Games You Should Be Made Aware Of: No Luca No! and WiWi’s Adventure 3




On this version of Games You Should Be Made Aware Of, I look at the Xb0x Live Indie Arcade Classic No Luca No! and Newcomer Wiwi’s Advenure 3.







A Rizz Among Us

So…Telltale Games is back.

For those of you who don’t know what Telltale Games are, they are the ones who made the BETTER version of the Walking Dead games, which was based on the comic book and not the hit television show (although the television show was probably the main reason that Telltale MADE the comic book version of the game). Their artistic style in video games are, probably, one of the most unique looking games because of the artistic differences between this game and other games. Telltale went for the comic book style with Walking Dead and it paid off.

NOW they are at it again with A Wolf Among Us. Just like The Walking Dead, A Wolf Among Us takes place in a series of events, the first episode is called “Faith”. They are also taken from comic books called “Fable” and follows around Detective Wolf who goes through the town of Fabletown to solve a series of murders that are, obviously, connected. Along the way you meet Mister Toad (a very foul-mouth British toad), one of the three “little” pigs (he’s not so little), Tweedle Dee AND Tweedle Dumb, Snow White, Ichibod Crane, Beauty and the Beast and…heh…the Woodsman (Once you play, you will understand why I chuckle).

The gameplay is very simplistic, as it is more of a choose your own adventure game, where the things that you choose to do are going to either help or haunt you down the road in either that episode or other episodes of the game.

However, being someone who hasn’t read the comics that this game came from, I did not feel like I was lost. It made it so that I could play this game without knowing the backstory of reading the comics and, to me, that’s awesome because this game IS AWESOME! The color scheme, the storyline, the character development, the game play. It was all good and I can’t wait for the rest of the episodes.

Again, I don’t think I have to read the comic just to get the scenes in this game and I probably won’t because I can create my own story (hopefully, it will be a good one too and…live happily ever ever?). That’s why I liked Mass Effect so much, there’s not a destined path to take in this game and it’s a create your own story storybook.

Not to mention it’s around $5 an episode ($15 for the season pass) and it’s worth a try, if you’re into Telltale Games style or the comic book.

Have you played the game? Read the comics? What did you think of it? Leave it in the comments below

Rizz Reviews: Payday 2: Extra Nutty

Payday 2 is a strange case.

It has potential and it is very entertaining, as you are a serial robber going to multiple locations on a map (called CrimeNet) and doing missions which rank in difficulty with either two AI buddies, random people or friends.

Overall, the graphics in the game are quite good, not really on the level of say a Grand Theft Auto, but decent. There is a lot of things happening at once: drill the safe, shoot the cops, tell the hostages to get down on the ground and try not to shoot them in the process of shooting, makes sure you’re in a secure place, watch out for smoke bombs, watch out for the SWAT team coming through with riot shields, and snipers and guys going through the roof, keeping your partners in crime safe from those same attacks.

The one bad thing is that this has the thing I like to call the “Fighting Online Game” aspect to it. There was one moment in the game where I was minutes away from getting the loot from the safe in a nightclub, SECONDS AWAY! Well, the game pauses and there was a countdown because there was someone joining me in this life of crime. It’s not that I didn’t want the help, the AI was kind of useless at the time. However, when I’m trying to get that cash…don’t stand there with the second bag and get shot up. I have to get paid!

So now, I fail at the robbery. It restarts and the other guy isn’t there. However, now I have to go back up and do everything all over again. But where this gets weird is…everything is different. I went to where I thought the secured area was and…shit, there are guys playing poker! Nothing to see here!

I like the random aspect of it. Usually in video games, you die and then you get to retrack your steps and try your luck with a healthier you. In Payday 2, you die and it gets even harder with new paths to take and once you get up to the selected area, THERE ARE GUARDS! Hoofah!

This game isn’t perfect. It’s not supposed to be, I think.

However, this game is unique in that there are different ways on completing the mission and going about performing it. You can be a little sneaky snake, get in and get out, or you can just bulldoze your way through, smash and grab, and take out everyone (with a gun) in your way on your way on a big cash-in.

However, the way YOU want to do it is not always the way that the people who are playing online, going back to the random squad mates who just decide to do things stupid and not smart.It’s challenging but it’s also fun and for the pricetag ($39.99) and the space it needs to download, I say it’s worth a try. Also, if you need anyone (other than the randomness AI or the even more random players) feel free to hit me up on the Twitters (@TheeRizz).

Games You Should Be Made Aware Of: Action Arcade Wrestling 2



Welcome to the first installment of Games You Should Be Made Aware Of, in which I play various games and tell you whether they’re a waste of time, or whether you should check them out.  The first game I played was Action Arcade Wrestling 2…So without further ado…


So to wrap up my experience, I think it’s worth a download, not sure if it’s worth a purchase at the 240msp price point but if you’re into wrestling games check it out.


Rizz’s Review: State of Decay

So on a whim, I went out and purchased State of Decay for the Xbox Live arcade.

For those of you who don’t know, State of Decay is an open world zombie game which looked quite awesome from the previews. For instance, take a look at this trailer.

Graphically, this game is average at best. However, with the price tag of $19.99 it is worth the money. It was one of those things where the price tag shows how graphically different it looked like if Undead was more of a Bethesda or Ubisoft type of company and produced a physical copy of a game (have you SEEN the Walking Dead Survival Instinct? No? Good. Don’t. It sucks.).

The open-world, though, is pretty damn good…for the price. Zombies look like zombies, people look like people, blood looks like gruesome blood. It looks realisticish and really shows some depth.

The controls are normal. You get a weapon, swing the weapon, swing the weapon over and over again until the zombie’s head bursts all over the place. I’m pretty sure that explains EVERY zombie game out there but it’s easier to do than button mash for different combos. There are different weapons, from melee to guns to throwing explodey things (‘nades, Molotov cocktails, etc.) and makes the game more realistic, if zombie games needed to be “more realistic”.

The one thing that I have to say, though, that there are times when you see one or two zombies, sparse times where you see a horde of zombies and there are more than enough times where…there’s nothing but open spaces. It controls like Dead Rising but the zombies per human is more like Dead Island. However, they allow you to get more hordes just by rummaging through dead people’s luggage and toolboxes and whatnot, which make noises if rummaged through (louder noises if you choose to rummage faster). The map icon on the bottom left is a helpful tool, as it shows not only where you are on the map but it also shows how much noise you’re making. If you make too much noise, zombies WILL come over and find you.

I didn’t get much into it, yet, but I believe the more survivors you get, the bigger and stronger your group will get over time. Also, your safehouse is highly customizable. You can build different huts inside the gated compound (hospital, armory, etc) and have your compound be awesome.

If I could name my safehouse, I would most definitely call it Fort Kickass. Because that’s what I am and that’s what I do to zombies.

So far, it is a very satisfiable zombie game especially for the pricetag.

What zombie game would be more realistic in the real zombie apocalypse?

REVIEW: BattleBlock Theater

Background: This is all the background that you need in the game.

CapturebbtGameplay: The gameplay is simple. Every room has 9 required levels, a “boss” and three time trial “Encores”. In order to pass to the next level, you must maneuver your character across the level and collect green gems for currency and yarn balls that can be traded in for special weapons (ice cubes, boomerangs, exploding paper planes, exploding frogs, etc.). The minimum amount of gems that you must collect is 3, however there are a total of seven gems in each level all ripe for the picking. The levels progressively get more difficult as the game progresses and the platformed maps get larger and filled with new ways to torture you.

After you played all 9 levels of the first room, there will be a “boss”. It’s not technically a boss as it is a giant two level speed run of doom where, in the allotted time, you must collect enough gems in order to collect the key to the next locked area where you need to go. Nothing is more frustrating than these levels. Nothing.

After grabbing the key, if you want to do the three bonus levels you can. In each bonus round, you will have a time trial where you must finish the level quick, AKA kind of the same thing for the boss but with one level instead of two. Equally as frustrating, as well.

The gems you collect during these are used to purchase heads (no really). You release prisoners for their heads…it’s kind of creepy. However, this ALSO makes the game highly customizable to what you want to do. There are plenty of meme references, Ren and Stimpy-like faces and others that will make your character unlike the next. Heck, I even saw Waldo.

Did I mention it’s awesome when you have a friend to play? Either local or X-Box Live connections will allow two to play the levels and four to do battles. So…if you want…feel free to be awesome with me on X-Box Live.

Graphics: The cut scenes (as you saw in the introduction to the game itself) feel like you’re not even playing a video game and you’re watching a puppeteer doing his thing. Also, they are quite entertaining and get even more entertaining as the story progress. The graphics in the cut scenes help tell the story. In the gameplay, the graphics show depth and the design is something that isn’t normally seen in the Xbox Live Arcade section. Everything from the enemies to the bombardment of mortars to, my favorite, the things that happen in the background are pretty cool…the vibrant colors don’t hurt, either (I like the pretty colors).

Overall: This game is 2013’s Fez. The graphics and the all-around play-ness makes me not want to pop in Call of Duty or any physical copies of a game and play XBLA (I RARELY do that). If you have 1600 Microsoft Points, download this game. If you don’t, get 1600 Microsoft Points and download that game. It will be well worth it.

Capcom Announces Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Joystiq broke the news on their website that Capcom, the makers of Marvel vs. Capcom, has announced they are going to re-release the retro game “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure HD” for XBox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

For those that don’t know, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure was originally released for THE SEGA DREAMCAST! Remember the Dreamcast?! The game is, now, considered one of the weirdest games in history. I got to say, they’re not wrong. I, myself, never played this game but seeing videos and screen shots of this game and, holy shit, is it weird.

See that? At 0:55 and 1:19, some guy used a STEAMROLLER AND BEGAN POUNDING SAID STEAM ROLLER THAT HAS HIS OPPONENT UNDERNEATH IT! You know how weird/awesome that looked?! Wow! I’m definitely going to try to pick this game up…if it’s reasonable. I wonder how much it’s going to be. Oh boy, they DO have a price!

$19.99 for Playstation Network and 1600 for XBLA?! Yikes! This better be worth my time and money and, most importantly, my Xbox memory.

Have you had a bizarre moment in a game? Whether it be a glitch, a weird Easter egg, multiplayer experiences, single player experiences? Leave it in the comments down below.

Expendables 2 ANNOUNCED!

The title says it all.

In this game, release date is unannounced, you are going to take control of one of the four main characters in the game. Whether it is Barney Ross (Sly Stallone), Hale Caesar (Terry Crews), Yin Yang (Jet Li) or Gunner Jensen (Dolph Lundgren), you get to take control and ass kick through the jungle and shoot people and EXPLOSIONS! LOTS AND LOTS OF EXPLOSIONS!

This game will be available on XBox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, and PC and will feature a four player online co-op, so all of your friends can join in on the fun and EXPLODE THINGS WITH YOU! DID I MENTION THERE’S EXPLOSIONS?!

The picture Ubisoft, yes THAT Ubisoft, showed featured the four player system that KIND OF looks like something from, yet another Ubisoft shoot-em-up, Shoot Many Robots, as it looks like it’s a four person side scroller style, but instead of robots you shoot baddies everywhere, some of which are flying a helicopter quite low. Instead of bullets, you get to kill your enemies WITH EXPLOSIONS! TONS OF EXPLOSIONS! I CAN’T EXPRESS THIS ENOUGH! IF YOU DON’T LIKE EXPLOSIONS, YOU SHOULDN’T BE PLAYING THIS GAME! THERE WILL BE EXPLOSIONS! WHOA!…Sorry.

This game seems cool and to know that it’s just one of those games to play and B.S. with your friends is pretty cool, as well. However, if Ubisoft can get Sly…However, I have a sinking suspicion that, instead of being their own game, Expendables 2 will be more of a movie based photocopy of Shoot Many Robots, as Rio was a  movie based photocopy of Angry Birds…BUT WITH MORE EXPLOSIONS! Stallone and Dolph Lundgren to do voice acting, this could be quite the coolest game to feature both guys…**COUGH** ROCKY LEGENDS **COUGH**.

What do you guys think? Think Expendables 2 will sell? What other movies would you like to see turned into games? Comment down below, shall you?…Also, I should let you know that it’s a rule that for every video game post that features Terry Crews will now feature THIS!