Don Mattrick leaves Xbox and heads for Zynga


It was announced today that Don Mattrick, The head of Microsoft’s Xbox gaming division is leaving for a position as head of Zynga,  This comes as a surprise to many gamers as Mr. Mattrick was a huge present at E3 for Microsoft and pretty much hosts almost every E3 Press conference for Microsoft.  Many people were surprised by his comments about Xbox One’s Always On proclamation.  Soon after E3 he stated that if you didn’t have high speed internet to stick with the 360.

His Departure also comes on the heels of Microsoft’s backtrack of a lot the information that was given on the Xbox One’s  policies, The move to Zynga comes as a surprise because many thought he would return to EA and have a position there.  Do you think he is doing the right thing and moving on from the Xbox One ordeal,  Do you think he will be a good fit to try to bring Zynga back to what it once was?  Let us know in the comments!

FarmVille 2 Released to Public!

Zynga has announced that they have just released the sequel to their HIT Facebook game to Facebook and their website. Oh…IT’S FARMVILLE 2! OHMIGAWD!

That’s right! The sequel to the awesomeness that was FarmVille is now available to play on Facebook! Spend hours farming, plowing, watering, planting, weeding, pulling and extending your farm, just like you did in the first FarmVille! There’s nothing that makes me want to play this sequel more than to know that it’s going to be awesome, like the first game! WHOA! BECAUSE IT’S FARMVILLE! TWO!

If you like fun, you’re going to LOVE FarmVille 2, just like you liked FarmVille. I mean, I know when I was playing FarmVille I was all “You know what would make this game better? A SEQUEL!”

In all seriousness, do we need another FarmVille?

I don’t get why the hell they’re making another stinking FarmVille game. IT’S FARMVILLE! What’s going to be different from THIS FarmVille that wouldn’t be better off with just…oh, I don’t know…an update to the FarmVille that you already had downloaded on your Facebook? Oh…It has 3D graphics? HOLD THE PHONE! You’re telling me that, instead of updating FarmVille, you decided to make an ENTIRELY NEW GAME OF THE SAME GAME BUT WITH 3D GRAPHICS?!

If Zynga is making a sequel, I want some action in this. Not only do I want 3D graphics, I want a story. I want the corrupt boss of some big packing company come over there and take profits away from you while you try to support your pregnant wife and 5 kids. When you begin to start making a profit, the boss will hire your neighbor. Your neighbor is a money hungry scumbag who will do anything in his power to cause your demise. In order to do that, the neighbor will do something to your crops and gives them the E. Coli virus, poison your cows with Mad Cow disease (This could be this generation’s Oregon Trail!), and…I don’t know…HAVE SOMETHING DIFFERENT THAN THE SAME GAME WITH SLIGHTLY BETTER GRAPHICS!


What do you want to see in a sequel to FarmVille? Do you want to see a sequel to FarmVille? Do you want to see ANY Facebook game have a sequel? Leave it in the comments below.

(Source: IGN)

You get free stock! And you get Free stock! Everyone gets free Stock!!!

If you work at Zynga that is.

After the stock dropped to 2.95 a share and reorganizing the company without its COO is giving away its stock! In an attempt to keep everyone from leaving Zynga handed out stock options to all their employees.

The thing is though im sure this just angered original employees who were given restricted stock options when they went public only to watch as the value of that stock plummeted and everyone else was panicking while yelling sell, sell, sell. ( the tv image of the stock market is the one I see)

So that means that they get more of the useless stock and everyone else gets some too. I wonder if they walked around asking people if they needed scrap paper to doodle on or something…..

Unless Zynga has a brillant, yet non stolen idea up their sleeves this is most likely the end for them. I don’t see them lasting much longer. Then again, I’m a nerd who plays games with minimum business education….

Zynga and Hasbro team up, While everyone sues Zynga… No Really.

Virtual and Physical gaming moguls team up. Coming off of some very questionable decisions and a few lawsuits, Zynga and Hasbro announce that they will be teaming up to release board games of a few of Zynga’s popular board games.

Cityville Monopoly, Words with Friends, Farmville, and Draw something are all on their way to the board game market this fall. According to the company, Cityville Monopoly will pit players against each other in a race to build 4 skyscrapers to claim victory.

Brace yourself, I’m going to describe what Words with Friends will be like in 1 word…. Ready? Are you sure? I don’t want to shock you into a coma with these mind blowing details? Scrabble. Yup. Scrabble. there you go. A board game where you spell words. With the next two You’d think that with the lawsuits against Zynga right now that Hasbro would not want to join the fun but it seems as if they don’t care about being included in the court room fun. Farmville is “Hungry Hungry Hippos without the Hippos” while Draw Something will be a hands on version of the game or basically Pictonary.

Now, this announcement is coming on the heels of a filed EA lawsuit stating that “Not only does The Ville blatantly mimic the entire framework and style of gameplay in The Sims Social, but it so closely copies the original, creative expression and unique elements of The Sims Social” This isn’t the first time that they have done something like this.

Similar Lawsuits from:

– Nimblebit’s Tiny Tower
– Buffalo Studio’ Bingo Blitz

Oh, Did the I mention the class action suit that Zynga is facing because of insider trading…. Using loopholes and magic tricks a list of people where able to sell at 12 dollars a share before the stock plummeted from 12 to 3 dollars a share…. Where’s the poop the Zynga? (that my friends is a “How I Met Your Mother” reference…) Yeah, you know in the day and age where people are looking for such a thing, they went ahead and did it. Not just them. There’s a list……

– Pincus sold 16.5 million shares and made out with $200 million,
– Google sold 4 million for $48 million
– Zynga COO John Schappert sold 322,000 shares for $3.9 million

And more. Reportedly they spent 16 million plus to make this happen as well. *Slow Clap* Wow, so 16 million to write a loophole and cash at for $516 Million which they will lose in a lawsuit to investors and EA. All while releasing a few questionable board games that will probably get them sued as well? *Cue cartoon crashing sound*

It was nice knowing you Zynga, you have balls but I don’t think you can survive this. I could be wrong but my Magic 8 ball is telling me differently. What do you nerds think? is this the end or will Zynga’s story live on? Let us know in the comments below!

Zynga Shareholders Lost Lots of Stock…or Something

So…I guess Zynga’s shareholders dropped lots of stock in the company that made FarmVille and other…-Villes. But, guess what?

The reason I bring this story up isn’t for the boring story, which was first brought to our attention by Kotaku, but the comments.

As most of you know, there are two types of nerds who comment on things like this. The trolls and then there are THESE commenters to this article. Sit back and enjoy the commenters’ rendition of…MONORAIL!


Honestly, which story was better? Zynga stock dropping or the Monorail song?

Kudos to the commenters from Kotaku for being so awesome and making a boring uninteresting story the most talked about from last week. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for next time.

Leave a comment if you want to leave a cool comment.

(Source: Kotaku)

Zynga biting off more than they can chew?

Zynga states that they hope their next game will “replace consoles” (their words). Getting away from the farms, cities, the drawings, the words, the hangings. In fact they are stepping away from their norm it seems. No more buying companies when the iron is hot. In fact they are pulling a u turn and heading into serious town from the looks of it.

Introducing Horn, an action adventure game for the go. Slated as the first console style game from Zynga with help from developer Phosphor Games. Even in the trailer there isn’t many details but there is some stuff.

So, think it has what it takes to push Zynga into serious gaming? or maybe they should just stick with friends? what do you think? I personally will reserve judgement until i can get my greasy grubby little paws on it. Zynga isn’t bad at the other games so maybe this will be the same!

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Draw your own ads, Creative or Lazy?

So the smash hit Draw Something, that was recently picked up by Zynga, has tried something new once again.

Now, normally free games on mobile platforms don’t really give you an opportunity to participate in your ads. Zynga has incorporated ads into the game that you may actually pay attention too. You can now choose words to draw that are sponsored by the NHL and more. These sponsored words serve as in game ads. The NHL ones are anything from slapshot to team logos.

Now what does this mean to you? Not much honestly. You get more words to draw, while focusing on drawing a very convincing Pens logo or KFC, Doritos or nike logo.

How do you feel about the subtle messages from the sponsors? Good? Bad? Indifferent? Let us know in the comments below!


OMGPOP(Draw Something) strikes it rich.

Facebook gaming mogul Zynga has bought over night Draw Something sensation OMGPOP for a reported 200 million dollars.

This is a great deal for Zynga and hell of luck for POP who until Draw Something blew up over night had considered finding funding just to stay alive. With the explosion that is Draw, the company is bringing in 250k a day AFTER Apples market cut and has been in the top of the app store since the launch under both free and paid.

However, this isn’t isnt the first time that Zynga acquired a company that experienced over night success. They pulled the same tactics paying a mere 53 million in cash and stocks for Newtoy(Words with Friends).

I personally think that OMG should’ve gone it alone, with this success and the money that is undoubtedly going to come in with the release of “The Street” next week, who knows what they could’ve done. Although, I also understand the temptation.

What do you think they should’ve done? Tell us in the Comments below!