Rizz Plays King’s Quest (Part 2)

In this part, Rizz decides to kill a giant mythical creature, feed a mythical creature or free a mythical creature. Which one did he choose? Why am I saying “he” when I’m really just talking about myself?

You guys find out first, right here, which path I choose! Enjoy!

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PewDiePie Makes Over Seven Million Dollars…And?

Why is this an issue?

Why are we discussing how much PewDiePie makes playing video games on YouTube?



It’s an issue because it’s not you. It’s not me, either. I wish it was. I really do. I was making enough money to, you know, support myself, get a good house, start a life for myself. Why is it so hard knowing that PewDiePie is making that much money a problem? It’s because he’s not a Kardashian or Lebron. He doesn’t flaunt it, spend it all and make it rain on anybody, he doesn’t have 5 or 6 Mercedes Benzs in his ginormous parking lot. He’s a normal human being that makes money, that’s it. It just so happens he makes a lot more money for doing something that we all wish we can do for a living.

We are supposed to group YouTube celebrities in the “Celebrity” genre, where you’re not sure why you hate them, but you do, which is wrong. Guys like Pewdz are normal humans with normal problems. He’s more like us than you think he is. In his video, he mentioned that before he got famous he had student loans up the butt, just like us.

I would like to compare how much PewDiePie, a YouTuber, actually makes in comparison to other more…notorious…celebrities and how completely different :


Larry “The Cable Guy” makes pretty racist jokes and he still has a $60 million payday. Jeff Dunham, who is just as bad…but uses puppets so it’s just peachier than Larry, makes $22.5 million. Both uses a persona that isn’t really theirs in order to make pretty darn racist jokes, yet we’re pissy because PewDiePie decided to keep his $7 million?

Or how about the Kardashians? One of them has a big ass, a sex tape, a crockpot family and they all have made more money over the years doing absolutely nothing but bang Kanye West. PewDiePie, at least does charitable deeds and gets posterized as a YouTuber that gets way too much money from being famous at what he does.

So maybe calm down on the PewDiePie hate and try to become as popular like he is and be even more genuine than he is. If you don’t, it makes you guys look like jerks.