order to keep the energy of the cards full. The further you make it in the tournament the bigger the prize. At first its rare and super rare cards, as you progress it gets to better prizes.

kotr1Sound and Graphics:
The graphics in this game are extremely well done for being a card game. Although it is 2k so its to be expected. The cards do wrestling moves to each other during the matches. That’s right, the cards do the moves. So its a card suplexing another card. They also have entrances in an arena. The sound in the game doesn’t really need to be there. it took a few weeks for me to realize that there is a score. The music is well done as well. However, this is all on par with what 2k should’ve done in the first place.

Overall, the game is entertaining and doesn’t require a lot of attention. You can set a King of the Ring line up and let it go as long as you log in and change the cards out for fresh ones. The graphics and sound combined with the gameplay itself make this game the perfect mobile game. Something to kill time with while waiting in line somewhere or on the toilet. I give this a 5 out 5.

5outof5Thanks for tuning in to this week’s Mobile Monday Review: WWE Supercard ! Have a game you think I should review? Email me at chachisays@gmail.com, hit me up on twitter @chachisays, or leave a comment below! Tune in again next week for another Mobile Monday Review!

Games You Should Be Made Aware Of: Action Arcade Wrestling 2



Welcome to the first installment of Games You Should Be Made Aware Of, in which I play various games and tell you whether they’re a waste of time, or whether you should check them out.  The first game I played was Action Arcade Wrestling 2…So without further ado…


So to wrap up my experience, I think it’s worth a download, not sure if it’s worth a purchase at the 240msp price point but if you’re into wrestling games check it out.


WWE2K14 To have the Roster to end all Rosters?




With the annoncement that WWE2K14 (it’s easier to right a 0 than a K) would include a new mode called “30 Years of Wrestlemania” mode, should be a welcome announcement to all WWE Fans.  This may mean that the roster size will increase by a bunch, or a lot.  Only 3 classic matches have been announced so far, Hulk Hogan vs Andre The Giant from Wrestlemania 3, The Rock vs Hollywood Hulk Hogan from Wrestlemania X8 (also easier to write a 1 than an X) and The Rock vs John Cena from Wrestlemania 28.  According to Kotaku there are going to be about 40 classic WWE Wrestlemania Matches, Which could mean an increased roster of classic Superstars.  This could mean the largest roster in a WWE Game or any wrestling game for that matter.  This could make up for the lack of awesome graphics from Yukes the last few years, then again, it might not, but either way it actually has me interested in WWE 2K14.   What classic matches would you like to see?  What classic Superstars would you like to see?  Let us know in the comments!

BREAKING: Take Two Interactive to buy WWE Game License



According to IGN.com,  Take Two Interactive is set to buy the WWE Game license from THQ.  THQ, Who recently filed for Bankruptcy, was set to liquidate the WWE License, What are your thoughts on this,  Are you excited?  I know I’m excited about the prospects of an NBA 2K like presentation for WWE Games possibly with a Bioshock or Borderlands graphical presentation,  More on this breaking news can be found here

WWE ’13 Collectors Edition announced

In what could only be seen as a push for Punk/Austin at the next Wrestlemania, THQ(while trying not to be sued over uDraw, which is happening.) has announced that the collectors edition of the next entry in the WWE series will be none other than the Rattlesnake himself Stone Cold Steve Austin.

So there you have it, Special Case with embossed Austin skull, in game content, bonus dvd and signed picture. Is that enough to make you buy what in my opinion is just WWE ’12 part 2? or not? Let me know in the comments below!

Oh, yeah, This happened also…… only on preorder for now though!

Source: Ign.com

Things not looking so good for THQ

Within the past two weeks, THQ has had the following happen:

1. THQ gave up the UFC rights after failing to break even on the latest release in the series. WHICH

2. Lead to the release of an undisclosed amount of employees from their San Diego office. Which was responsible for the WWE Allstars game, UFC games and the TNA wrestling game along with many more. They are reportedly looking for solutions for relevant employees including employment with EA.

3. They are being investigated by a Georgia Law firm for False and Misleading information about how well their failed device the uDraw would be. The law firm stated that they knew in advance that it was not going to succeed but failed to make this fact known to investors who suffered monetary losses because of this.

I’m shaking my head. Ok, THQ lets recap! You lost a franchise that had potential to make you money because MMA is still on the rise. Which lead to an office full of people losing their jobs. Then, you marketed and released a device you knew was failing before you released it. About right?

We have a history THQ, not as long as my history with Nintendo, but still a history. So many wrestling games, matches, story lines etc etc together. I usually don’t wish companies ill will but after all of this i kind of hope you bankrupt and pass the torch to a company that wants to be in the game making business. At this point, its all but clear that you have given up.

It’s at this point that I’m going to go ahead and predict that WWE ’13 is not going to break even causing you to go bankrupt in 2013. Prove me wrong! i really hope you do but at this point when i shake my magic 8 ball, All signs point to no.

What do you think? think they will survive or is this a nail in the lid of the coffin? Let us know in the comments below!

THQ takes a Hit.

Game Company THQ is being sued by shoe company Adidas over what Adidas is calling lost revenue from a deal that THQ botched.

A few years ago THQ signed a deal with the shoe giant to make a video game incorporating the companies miCoach device and was promised to have a game out on shelves by January 2012. However as you can tell, no such game has made it to the shelf considering its March of 2012.

This hit is going to hurt THQ more than a little bit. Considering that the company is reporting that revenue is going to be down by half this year and all the layoffs(including some from the games production staff).

Adidas is seeking monetary compensation around 10.6 million dollars and demanding that THQ release whatever materials they have regarding the game to someone else which up until now they have refused to do.

Is this too big of a hit for the company who’s stock is being threatened to be removed from Nasdaq?(source: http://www.oregonlive.com)

We shall wait and see. Only time will tell. My question is what company is going to take over Wrestling games if THQ goes under?