Mega Man Fan Film!

Now, there’s a lot you can do with $700 dollars….

You can buy aprox. 130 20 piece Nuggets.
The R2d2 Xbox 360
Pay some bills.
Hell, you can give it to us here! We’ll take it.

Or you can Do what Olan Rogers did and make this Mega Man Short film! Keep in mind the budget when you watch it and considering that it’s pretty bad ass!

Here you go:

What did you guys think? I myself enjoyed it and wouldn’t mind seeing a full length but at the same time think that Hollywood would jack it up. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Rise of the RPG: a 37 min history.

Sitting at work bored? Got some time to kill? Here is a a web series called 16 bit Gems that is hosted on you tube.

Episode #30 is a look back at the way the 16 bit market dominated the RPG genre. Without a doubt it is worth watching when you have the time!

Which leads me to this, what was your favorite 16 bit RPG? Can’t narrow it down? What is your favorite rpg overall then? let us know in the comments below!

1. 8 bit. 2. Mad Men. 3. Choose Your own Adventure. = Win!

Through the creativity and resourcefulness of the internet, the guys over at have struck internet gold. Using the next video links they have found a way to create an 8 bit Choose Your Own Adventure video version of Mad Men!

All the Scotch drinking, cigarette smoking, bottom smacking of the 60s all in one combined video. You watch the clip and decide what to do! There are 3 endings for the story so try to find all three!

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Game 36: Typing of the Dead

Things i like:

Zombies, Computers, Movies(with or without zombies.) Music, Video Games(with or without zombies)

Today’s game combines Zombies, with video games, annnnnnnd Learing! Wait, did i just say learning??? Why yes i did.

Today’s game is a typing tutor game…

Game 36: Typing of the Dead.

This game is a modified port of the House of the Dead 2.  Replace a light gun with a keyboard and Tada! The game was originally released in 1999 in japan arcades everywhere. A stand up machine with two full sized qwerty keyboards. Which just goes to show that the Japanese god bless their hearts will play anything in the arcade at least once.  A market that needs to make a come back here in the states.

The game has been released for dream cast and ps2, as well as PC. This was an attempt to push the fact that both ps2 and dream cast were keyboard capable.

Now as the guys above show, when the they pop up they have words that if typed correctly they are taken care of. There are challenges in each level that must be conquered to move on and as always a boss. The boss varies typing phrases and answers to questions that effect your game experiences, we will get to that later.    Also because of the difference of the games, Other changes are mostly superficial, including replacing the weapons wielded by zombies with harmless items and equipping the AMS agents with keyboards attached to backpack Dreamcasts with oversized batteries, and one of the bosses, The Tower, has three heads instead of five heads.

As far as the plot goes, identical to House of the Dead 2. Exception(because theres usually one or two) The endings you get a different ending based on the responses to the questions in the boss segments. I’m not going to put them here, dont want to ruin the ending for you.

And finally, this game does have sequels and spin offs! #2 in this series was a port of house of the dead three. they released one that helps people find jobs, and one that teaches kids english. so there you have it!

Chachi Says: if you put zombies in an educational game, teh kids, they will want to play. I know i did. This game a 4, reasons? Zombies. Also the fact that they tried something different. They incorporated different things to teach people while they gamed.

Game 2: The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Hiya folks!

Back with a another game review for you! That makes 2 of 1001. woo progress!!!!

So surprisingly, There are actually 8 different text based adventure games in this book of 1001. The original plan was to do a post for all 1001 games, however i think it would be repetitive and unnecessary to do 8 posts on these games at this point. Unless they stand out in some knock your socks off kind of way games 3-8 will be covered in one post. So stay tuned.

Game Number 2 is one that you will all recognize but probably never played.

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Ready for a mind blowing screen shot? Brace yourself!


Well as you have guessed its based on the series of books. Released in 1984 by ready for this? Boom, Infocom.  (notice a pattern here?) It was released for the Apple II, Macintosh, Commodore 64, Amiga, Atari 8-bit, Atari ST and the IBM PC.

Your goal for this game? Follow the story line. This game seldomly gives the player no actual goals. You are there mainly to react to situations.  Although, if you pay attention to the inventory, you’ll notice one lingering problem. You are constantly plagued by a line that says “No Tea”. Get Arthur some fricking tea!

Now, this game however was a pain in the ass that required constant new beginnings. Devious were the coders on this one. There are certain points in the game that if you do not complete correctly, you cannot beat the game. You will not die from these, and the game will continue but you will not win. Period.

Here is one of the parts: “Perhaps the most notorious of these involved getting a Babel Fish out of a dispenser in the hold of the Vogon ship. This extremely tricky puzzle appeared very early in the game, required the player to use a variety of obscure items in a very specific fashion, and had to be “solved” within a limited number of turns. Failure to “solve” the Babel Fish puzzle did not kill the player, but rendered the remainder of the game unwinnable. That particular puzzle became so notorious for its difficulty that Infocom wound up selling T-shirts bearing the legend, “I got the Babel Fish!” ”

So yeah, if the company releases t-shirts celebrating the completion, you know it had to be a pain in the ass.

Also back then Infocom used to release novelty items to make the game seem more real and gave you something to laugh at. For this game they gave out the following:

  • A pin-on button with “Don’t Panic!” printed in large, friendly letters
  • A small plastic packet containing “pocket fluff” (a cottonball)
  • Order for destruction of Arthur Dent’s house
  • Order for destruction of Earth written in “Vogon” (actually an English cryptogram written in a thinly-disguised Cyrillic alphabet. The text was nearly identical to that of the English Order for Destruction, so it was not hard to solve.)
  • Official Microscopic Space Fleet (an empty plastic bag)
  • “Peril Sensitive Sunglasses” (a pair of opaque black cardboard “sunglasses”)
  • How Many Times Has This Happened to You?, an advertising brochure for the fictional guidebook/encyclopediaThe Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
  • No tea

This game was later released with some graphics by the bbc for the 20th anniversary and to this day is still available for your playing pleasure over at Douglas Adams website right here enjoy!

Also, A new Chachi Says the vidcast celebrating the 25th birthday of The Legend of Zelda is up for your viewing pleasure!

so enjoy!

Chachi Says: Regardless of the repetitiveness of text adventures its still fun to play one you havent played for a half hour or so. Gives you a chance to appreciate the storyline for yourself. Wow, sometimes when i put my mind to it i can be a real blogger!

The one in which i fill your afternoon.

Well Hi there!  I know, I know, I’ve been gone for far too long and that is completely unacceptable. i apologize, but it was for a good reason and you probably followed along over there at so hush it!

Well we’ve got a lot to cover so lets dive right in shall we?

In case you missed it episode 22 of Chachi Says the Vidcast is up for your viewing pleasure. You can watch it embedded here or over at you can subscribe to us on itunes also! so get on that!!!

I for one welcome our new robot overlords, hehe Ken Jennings you crafty little S.O.B.

I have decided to introduce something new here at Chachi Says.  I was given an awesome book from an awesome person. 1,001 Video games you must play before you die. I have played a lot of them but not nearly the dent i thought.  So i shall do my best to go through and play all 1,001 video games in this book. Im starting with the text based adventure games such as Zork. Theres 5 or 6 of them in the book. So it will take a little bit if i play them through to completion.  So here is also what im going to do. If there is a game you think every one needs to play at least once, let me know. I’ll give it a shot.

And Finally one of my friends on twitter, @rasager sent me this video.

A trailer(a joke trailer, dont get too excited.) for the legend of zelda. it is amazing. its video game meets John Hughes Movie and that to me = success. enjoy!

Chachi Says: absence makes the heart grow fonder or something like that. i was gone, but now im back and i brought gifts! Enjoy. Also seriously let me know if you think there is something i should play. Happy Birthday Legend of Zelda! first drink is on me!

Stay out of my Science!

Hiya ErreyBody!

Welcome to a new year here at, i know im off to a late start but its been busy so far.

I’ve been assisting sorg alot more with projects, trying to run my own more and planning some huge things. thats right i Chachi, am planning something huge! but more on that next week.

This week however, we celebrated 5 years of the wrestling mayhem show and it was fun! Thanks to Sharp Edge Bistro on Penn ave(ding!) for hosting us. Cant wait to see what lies ahead. and we had the 2nd evening with podcamp event over at aip! it was a lot of fun with great conversation from special guest Kellee Maize. you can check out her stuff on her webpage. Right here!

So on to the real reason for this post, Chachi Says The Vidcast!

This week your hero talks science! or psuedoscience if you will.

Check it out!

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Chachi Says: Stay tuned next week when Chachi announces possibly one of the biggest things he has ever tried to do! and stay tuned to the blog for randomness from your hero!

Exploration Expedition…..

Ha! bet you thought i couldn’t spell those words? Boom done!

So i know its wednesday, and i know the video is supposed to be posted on monday. i apologize for being tardy.

But its worth it!

Here is this weeks video on location in downtown pittsburgh.

I cover the location, and FAN REQUESTS! i also request more destruction suggestions!

You can also check it out here on the blip page, or subscribe to us on itunes!!!!

Chachi Says: Wqed is probably one of the greatest tv stations ever. Check them and all their stuff out here


Fun with stuff.

Welcome to Tuesday.

Nothing really important or interesting to say today. So here is a bunch random crap i have fun with.

First theres this video that i edited together to mess with some software last night.

I think its fun! Hopefully you do too.

Here’s another Gary The Goomba Picture that could really use a caption……..

So give me a caption!

Chachi Says: its great when you can be distracted and entertained by little stuff sometimes.

Oh Happy Day!

Its monday and as we know Mondays around here on Chachi Says are a pretty good day….

It means you get a new Chachi Says the Vidcast!

This weeks episode covers the Robot uprising and continues my Plea to save Second base!

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Also, we here at chachi says want to know what you think.

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